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Sample Medical School Interview Questions & Answer #1:

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Sample medical school interview question and answer #2:

This is what we normally call a policy type question.

Interview Question:

"There are currently talks of implementing a $10 patient fee, not covered by any insurance nor government health plans, for those going to their family doctors and those seeking care at the ER. What are your views about this idea?"

BeMo Expert response:

"I can understand why such a fee would be introduced. This would essentially act as a deterrent fee and make individuals re-consider when is essential to go to the doctor or the hospital and when it is not. The healthcare system is definitely under a lot of financial stress, especially as a result of our aging population and the increased need for services. There are definitely pros and cons associated with such a policy.

First, as I already mentioned, this $10 fee would act as a deterrent and perhaps prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor and the ER. This would take some of the burden off of our healthcare system and generate funds, which can be used towards improving our health care system, but of course this hypothesis will need to be objectively validated.

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With that said, the problem with such a policy arises when the deterrent fee acts as a barrier to seeking care for those who come from a lower socioeconomic strata of society. For some, a $10 fee may be a major demand and as a result they may not seek out help from their doctors even in times when it is necessary. This can in actuality end up creating more costs for the healthcare system in the long run because as conditions become more chronic over time, the resources required to deal with such health conditions increases. So we may be saving in doctor visits in the short run through such a fee, but it can end up costing us a lot more later down the line.

I do not believe implementing a deterrent fee as means to reducing the stress on the healthcare system is a good idea. We can explore other avenues to reduce the burden on our system. For instance, we can educate the general about the appropriate use of healthcare services and when it is required to seek out help from doctors or the ER. Ideas such as tele-health or web-health services where individual can contact a healthcare professional for advice is a great example of how technologies can be used to educated the population. We should also be more focused on preventative measures as a long-term solution to dealing with the demands that is faced by our healthcare system. This requires mass education of the population about healthy and active living strategies, which in the long run will reduce the total number of individuals who will need to seek out medical care through out their life.  " 

Sample medical school interview question and answer #3:

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Sample medical school interview question and answer #4: 

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Sample medical school interview question and answer #5: 

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