Want to know how to get into Western University? You're in the right place. Ranked among the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide, Western University is one of the most popular and competitive universities of Ontario and, consequently, Canada. This blog will go over everything you need to know to be a competitive applicant and get into Western University. We'll look at the undergraduate programs, the OUAC application process, admissions requirements, and much more.

Please note: although we have made every effort to provide the most accurate information, admissions information changes frequently. Therefore, we encourage you to verify these details with the official university admissions office. You are responsible for your own results. BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with any official universities, colleges, or test administrators and vice versa. 

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Mission Statement About Western University Undergrad Admissions Statistics Tuition & Financial Aid Applying to Western University Undergrad Application Timeline & Admission Decisions Contact Information FAQs

Mission Statement

“We foster informed global citizenship through transformative educational opportunities. We are an engaged academic community guided by the values of integrity and ethics, equity and social justice, and academic and research excellence. We are deeply committed to the delivery of innovative research-intensive and online professional academic programs, which aim to enhance equity and accessibility for all learners; rigorous research defined by high academic and social impact; and culturally and socially responsive service that aims to produce high-quality outcomes that positively affect education and benefit all of society.”

About Western University Undergrad

Western University has been consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top research universities. From fundamental to applied knowledge, Western has been at the forefront of discoveries that benefit economic, social, health, and cultural development in Canada and worldwide. The school offers more than 400 undergraduate modules that allow students to expand their thinking with various courses through their chosen programs and electives, and increase their critical thinking skills. 

Many students come to Western without knowing what exactly they want to study, and they get a chance to explore different topics during their first year before they have to confirm a concentration. During the “common first year” as Western calls it, students can take introduction classes from different faculties and explore their interests. This is quite similar to the University1 program offered at the University of Manitoba. 

When it comes time to pick a major or concentration, Western students can choose between 17 different types of degrees specializing in one topic or a combination of topics offered by one of the twelve different undergraduate faculties. 

Want to see a quick overview of a section we'll cover later on in the article? Take a look at this infographic:

Admissions Statistics

Western University is among Canada’s most distinguished academic and research institutions, and the statistics reflect this. The school currently has an estimated acceptance rate of 58%. The average accepted GPA is 3.4, and the average grade of first-year entering classes is just under 90%, one of the highest in the country. Although, it is worth noting that this average does vary depending on the faculty and program you’re interested in. The competition to get into this world-renowned university is fierce, and these averages tell us that Western values a solid academic background.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The cost of tuition at Western University can be relatively high, and they are dependent on your chosen program of study. You won't know the exact cost of tuition until you register for your courses at the beginning of a semester, but the school estimates that domestic students pay between $7,778 and $14,122 for tuition fees during their first year, while international students have to pay $38,692 to $52,554. 

There are several programs that exist to help both local and international students offset this cost. Along with Western's scholarships, Western University offers numerous grants and bursaries that students can apply for. Furthermore, the university provides student loans and financial aid programs, including a bursary program and a work-study program that allows students to gain valuable work experience while earning an income. Domestic students from the province of Ontario are also eligible to receive many benefits through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). We recommend working with a Canadian university admissions consultant if you need help finding and applying to the various funding opportunities you could be eligible for. 

Applying to Western University Undergrad

Eligibility/Selection Factors

To be eligible for consideration at Western University, you need to be proficient in English and have completed (or be in the process of completing) high school. You will need to have successfully graduated by matriculation. While the school does not have a general minimum cut-off for grades, specific programs have their own requirements that students have to meet. Most of them require an 80% average or higher. We recommend striving for 90% so that you can be a competitive applicant.

The average we recommend striving for to be a competitive Western University undergraduate applicant:

Furthermore, the typical first-year class at Western University has an entering average of around 88% (A), which tells us that your academic background is very important to this selective school. Maintaining a higher average will make you a more attractive candidate, thus increasing your chances of getting into Western University.

That said, Western University conducts a holistic review of your academic background. This means that even though your academic average is an important metric, the admissions board also considers several different factors. They want to see if you are performing consistently in your courses and strong in the required courses for your chosen program. The admissions office can usually find most of the information they need in your transcripts and other application components. Still, they may contact you if they need clarification or context. For example, Western University may ask for additional information if your records show that you attended multiple high schools and your grades varied significantly between the different schools.

Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC)

Applicants need to create an Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) account to apply to university in Ontario. OUAC is a centralized application system for applications to most universities in the Canadian province of Ontario. OUAC processes multiple types of applications, including undergraduate programs. First-time applicants who are still attending high school in Ontario, have never taken courses from post-secondary institutions, and are 21 years old or younger use the Undergrad 101 application form. On the other hand, international studentsmature students, and Canadian students who have already graduated from high school at the time of their application use the undergrad 105 application form. 

The OUAC undergraduate application has several components. Once you’ve created your account on the website, you will be prompted to select the universities and programs you wish to apply to. You’ll then have to fill out your personal details and contact information. Keep in mind that the email address that you use here is the one that will most likely be used to communicate with you about your application, so use one that you check regularly. The OUAC application will also ask you to provide information about your current high school curriculum, grades, and previous experiences. You will need to enter the information about your experiences in the OUAC activities section, which is pretty similar to the Common App Activities section used for college applications in the United States. This includes volunteer work, professional work, and extracurriculars.

Depending on your chosen program, you may be required to submit a personal statement or supplemental college essays. Not all programs at Western University require supplementary essays or a supplementary application, but there are several that do. The programs that require additional documentation will say so on the application. We recommend visiting the faculty’s page on the school website as this information is usually on there as well and knowing early will give you a chance to start preparing in advance. For example, the faculty of fine arts requires that applicants submit both an online portfolio and a personal statement. Having this information beforehand gives you enough time to write a compelling essay. We recommend that you give yourself at least four to six weeks so that you can brainstorm, write, edit and polish your essay. If you're not sure how to write a college essay, knowing early also gives you enough time to reach out to a college essay advisor for assistance, rather than having to scramble at the last minute. 

Need tips for your essay? You won't want to miss these 3:

We highly recommend getting in touch with an academic advisor in Ontario to maximize your chances of getting into Western University. A qualified academic advisor will know the Ontario application system process inside and out, so they can smooth any wrinkles in your university application process and guide you through this challenging process. If you’re an international student, you can work with an international student advisor, as they will be able to help you with the challenges that are specific to your situation. 

Application Components

Within two to five business days of submitting your OUAC application, you will receive an email with the information you'll need to log onto the Western University student center. It is important that you sign up right away and check this platform often, as it is how the admissions board will be communicating with you. The student center account will allow you to keep track of your application, and it will also have what Western University calls a to-do list. All the documents you need to upload will be listed in this section of the student center, and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are uploaded by the deadline. The school won't be able to review your application if there are items on your To-do list that have not been uploaded.

Tip: Put all the relevant deadlines on your phone calendar and set up notifications for one week before, two days before, and the day of the deadline. That way, you won't need to remember the deadline; you'll just get a reminder when it's close.

Western University will require you to submit one or more supplemental documents pertaining to the following:

Application Timeline & Admission Decisions

All Western undergraduate students begin their studies in September, during the fall semester. There is no Winter/January) admission for undergraduate programs and the summer/May start is only available for transfer or mature students. The application will open on OUAC in October of the year before your studies are set to begin. 101 applicants have until February 1st to submit their application, and 105 applicants have until March 1st. Western does continue to accept applications after this deadline, but it can't guarantee that these late applications will have equal consideration. 

Western university processes applications on a rolling basis between February and May, so the earlier you complete your application, the better! We highly recommend that you start preparing your application at the beginning of your senior year so that you can submit it soon after the OUAC portal opens. Barring any complications, Western University takes four to six weeks to process applications.

Students are notified directly by email once an admission decision has been made. They can review their letter of offer, which will contain instructions on how to accept that offer and submit any additional required documentation.

Contact Information

Website: https://www.uwo.ca/

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: Western University

1151 Richmond Street

London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7

Tel: 519-661-2111


1. Is Western University a good university?

Western University is one of Canada's top universities, and it is world-renowned. That said, it might not necessarily be the right university for you. You should take the time to research the school and find out if it is the right place for you.

2. Does Western University accept international students?

Yes, it does. Western has international students from over 100 different countries, and it continues to welcome more international students every year.

3. Is London, Ontario, a good place for international students?

We believe so! London is home to many international students and a large immigrant community in general. It is also only a few hours away from Toronto. 

4. What GPA do you need for Western University Canada?

Western University typically has an entering average of around 88%, and last year it was even higher. This suggests that you need a GPA of at least 3.4 to be a competitive applicant.

5. How expensive is Western University in Canada?

The cost of tuition at Western University is on par with other top universities in Canada. Domestic students can expect to pay between 7,778 and $14,122 for tuition fees annually.

6. What is OUAC?

The Ontario Universities Application Centre is a centralized application system that allows students to simultaneously apply to multiple universities in Ontario.

7. Does Western University have admissions interviews?

Western does not conduct general admissions interviews for undergrad applicants, but some programs may require students to audition.

8. Is it hard to get into Western University in Canada?

It is relatively hard. Western has an acceptance rate of 58%, meaning that for every 100 applications they receive, just over half of them get offered admission. If you meet all the requirements and submit a strong application, you can get into Western University. 

Disclaimer: BeMo does not endorse or affiliate with any universities, colleges, or official test administrators. The content has been developed based on the most recent publicly available data provided from the official university website. However, you should always check the statistics/requirements with the official school website for the most up to date information. You are responsible for your own results. 

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