Western scholarships can help pay for your education at the University of Western Ontario aka Western University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Western University is one of the major universities of Ontario and serves students from remote parts of the province or the school’s other professional schools, such as the law and business school. This article will detail Western scholarships for both Canadian and international students at Western University and give you important advice on how to get a Western scholarship. 

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Western Scholarships: Canadian Students Western Scholarships: International Students How to Get Western Scholarships FAQs

Western Scholarships: Canadian Students

1. Western University President's Entrance Scholarships

Award Amount: $50,000- $70,000

Scholarship Requirements: Outstanding academic and leadership achievements

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students with exceptional records in academics and leadership activities are eligible for this scholarship.

There are many Western scholarships available to all incoming, undergraduate students through the school’s National Scholarship program and the Western University President's Entrance Scholarship is one of them. To be eligible for any of the National Scholarships, which also include the Neen Hodgins National Entrance Scholarship or Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship, you must have a minimum of 90% grade average for all of your Grade 12 courses. You must also be nominated by your high school, and there are only 4 nominations available per school. After you’re nominated, you must complete an application, which also includes a college essay, so you should take your time to learn how to start a college essay to captivate the readers of your scholarship essay submission.

2. Western Admission Scholarships

Award Amount: $2,500-$8,000

Scholarship Requirements: Exceptional academic records

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students displaying exceptional academic achievements are eligible for this scholarship.

The Western Admission Scholarships are designed for Canadian students who have achieved remarkable academic excellence. These are admissions-based Western scholarships so you do not need to complete a separate application. The only criteria are being enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program at Western and have a high GPA listed on your OUAC application.

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3. Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarships

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Outstanding achievements in STEM subjects

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students passionate about engineering and excelling in STEM disciplines.

The Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarships are tailored for Canadian students with a passion for engineering and exceptional skills in STEM subjects. As Western University is one of the best universities in Canada for engineering, a Western scholarship can help you complete your program and earn your degree. Two Western scholarships are available to first-year students – A.I. Johnson Entrance Scholarships; and Alexander Charles Spencer Admission Scholarships – but there are other scholarships for in-course engineering students. The entrance scholarships do not need any separate application, but are based on your academic performance and admission into the Faculty of Engineering.

4. Western Scholars Award

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Academic excellence, honors society, and leadership potential

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students demonstrating outstanding academic performance and leadership qualities.

The Western Scholars Award recognizes Canadian students who exhibit both academic excellence and leadership potential. There are more benefits than financial aid, and you will have several opportunities to meet with mentors and former Western scholarship recipients. The eligibility criteria include having a high grade average (90% or higher), being a member of an honors society, and have a long list of extracurriculars for college on your OUAC Activities/Employment application.

5. Dean's Entrance Scholarships

Award Amount: $2,500

Scholarship Requirements: Exceptional achievements in chosen field

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students with outstanding achievements in their selected field of study.

The Dean's Entrance Scholarships are some of the easiest scholarships in Canada to get, as you only need to have an 89% grade average for your final grade 12 courses and admitted into the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to receive the $2,500 award. These Canadian scholarships celebrate the achievements of students who have shown exceptional dedication and expertise in their academic pursuits.

6. Canada Wide Science Fair Entrance Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000-$4,000

Scholarship Requirements: Achievements in science disciplines, gold, silver and bronze medal winners

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students passionate about scientific discoveries, and have won medals at the CWSF

The Canada Wide Science Fair Entrance Scholarship honours Canadian students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in science disciplines by winning either a gold, silver or bronze medal at the CWSF. These Western scholarships aim to support students who are enthusiastic about scientific exploration and have excelled in their science-related studies. These scholarships are quite competitive and are not among the unclaimed scholarships in Canada, as many students apply for them. You must also maintain an A average for your final year of high school and maintain your good academic standing throughout university.

7. Carmeta Thelma Hodges Western Continuing Admission Scholarship of Excellence for Black Students

Award Amount: $2,000 - $4,000

Scholarship Requirements: Continuing education at Western University

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students continuing their education at Western University.

This Western scholarship is designed for Canadian and international students who choose to continue their education at Western University and self-identify as Black. These scholarships provide support to students who have decided to pursue further studies at the university and know how to apply to university in Ontario as a mature student. This Western scholarship is based on your final academic average.

8. Project Hero Scholarship

Award Amount: Full tuition coverage

Scholarship Requirements: Children of fallen Canadian military personnel

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students who have lost a parent in military service

The Project Hero Scholarship at Western University is a tribute to the children of fallen Canadian military personnel, including those who served as a military doctor. This prestigious scholarship fully covers tuition fees, ensuring that the recipients can pursue their higher education without any financial burden. To be eligible, applicants must be Canadian students who have lost a parent in military service, and have been admitted into a full-time undergraduate program at Western University.

9. Western Leadership Awards

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Exceptional leadership skills

Applicant Criteria: Canadian students actively engaged in leadership roles.

The Western Leadership Awards are granted to Canadian students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and dedication to student success in higher education. However, these Western scholarships are not only for students, but also for employees and faculty who have gone out of their way in the field of academic advising in higher education. You can nominate or be nominated for these awards, which include Western scholarships such as the Leadership and Academic Mentorship Program First Year Student of the Year or Dr. Jack Russel Off-Campus Student Leadership Award. These scholarships acknowledge the contributions of students and others who have made a positive impact through their active involvement in leadership roles that help students.

10. National Indigenous Scholarship Program

Award Amount: $50,000

Scholarship Requirements: Indigenous heritage

Applicant Criteria: Canadian Indigenous students demonstrating academic excellence.

The National Indigenous Scholarship Program are designed to support Canadian Indigenous students who have shown remarkable academic achievements and have been admitted to any first-year undergraduate program at Western University. These Western scholarships celebrate the cultural heritage and academic accomplishments of Indigenous students. One of the requirements is writing a 1000-word essay answering questions such as “why should we accept you” and tell me about yourself, as it relates to your Indigenous heritage and what it means to you.

Western Scholarships: International Students

1. Afghan Student Refugee Scholarship

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Afghan refugee students

Applicant Criteria: Students with refugee status from Afghanistan pursuing higher education

The Afghan Student Refugee Scholarship at Western University was created to provide educational opportunities for Afghan refugee students. To be eligible, you must hold refugee status and demonstrate a keen aspiration for higher education. If you need help finding and applying for scholarships, you can always ask an international student scholarships consultant to help you with the application process. The same goes if you’re unsure about how to apply to university in Canada for international students or how to study in Canada as an international student, which are all important things to know. You can apply for this Western scholarship even before you apply to Western University, but you must get admitted to receive the scholarship.

2. Western Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Outstanding academic records

Applicant Criteria: International students displaying exceptional academic achievements.

The Western Entrance Scholarships for International Students are awarded to those who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements. These scholarships celebrate the academic excellence and dedication of international students who have high grade averages as calculated by Western University. You must also be applying as a direct-entry high school student who has recently completed their high school degree in their home country.

3. International President’s Entrance Scholarships

Award Amount: Varies

Scholarship Requirements: Academic excellence and leadership potential

Applicant Criteria: International students demonstrating outstanding academic records and leadership qualities.

The International President's Entrance Scholarships recognize international students who have achieved outstanding academic records and demonstrated leadership potential. These Western scholarships have the same requirements and eligibility criteria as for the entering Canadian students, in that you must have a high grade point average, and gain admission into your full-time program at Western University.

4. Anne Fenerty International Scholarship

Award Amount: Up to $40,000 CAD (for up to four years)

Scholarship Requirements: Exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and community involvement

Eligibility Criteria: International students applying for undergraduate studies at Western University

The Anne Fenerty International Scholarship at Western University is a prestigious award designed to recognize and support outstanding international students in their pursuit of higher education. With an award amount of up to $40,000 CAD, distributed over four years of undergraduate studies, this scholarship serves as a beacon for academic excellence, leadership, and community engagement. There is no separate application needed to win this scholarship, but it is only open to international students who have been granted protected person status by the Canadian government.

5. Bill Teng Hong Kong Scholarship at Western University

Award Amount: $3,200

Scholarship Requirements: Volunteer and leadership qualities, academic achievement

Eligibility Criteria: Students from Hong Kong pursuing undergraduate studies at Western University

The Bill Teng Hong Kong Scholarship at Western University provides financial assistance to students from Hong Kong enrolled in undergraduate programs. This Western scholarship is merit- and needs-based, and you must be a permanent resident of Hong Kong to be eligible.

You must have a minimum 80% average to be eligible, and maintain this average, as well as a full-course load throughout your four years to have your scholarship renewed.

6. Carl Evan Kwan International Award in Health Sciences

Award Amount: $2,500

Scholarship Requirements: International student enrolled in Health Sciences programs at Western University.

The Carl Evan Kwan International Award recognizes your exceptional achievements and your commitment to making a difference through your student engagement activities for college. This scholarship honors outstanding academic performance and significant contributions to your community. Your application should include a one-page statement detailing your extracurricular and community activities, highlighting your dedication to creating positive social impact, which an international student advisor can help you write. This Western scholarship is only open to those who are entering the Faculty of Health Sciences as first-year undergraduate student.

7. Convera International Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000

Scholarship Requirements: Academic achievement

Applicant Criteria: International students engaged in various campus activities and leadership roles, and excel academically

The Convera International Scholarship is granted to international students who have a minimum 80% grade average. This Western scholarship is an admission scholarship and the university will select a winning student, as long as they have the minimum average and are international students.

8. Frank Manning Bursary

Award Amount: $300

Scholarship Requirements: Merit- and needs-based, Caribbean students

Applicant Criteria: International students, Caribbean origin, enrolled in the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Frank Manning Bursary supports Caribbean students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in the Faculty of Social Science, although any program is eligible. You must apply for this Western scholarship and include financial information, since this bursary will be awarded based on your financial need.

9. Rita & Vincent Mendes de Franca International Scholarship

Award Amount: $2,400

Scholarship Requirements:

Applicant Criteria: International students from Mexico, Latin America, South America or the Caribbean.

The Rita & Vincent Mendes de Franca International Scholarship is awarded to international students (but preference is given to students from Mexico, Latin or South America, or Caribbean nations) who are entering their first-year of undergraduate student at Western University. One of the main requirements is having a grade average of 90% or higher. There is no separate application necessary.

10. Meena and Amit Chakma International Student Scholarship

Award Amount: $10,000

Scholarship Requirements: International, undergraduate student

Applicant Criteria: International students engaging in cross-cultural experiences.

The Meena and Amit Chakma International Student Scholarship is given to international students who are entering full-time studies at Western University. You do not need to apply to this Western scholarship, and the awarding criteria is high academic achievement, along with being an international student.

How to Get Western Scholarships

1. Make Sure You Meet the Requirements

To secure a Western scholarship, your first step is ensuring you meet all the specified requirements. Some may be no-essay scholarships in Canada, while others will require several personal essays or college recommendation letters. Applying to university is difficult enough, but if you spend the time applying for a scholarship only to find that you don’t meet the requirements, you’ll have wasted time. Research and understand the academic prerequisites, demographic specifications, or any other unique conditions set by the university thoroughly, including whether you need to apply at all. If you meet these requirements, you're on the right track to being considered for the award.

2. Excel Academically

Many of these Western scholarships are admission- or entrance-based, meaning all you have to do to win them is to have good grades. Your final two years are often scrutinized the most, and some of these scholarships, including the Western Scholars Award, require that you have at least a 75% average for all your courses. It also requires that you have no failed courses. You should strive for outstanding grades and maintain a high GPA throughout your academic journey, but if you find yourself falling behind, get extra tutoring from either private tutors, or form a study group with your fellow students. Dedicate time to your studies, engage with your professors, and participate actively in class discussions to help you understand the material so you can ace your exams and essays. Your academic performance not only showcases your capabilities but also enhances your eligibility for various scholarships.

3. Write Effective Personal Statements and Essays

Crafting compelling personal statements and essays is crucial in making your scholarship application stand out. Some of these Western scholarships will not require paper, but many of the most prestigious and high-value awards will ask you for additional information that showcase your unique qualities, experiences, and aspirations. Be sincere and authentic, sharing meaningful stories that reflect your passion and determination. Tailor each essay to the specific scholarship, emphasizing how you align with the scholarship's values and goals. After you have completed a few first drafts, get feedback from teachers, mentors, or peers to refine your writing.

4. Get the Right Extracurricular Activities

The scholarship committee at Western University looks for candidates who are well-rounded and have excelled outside of school. Engaging in extracurricular activities that align with your interests and passions is the best way to ensure your long-term participation, which is what scholarships committees are looking for, as quality involvement in a few activities are more impactful than superficial participation in many. Whether it's volunteering, sports, arts, or leadership roles in student organizations, active involvement demonstrates your diverse skills and character. Showcase your leadership, teamwork, and initiative through these experiences, making you a compelling candidate for scholarships. Remember, a balanced combination of academic excellence and meaningful extracurricular involvement strengthens your scholarship application, making you a top contender for Western scholarships.


1. What are Western scholarships?

Western scholarships are financial awards made available to students who are applying to study at the University of Western Ontario, which is one of the most important universities in London, Ontario

2. How many Western scholarships are there?

Western University has several different categories of scholarships from admission and entrance scholarships to in-class and international scholarships. 

3. What are Western scholarships worth?

Western scholarships can range in value from $300 to full-tuition waivers and stipends to cover all the costs of attending Western University. 

4. How can I apply for a Western scholarship?

Some admission and entrance scholarships do not require an application, as your application for admission to the university will be what determines whether you receive a scholarship. Other, more lucrative scholarships will require a separate scholarship that you must submit to the faculty, university department or external sponsor who organizes the scholarship. 

5. What do I have to do to get a Western scholarship?

You usually have to have high grades, be engaged in your community, have good recommendation letters and write compelling essays to meet the scholarships requirements. But you must also meet the applicant criteria of specific awards so you should research all the eligibility requirements for all Western scholarships.  

6. Are there any spending restrictions for Western scholarships?

If you are awarded an internal Western scholarship, the funds will be credited to your student account directly so you will not have any access to the money.  

7. Do I have to be a Western student to get a Western scholarship?

Yes, you must be enrolled full-time in any undergraduate program at Western University to be eligible for Western scholarship. 

8. Is it hard to get a Western scholarship?

Yes, it can be difficult to get a Western scholarship as there is a lot of competition. As long as you have good grades, have a long list of extracurriculars, especially those that are volunteer- or community-based, write excellent personal statements then you have as good a chance as anyone to get a Western scholarship. 

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