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Here's what's included: (Standard value: $1997, Now: FREE)

1. Ultimate guides and book collection: 

a. Ultimate guide to medical school admissions

b. Ultimate guide to medical school personal statements & essays

c. Ultimate guide to MCAT CARS + Sample Questions

d. Ultimate guide to CASPer test prep + Sample Questions

e. Ultimate guide to Medical School Interviews + Sample Questions

f. Ultimate guide to Multiple Mini Interviews + Sample Questions

g. Ultimate guide to finding the best volunteer, research and shadowing experiences

h. Ultimate MCAT & Accountability Manifesto 

2. Video courses – rather watch a video than read a book?

a. CASPer Mastery

b. Interview Mastery 

3. DocShadowing™:

a. Get Online Shadowing Experience to Enhance Your Applications. Watch video training on medical concepts, take the quizzes and get a certificate of completion.

4. MCAT Prep: 

a. BeMo’s comprehensive MCAT practice material: Easy step-by-step lesson plans, & proven strategies to score 520 fast.

5. InterviewProf® (our revolutionary interview simulator):

a. 1 full-length multiple mini interview simulation

b. 1 full-length panel interview simulation

6. CASPer Prep™:

a. 1 full-length CASPer simulation (feedback not included)

7. Free 15-min trial consultations. One per student limit. New BeMo students only:

a. MCAT CARS Prep trial consultation

b. Application Review trial consultation

c. CASPer Prep trial consultation

d. Interview Prep trial consultation

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