The MBA mock interview is the best way to prepare for the challenging MBA admissions interview and the key to how to get into grad school. An MBA mock interview is part of professional grad school admissions preparation, and is a tactic commonly used to help students mimic the real conditions of the MBA interview. Mock interviews help MBA students in the same way reading MBA statement of purpose examples coach students on writing their own statement. MBA mock interviews guide students on acing every part of the interview, along with helping them develop their professional interview skills for grad school and beyond. In this blog, we’ll explore what the MBA mock interview is, why MBA interviews can be a challenge for students, how mock interview coaching can help and where to find professional services.

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What is an MBA mock interview? How hard are MBA interviews? Do MBA mock interviews work? How to find MBA mock interviews Conclusion FAQs

What is an MBA mock interview?

MBA mock interviews are the best way to practice and prepare for the real MBA admissions interview. Mock MBA interviews are a tactic commonly used in MBA admissions consulting and by many grad school consultants who help students get into competitive graduate programs. A good MBA mock interview will simulate the conditions of an actual admissions interview as closely as possible.

A mock interview will allow a student to practice answering tough MBA interview questions, get feedback on their overall interview performance and give them an opportunity to correct any errors or weaknesses in their interview performance before the real thing. Just like taking a practice exam before writing the real thing, mock interviews are one of the best MBA interview prep tactics. Similarly, to write excellent MBA essays, you might read MBA personal statement examples. Mock interviews also allow a professional consultant or MBA advisor to evaluate your interview skills and coach you on improving them.

Typically, mock interview sessions are commonly offered by professional grad school admissions consulting services, either alone or as part of an admissions package. Mock interviews are different than asking say, a friend to help you rehearse your interview answers one-on-one. Mock interviews are tools used by professional consultants to help students sand are a little more in-depth. Admissions consultants, once the interview is complete, will offer objective, detailed, personalized feedback on every part of your interview answers and performance.

For many students, mock interviews are the key to their success. Acing the MBA interview can not only help you get into a highly competitive MBA program like Stanford Business School or Kellogg Business School, but mock interviews teach you invaluable professional skills you likely weren’t taught in school or during your undergraduate years. A surprising amount of students don’t receive any interview coaching or gain any interview experience before applying to their MBA program of choice, so mock interview preparation are an excellent decision whether you’ve had interview experience or not.

How hard are MBA interviews?

The top MBA programs in the US are notoriously competitive, and very few students are accepted each year. The Wharton School of Business has an acceptance rate of just 25%. Want to know how to get into Harvard Business School? The admissions committee accepts only 900 students max each year, with an acceptance rate of 11%.

The competition is fierce, and the interview is considered one of the most important components of all admission decisions at MBA programs. The weight given to the MBA interview varies from 12% to 21%, depending on the program, or from the third-most important factor in admissions decisions to the top deciding factor. Overall, the qualitative parts of your MBA application, such as the interview, the MBA admissions essay and the MBA resume, are given the greatest amount of weight in admissions decisions. This is because interviews tell the admissions committee far more about potential candidates than the application package. In other words, your MBA admissions interview is your best chance to wow the admissions committee and convince them that you are a prime candidate. And the MBA mock interview is your best shot at preparing for this challenge.

However, interviews of any kind can be intimidating to many students, whether they have interview or experience or not. Being interviewed can be a stress-inducing situation, and everyone wants to know the magic answers to the tough questions. While there is no magic formula to memorize to do well in interviews, the MBA mock interview is the low-stakes, stress-free way of preparing for the real deal. And the more you practice, the easier it will be to walk into the interview room and present your best, polished and professional self to the MBA admissions committee.

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Do MBA mock interviews work?

Some students wonder if MBA mock interviews really work or are worth seeking a professional’s assistance with. And the answer is undoubtedly yes. Professional feedback and interview coaching can provide you with a heightened level of preparation, not only to ace your MBA admissions interview and get an acceptance letter, but for your entire professional career. The MBA mock interview provides a number of benefits and teaches you important skills you will take with you far beyond the MBA interview room.

Mock interviews simultaneously develop both the hard and soft skills any business professional will need for future career success. This includes skills such as time management, organization and strategizing, as well as attributes like good communication, networking and critical thinking. In short, mock interviews are widely useful beyond just getting you into an MBA program because they create a foundation of professional skills and abilities students use throughout their graduate school experience and into their future career.

So how do MBA mock interviews help you? There are several key areas mock interviews help with, from preparing your answers and answer strategy ahead of time, to your nonverbal interview performance and the soft skills that are essential to acing any kind of interview. Here are some important areas where an MBA mock interview helps students:

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How to find MBA mock interviews

When it comes to searching MBA mock interview services, it can turn up thousands of results on the internet. It’s definitely a headache a sift through all these results to find the right choice of grad school admissions consultant or prep course that will yield the best results. When you’re evaluating potential MBA mock interview services, look for professional services which offer these key elements:

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Preparing for the MBA admissions interview is not easy, but the MBA mock interview can be an excellent tool to help you. The benefits and skills you’ll gain from MBA mock interviews will surely pay dividends in the long run, too, as you’ll use these skills throughout your career in business. Mock interviews can not only teach you answer strategy and interview comportment, but it can boost your confidence, build your communication skills and help make you a more capable and assured business professional.


1. What is an MBA mock interview?

An MBA mock interview is a way to practice for the real MBA admissions interview. It’s a method of practice commonly used in MBA admissions consulting to help students prepare for grad school interviews.

2. How important are MBA interviews?

MBA interviews are extremely important for MBA admissions decisions, and the results of the interview are heavily taken into consideration when admissions committees are deciding which students to admit. The MBA interview accounts for anywhere from 12% to 21% of the weight of your overall MBA application package.

3. Do all MBA programs use interviews?

Not all students will be asked to interview for an MBA program, but its generally a good sign if you are asked. If you receive an invitation to interview, accept it. An MBA interview is an excellent opportunity to close the deal and get your spot in a competitive MBA program.

4. How do mock interviews help MBA students?

MBA mock interviews help students to develop their answers to common questions, develop answer strategies for tricky or difficult questions, coach students on their comportment and professional presentation. Mock interviews are an excellent way for students to develop the professional interview skills and abilities they will take with them into their future careers in business. Using mock interviews is also a great way to build your confidence before the actual MBA interview!

5. How hard is it to get into an MBA program?

MBA programs can be very difficult to get into. The top MBA programs in the US have low acceptance rates, usually under 40%. This means MBA programs are quite selective, and admissions committees for these programs value a candidate’s performance in the MBA interview very highly. 

6. How else can I prepare for my MBA interview?

Aside from mock interviews, you can prepare for your MBA interview by studying common MBA interview questions, difficult or intimidating MBA interview questions, and practicing your answer strategy. If you suffer from nerves before an interview, it can also help to practice some calming exercises or techniques for managing stress.

7. Who conducts MBA mock interviews?

MBA mock interviews are typically a service offered by MBA admissions consultants or MBA advisors. MBA admissions prep services usually include some type of MBA mock interview or interview prep services, since most MBA programs will invite students to interview as part of the admissions process.

8. Do MBA mock interviews work?

Yes! MBA mock interviews are proven effective strategies for preparing for any type of graduate school admission, and many professional admissions consulting services offer mock interviews as a service. 

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