Online nursing programs are an excellent option for aspiring nurses or practicing nurses going back to school. Online programs offer a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to completing your coursework or accelerating your studies. There are numerous online nursing programs available, including some at some of the best nursing schools. To get into these online nursing schools, you’ll still need to earn strong grades, ace your interview and stand out in a nursing school application. In this blog, we’ll tell you what your program options are for online nursing school, what to expect from an online program and how to get into your dream nursing school.

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List of Online Nursing Programs in the US List of Online Nursing Programs in Canada Are Online Nursing Programs Worth it? How to Choose the Best Online Nursing Program How to Get Into Online Nursing Programs FAQs

List of Online Nursing Programs in the US

There are many different online nursing programs in the US, covering all the types of nursing degrees, diploma programs and certificate programs. Many of the options also include accelerated nursing programs such as bridge programs.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best online nursing programs by degree type so you can find the right option for you:

Online LPN Programs

Online LPN programs cover Diploma in Nursing or Certificate in Nursing programs that prepare you to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Keep in mind there are also online certificate programs to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), too.

  1. Penn Foster College
  2. West Coast University
  3. Northcentral Technical College
  4. Summit College
  5. Barton County Community College
  6. Stanbridge University
  7. Lincoln Tech
  8. FORTIS College
  9. Milwaukee Area Technical College
  10. Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
  11. Kilgore College
  12. Pima Medical Institute

Online Associate Degree in Nursing Programs

Next, we’ve listed the colleges and universities that offer online associate degrees in nursing (ADN). ADN programs are 2-year nursing degrees that prepare graduates to become licensed as registered nurses (RN).

  1. Excelsior College
  2. Rasmussen University
  3. Chamberlain University
  4. Columbia Basin College
  5. North Dakota State College of Science
  6. Rogue Community College
  7. Hondros College of Nursing
  8. Hutchinson Community College
  9. Northwest Mississippi Community College
  10. San Juan College
  11. Seminole State College of Florida
  12. Herzing University
  13. Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell
  14. Galveston College
  15. Pierpont Community & Technical College

Online BSN Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs are 4-year degrees that prepare you to become licensed as an RN. This list includes both BSN programs and bridge program for practicing nurses to earn their BSN.

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. Walden University
  3. Chamberlain University
  4. Western Governors University (WGU)
  5. Grand Canyon University
  6. Ohio University
  7. University of South Alabama
  8. University of Texas at Arlington
  9. Colorado Technical University
  10. Drexel University
  11. Regis University
  12. Rasmussen College
  13. Thomas Edison State University
  14. University of Alabama
  15. University of Central Florida

Online Graduate Nursing Programs

Graduate nursing programs include a variety of different degrees and nurse practitioner programs. This list includes nursing schools that offer online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs, Master of Nursing (MN) and doctorate degrees in nursing. Many of these programs also offer specializations in nursing, including nurse midwife programs.

  1. Walden University
  2. Chamberlain University
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. Duke University
  5. George Washington University
  6. Vanderbilt University
  7. Regis University
  8. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  9. Indiana University
  10. University of South Carolina
  11. Northern Arizona University
  12. Rush University
  13. University of Texas at Arlington
  14. Ohio State University
  15. University of Alabama
  16. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  17. Frontier Nursing University
  18. University of Cincinnati
  19. University of Pittsburgh
  20. University of Colorado Denver

List of Online Nursing Programs in Canada

  1. Athabasca University
  2. University of Victoria
  3. University of New Brunswick
  4. Dalhousie University
  5. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  6. University of Prince Edward Island
  7. Ryerson University
  8. Laurentian University
  9. McGill University
  10. University of British Columbia
  11. Queen's University
  12. University of Calgary
  13. University of Manitoba

Are Online Nursing Programs Worth it?

Online nursing programs are becoming more popular, and options for enrolling in nursing school online are becoming more plentiful, too. But is it worth it to enroll in online nursing programs? Are they legitimate?

Most online nursing programs are indeed fully accredited and recognized as legit programs. Many of these programs are offered at top universities, colleges and vocational schools, and there is virtually no difference in the legitimacy of an online nursing school and a traditional one. Keep in mind, that there are some programs that aren’t accredited or recognized, so do your research into select programs before committing to them.

One advantage of completing a nursing degree online is that virtually every type of nursing program has online options, from certificate and diploma programs to PhD programs in nursing. So, no matter what level of education you’re seeking or what your goals are as a nurse, there are online nursing programs for you out there.

How are online nursing programs structured?

Online nursing programs are structured much the same way as traditional nursing schools. The core difference is in the coursework portion of the curriculum. Online nursing programs offer the choice to complete your coursework online, and often at your own pace. In an online school, you’ll still complete all the required nursing school courses, just online.

However, nursing school curriculums also require a great deal of clinical training and hands-on simulation training. For this reason, most nursing schools offered online are not truly 100% online. They are more akin to hybrid learning environments where you complete your coursework online and sometimes attend learning opportunities in person to complete your clinical training requirements.

How long are online nursing programs?

One of the appeals of online nursing programs is their length. Enrolling in an online program can cut down on how long nursing school is, and help you complete your studies faster. Of course, this can also depend on whether you are taking classes full-time or part-time, whether you’re able to complete your online degree at your own pace or on a regular academic schedule and other factors.

Nursing schools often require you to take the CASPer test. Here’s how to ace common CASPer questions:

How to Choose the Best Online Nursing Program

So, are online nursing programs worth it? They absolutely can be for certain students. Some of the big advantages are shortening some of the time you spend in nursing school or accelerating your degree and having a more flexible learning environment.

On the downside, they do still require some in-person attendance and cannot be completed fully online. In that sense, the location of a nursing school does still matter, so your options might be limited depending on where you live and work.

When it comes to competitiveness of admissions, online nursing schools are just as tough to get into as traditional nursing programs. Nursing school acceptance rates in the US and nursing school acceptance rates in Canada are pretty competitive, even for online programs. Admissions for online nursing schools are not necessarily easier to meet or less strict, so online nursing programs are not truly “easier” to get into.

Even so, applying to online nursing schools might be the right fit for you for a variety of factors. Choosing the right nursing program is just as important if it’s online, though, so next we’ll look at some things to consider when researching potential nursing schools online.

How to Get Into Online Nursing Programs

Cracking the code on how to get into nursing school means knowing what the nursing school requirements are, knowing what programs are looking for an acing your application. Let’s go over our tips for how to get into online nursing programs.

1. Research online nursing programs

Doing your research into potential online nursing programs has two benefits. First, you’ll be able to determine whether a program is the best fit for you and your goals. Second, you’ll gain valuable information on what a nursing school is looking for in its applicants and what they value.

Using this insight, you can tailor your nursing school application to a specific program, showing them that you’ve done your homework and that you have a strong reason for choosing their program. Your goal is to show an admissions committee that you and their online nursing program are a perfect match!

2. Meet the minimum admission requirements

Check the minimum admission requirements for your target program. Some programs have minimum GPA requirements or require you to submit standardized test scores. For undergraduate nursing degrees, it’s common for students to submit SAT or ACT scores, or even nursing school related tests like the NET. Other programs may ask you to submit CASPer test scores, too, so it’s a good idea to start on some CASPer test prep or practice with CASPer questions!

Some nursing schools also share the average accepted GPA and test scores of accepted students. Graduate nursing programs can even share the most commonly accepted majors for nursing programs. This is good information to know, since you can measure where you stand compared to previously accepted students, and if your GPA and test scores are high enough to be competitive.

3. Craft the perfect application

A nursing school application is more than just your GPA and test scores. The application materials will be different for each program, but some common ones are a nursing school personal statement, nursing school recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, prior work experience and even a nursing school resume.

Take your time and complete all of the application materials thoroughly. Remember to review and proofread your essays and written materials before submitting. Many schools have optional essays or may accept additional materials such as a letter of intent or nursing school application cover letter. These are all valuable tools you will use to personalize your application and tailor it to a specific program.

A nursing school letter of intent can be a good addition to your application!

4. Ace your nursing school interviews

It’s crucial to prepare for nursing school interview questions, especially when applying to super selective nursing programs. Interviews are commonly used to evaluate top nursing school applicants, so being invited to interview is a good sign.

You’ll need to crush your interview to pass this final evaluation and get your acceptance letter, so interview prep is important. Look up common nursing school interview questions and practice using mock interviews. Make sure your interview answers are polished, strong and personalized to you and your experiences.

5. Ask for professional admissions help

Getting a professional eye on your application materials, or asking for expert feedback on your interview prep can make a significant difference when applying to nursing school. Especially since nursing tends to be a competitive program to get into, nursing admissions consulting can be a very good investment for some students.

If you’re applying to top nursing schools, or you just want extra support in your nursing school journey, consider getting application help.


1. Can I get a nursing degree online?

Yes! There are online nursing programs for every type of nursing diploma and degree, from associate degree all the way up to nursing PhD programs.

2. What’s the shortest online nursing program?

The shortest online nursing programs are anywhere from a few weeks to 6-7 months. Certified Nursing Assistant programs have online options, and usually last anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Licensed practical nurse diploma and certificate programs range from 6 months to 1 year and are also available in an online format.

3. What are the requirements for an online nursing degree?

The requirements for an online nursing program are usually the same as a traditional program. The main difference in the admissions process is that your interview may be offered virtually instead of in-person. However, the nursing school requirements can vary from program to program, so it’s best to check out the admissions process before applying.

4. What type of nursing degree can you get online?

You can get any type of nursing degree online, from a nursing certificate or diploma to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or even a doctor of nursing practice degree.

5. Are online nursing programs fully online?

Usually, no. Nursing school requires clinical and hands-on training in some aspects of nursing education that must be completed in person. Not every nursing program requires clinical training, but a majority of them do.

6. How long does it take to become a nurse?

How long it takes to become a nurse depends on the type of degree you want to earn. For instance, it takes 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing, whereas it takes 6 years or longer to become a nurse practitioner. If you want to become a licensed practical nurse you can do complete your studies in a year or less.

7. Can I get a nursing degree online in Canada?

Yes, several of the top nursing schools in Canada have online learning options for all of their nursing programs.

8. Is it easier to get into online nursing programs?

Not necessarily. Online nursing programs, especially accredited programs, have the same standards of admission as their traditional formats, and can be just as competitive to get into. Online nursing programs are also becoming increasingly popular for students who prefer distance learning or who want to continue working while they attend classes, meaning the applicant pool for online nursing school is growing.

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