Use our Canada Medical School Chance Predictor to see which of the medical schools in Canada are the best fit for you! Our calculator will help you determine how to prepare for your medical school applications and how to prioritize your applications to maximize your chances of success!

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Our Canada Medical School Chance Predictor was developed to determine which of the 17 medical schools in Canada are most suitable for your academic statistics. And while your GPA and MCAT score are important, keep in mind that many of the schools have official and unofficial quotas when it comes to provincial borders. Populate the fields with your current statistics and choose your province of residence to learn your admissions chances!

***Use the OMSAS GPA conversion calculator to best estimate your GPA if your school does not provide GPA on a 4.0 scale. For Ontario med schools, use our Ontario med school chance predictor. To calculate your chances of acceptances to US med schools, use our MD chance calculator for US school.

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Additionally, please note that there are many factors that cannot be assessed in this calculator, such as reference letters, written applications, CASPer (if applicable), interview performance, strengths and weaknesses of other applicants, etc. by each school. Moreover, note that you must check to make sure you have all the required coursework for each school, and if you have any questions, contact the admissions office directly.  

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What undergrad program provides the best chance of getting into medical school? Any university offer pre med program that has a high flow through rate? Any advice for a parent of a high school student Thanks


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hello Rita! Thank you very much for your question. There are no specific programs that can guarantee acceptance to medical school. The prestige of your undergrad does not affect your chances - what matters are your grades, MCAT score, extracurriculars, clinical experience, and so on.