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OMSAS GPA Conversion Calculator BeMo Academic Consulting

Since the grading systems vary from university to university in Canada, (i.e. 4 point GPA scale, 9 point GPA scale, 12 point GPA scale, letter grades) OMSAS has designed a method to standardize everyones GPA regardless of their school's grading system.

On your OMSAS application you will be asked to fill in your grades and OMSAS will check the conversion of your grades once they receive your official transcript(s). Traditionally, you would be forced to manually convert your university grades one by one using a conversion chart provided by OMSAS, which could be confusing and time consuming. However, BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. has designed an online OMSAS GPA conversion calculator that will allow you to rapidly convert your grades into the standard OMSAS GPA in a fraction of the time needed to do so using the old traditional conversion chart.

How to use the OMSAS GPA Calculator

To use the OMSAS GPA conversion calculator, first simply select your school from the list above. Once you have selected your school you will then select the grade you would like to have converted by the calculator. This is done for every single course and NOT simply with your overall cGPA. Note that OMSAS converts the grade of every course on your transcript into an OMSAS converted GPA first, and then an overall converted OMSAS GPA is calculated. The overall converted OMSAS GPA will depend on the number of courses a specific medical school looks at when determining your OMSAS converted GPA. For example, if a medical school only looks at your GPA from the last two years of your studies, then you will be required to first convert all the grades you received in all the courses in the last two years, and then take an average of those converted GPAs to calculate your overall OMSAS converted GPA.

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Disclaimer: Please note that, although the OMSAS GPA conversion calculator has been designed with the outmost attention to detail and accuracy, BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies that might arise during the use of the calculator. Although all steps have been taken to ensure that the calculator is as accurate as possible, students are ultimately responsible for cross-referencing their results with OMSAS to ensure absolute accuracy. BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. is in no way or shape responsible for any action or inaction taken on part of students as a result of using the OMSAS GPA conversion calculator.

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