If you’re finding it hard to make your medical school application stand out, then you might need a medical school admissions consultant. A med school consultant can help you with everything from how to study for the MCAT and how to write your medical school personal statement to advising you on how to get into medical school with a low GPA. Medical school is increasingly competitive, and working with somebody you don’t mesh with could be a big mistake! This blog will highlight how a medical school admissions consultant can help you and what to look for when searching for one.

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What is a Medical School Admissions Consultant? Who Would Benefit From Working With A Medical School Admissions Consultant? Why Hire a Medical School Admissions Consultant? What’s the Best Medical School Admissions Consulting & How to Avoid a Scam

What is a Medical School Admissions Consultant?

A medical school admissions consultant is a consultant that will help you with your medical school application, medical school personal statement or get you prepared for various components of your medical school journey, such as the MCAT, CASPer and/or medical school interviews. Let’s explore some of the ways they can help you:

Application Help – Essays, Statements and More

A medical school admissions consultant can help you craft your medical school resume (or CV), advise on how to ask for medical school recommendation letters and help you with your medical school personal statement. They can also help with your AMCAS Work and Activities section.

When it comes to organizing experiences and accomplishments on their application, many students aren’t sure which ones they should include. This can be tough to navigate alone, but in case you must, here’s a piece of advice from one of our consultants:

"Ask yourself, where does your CV suffer? Don't be afraid to look BEYOND the medical field when it comes to volunteer work and experiences.” – Dr. Jaime Cazes, MD, University of Toronto School of Medicine

In regards to your medical school personal statement, you’ve got to carefully tailor your (limited) words to showcase your uniqueness! Having an unbiased, professional perspective can help you ensure you get all of the information you can into an enticing, professional personal statement. Admissions consultants can also help perfect your primary and secondary essays and do multiple revisions to ensure whatever you submit is impactful.

Your medical school admissions advisor can help you make your medical school application stand out!

MCAT and CASPer Prep

When it comes to getting ready for CASPer, your medical school admissions consultant would review CASPer sample questions and answers and give personalized feedback and valuable advice based on how you perform. This is something you cannot achieve from practicing alone!

Sarah, a recent medical school entrant who had to write the CASPer test, said that the advantage of using a medical school admissions consultant was that she “was able to do three full-length CASPer tests with expert feedback.” Eventually, Sarah found that:

“Being able to get advice from someone with knowledge on the CASPer test really gave me the confidence that I needed to do well on test day ... [It was] really able to tell me what I was doing well and what I needed to work on; I found this resource to be extremely helpful.” -- Sarah, BeMo student

Students preparing for the MCAT may also find a med school admissions consultant to be a great MCAT coach who can help them create an ideal MCAT study schedule or advise them on whether to retake the MCAT or not, since some students find they need to increase their MCAT score after taking a practice test. This happened to Moriah, a non-traditional medical school applicant who was eventually accepted to the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

A medical school consultant first advised Moriah to take a practice MCAT test to see what her potential score might be. After the test, Moriah “wasn't super happy with [her] score.” But she was running out of time; the deadline to submit her application was fast approaching. Moriah wanted to take the real MCAT test with only two weeks of preparation, but a medical school admissions consultant advised her that:

“Instead of cramming for 15 days and taking it for real, I should give myself the proper amount of time to study [for the MCAT] ... [So] I decided to take a gap year.” -- Moriah, BeMo student, UMass Chan Medical School

This gap year not only allowed Moriah to gain valuable medical experience, she was also able to give herself plenty of time to study for the MCAT. In the end, Moriah says that even though “many students feel like they need to rush to get all of these things accomplished,” referring to medical school requirements, she advises prospective medical school applicants not to “rush things.” She also advises that any premeds about to apply to medical school should put in the “proper preparation for making your application as strong as it can be.”

Learn more about Moriah's journey to medical school!

After giving you MCAT prep, a medical school admissions consultants can also help you prepare for the all-important medical school interview by providing you with advice, tools, and recommendations to significantly increase your chances of acceptance. 

Interview Practice and Feedback

For certain schools, a lot can hinge on your interview performance. For example, McMaster University utilizes both the CASPer test and MMI, which is an interview-style specifically designed for medical school by researchers at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University, to reduce potential biases. Their recent study revealed that relying on GPA and MCAT scores can present barriers for students with a ‘non-traditional’ status.

To back up this hypothesis, 68% of future doctors in Canada admitted that they were motivated to apply to medical school for financial gain and due to familial pressure – thus taking opportunities away from applicants who may have more wholesome motives (and the grit and drive to become a phenomenal doctor), but come from a disadvantaged background. This number is higher – 75% of future doctors are motivated by financial gain or pressure – in the US.

The MMI consists of several “stations” that you have to pass through to complete the interview. Each station presents you with a different situation or scenario, and each new station aims to test a different core competency, from your knowledge of medical policies and your response to an ethical dilemma to asking personal and even quirky questions. MMI questions can seem like a lot to take in, and one of our students, Nisha, who recently got into a medical school that uses MMI, can attest to that.

"I can be daunting to experience the MMI process without some sort of guidance." -- Nisha, BeMo student

With the guidance she was looking for, Nisha was able to “really polish my application and hone my MMI skills.” Her medical school admissions consultant recommended doing mock interviews, which Nisha found “gave me an idea of what I was going into.” But along with mimicking the real test conditions and situations, the expert feedback that Nisha got from her medical school admissions consultant gave her “the confidence I needed to answer the questions to the best of my ability.”

Of course, some medical schools don’t use MMI, but a good medical school admissions consultant should be able to adapt to any type of interview format, which is something that Mason was looking for in a medical school admissions consultant. Recently accepted into the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Mason, a Canadian applicant, also applied to medical schools in the US, so he needed a medical school admissions consultant who was well-versed in both systems.

“[My medical school admissions consultant] was really able to tailor my interview prep to my specific concerns in my specific interview ... [They were able to] organize my multiple interview prep sessions in such a way that, they involved both a traditional kind of panel interview, as well as the multiple mini-interview type aspects.” -- Mason, BeMo student, University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine.

Mason found that some schools he applied to use a hybrid interview format – traditional, panel interview and MMI, so the personal touch of a medical school admissions consultant made a difference in this specific area.

Mason was having trouble with the acting station of the MMI – the “acting station” is where you act out a scenario, for example, in Mason’s case “breaking bad news” to a loved one or family member. Mason made clear his anxiety over the acting station, and his medical school admissions consultant took it into account. In his next prep sessions, Mason’s med school admissions consultant included the acting station, which meant he was really able to experience “a real interview environment.”

Want to learn more about Mason's premed journey? Check out the video below:

Who Would Benefit From Working With A Medical School Admissions Consultant?

The truth is, most students who get accepted into medical school have worked with a medical school admissions consultant or a medical school advisor, regardless of ‘wealth’ or status as an applicant. Every applicant is unique, each possessing different strengths and weaknesses. Most students who believe they can improve on even one area have decided to work with a professional.

Students often feel overwhelmed with the entire admissions process as there are so many unknowns. They struggle to determine how many medical schools to apply to, write their medical school personal statements, secondary essays as well as practice for their interviews, all while trying to balance life and family demands. So, who is actually working with a medical school admissions consultant and benefits from it?

Why Hire a Medical School Admissions Consultant?

This is a very good question, and fortunately, one of the students we worked with, Rishi, has a good answer. Rishi was a medical school reapplicant, did his undergraduate at UC Berkeley and has been accepted to Carver Medical College. But we’ll preface Rishi’s answer with his thoughts on applying to medical school, which, Rishi says, “is an extremely complicated and extremely competitive process.” It’s something to think about when you’re wondering about whether you should work with a medical school admissions consultant, because Rishi says, opining on his own experience, you should “look at it as a huge investment.”

Consider the following: 

  • Applying to medical school is a difficult process
  • The inescapable threat of medical school rejection, which means that you would have to repeat the entire, nerve-wracking process again
  • The benefit of working one-on-one to increase chances of acceptance through proven strategies, techniques and practice methods.
  • Being able to brainstorm ideas – like which schools to apply to—and utilize the knowledge of an expert to help you write your personal statement and medical school essay(s), provide CASPer prep tips, help with MCAT studying, and even practice MMI questions, or other forms of interview questions, with you

 The time that could be saved with a medical school admissions consultant and save yourself the time from having to reapply again.

As Rishi, who had to dedicate another year reapplying, said “saving a year; starting medical school a year earlier is definitely worth it, and you’ll be glad you did it.”

Remember, the admissions committees will be sifting through thousands upon thousands of applications, and the first area you need to stand out in is on paper. This can prove to be difficult without the help of a medical school consultant and their ability to help you create a striking application that can't be overlooked like so many in the pile. They’ve been in your shoes, and they’ve helped numerous other applicants succeed.

What’s the Best Medical School Admissions Consulting & How to Avoid a Scam

1. Missing Student Reviews

If you're looking for a new restaurant to try, you'd probably visit TripAdvisor, Google reviews or some other reliable review website to see what past attendees have to say about the food, staff, and service. It's no different when it comes to selecting a medical school admissions consultant. Look for credible sources and sites, like Trustpilot, and review a plethora of testimonials.

The BeMo Difference

We've helped thousands of students around the world and have hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, we have a 4.8/5 rating, which is the highest rating of all medical school advisors. Check out our Trustpilot Reviews to see for yourself! We think you'll agree that BeMo Academic Consulting is worth it.

“I had my first session with [BeMo] We had a meaningful discussion about where I am and what I can expect from BeMo from now on. [They] answered all my questions and made me feel confident about choosing this program. [They] also suggested several ideas for references and extracurriculars that I had never thought of before and was very compassionate about certain issues I brought up.” – Subin, BeMo student

2. A Low or Unverified Success Rate

Most consultants will have a success rate posted on their website which will tell you what percentage of students they helped who were accepted. Of course, if this number is low, your chances of being accepted with that consultant will also be low, but it's important to dig further into this number to see if they have conducted research to verify that their tools and methods actually work.

The BeMo Difference

While most companies cannot prove that their methods work, here at BeMo we have conducted research and can scientifically back up the fact that our products and services work. Click here to check out our double-blind study and review our blog for a list of all schools our students have gained acceptance. We're proud of our 93.5% success rate for students working in our Platinum or Titanium programs.

 “Best MMI Ever!!! ... I had the most interesting scenarios as well as perfect acting scenes. It was my first MMI and I really got a feel of how MMIs look like.” – Chidinma, BeMo student

3. No Guarantees

A guarantee is a measure of company confidence in a product or service. If a medical school admissions consultant isn't proving a guarantee that their services actually work, it tells you that they don't believe in what they're offering, and if they don't believe it, why should you?

The BeMo Difference

BeMo absolutely believes in their products and services which is why we're the only company that provides both an 100% satisfaction guarantee and a Get In or Your Money Back® guarantee.

“The first two cycles that I applied to med school, I received interview invitations but didn’t get accepted. For the [latest] cycle, I subscribed to BeMo’s “The Vault” plan. For each of my monthly meetings with a consultant, I honed my interview skills and practiced the structured responses from their interview book. I also used the interview and MMI sample sessions for further practice. BeMo made the difference! I’ve had 3 stellar interviews and received 3 acceptance offers: Idaho COM, Noorda COM, and University of the Incarnate Word SOM! And I have 2 more interviews on the calendar before the end of this cycle. There is no doubt in my mind that I will use your services to prepare for residency applications! To the consultants, content developers, and authors at BeMo, thank you for making my medical school dreams come true!!" -- Alexander, BeMo student

Limited Spots Available

4. No Free Option to Try Them Out

A top medical school admissions consultant will give you the opportunity to try out their services at no cost to you. Why? Because medical school admissions consulting isn't free, it costs money and if you're going to be spending money on a service, it should be one that is excellent and truly works to give you the best return on investment – in this case, getting into medical school! If you're in the market for a new car, you wouldn't simply just purchase one without even test driving it.

The BeMo Difference

BeMo provides every student with a free initial consultation to give them the chance to speak with us face-to-face to learn about how we can best help them.

“Had my first session today with Cameron A, and immediately after logging off I realized that BeMo was worth every penny. We simulated a real MMI interview, went through an overall overview, and dissected every question. Not only did we review the proper way approach the question, he gave me examples and let me take another crack at it. After one session, I already feel way more prepared. Cam, you’re the man! Thank you for a great session!” – Tyler, BeMo student

5. Unsure of Their Qualifications

It's important to check the qualifications of the admissions consultant you'll be working with. Visit their website and research their team members to see what background they have. You'll need to know whether or not they have the skills, training, and expertise to advise you, otherwise it's impossible to trust that they know what they're talking about, so don't just assume this information without verifying it.

The BeMo Difference

Did you know that here at BeMo, we put all of our consultants through rigorous, standardized training to ensure that uniformly, we're providing the same expert advice, tools, and recommendations proven to work? We're proud to say that we only hire the best and those with a serious desire and commitment to help students be the best version of themselves and get accepted. In fact, less than 5% of applicants who want to work with us actually get hired at BeMo! Even then they have to go through 100 hours of training before they are allowed to mentor any of our students. Our admissions experts have either worked as interviewers, evaluators or have gone through the admissions process themselves. They have all aced their training, and together, have 53 years of experience in the field of admissions.

“This was my second call with Lekha Reddy, and I cannot express how incredible it was! She seemed incredibly engaged and was able to provide detailed and specific feedback on each of my answers! Lekha is incredibly kind and has such valuable and used her experience with medical school to provide insight. I think if I were to change one thing, it would be to provide more criticism- but I think it is just her personality to see on the bright side! Keep up the great work Lekha!” – Natalie, BeMo student

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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Janet Clark

Can you help a student decide which medical schools they are most likely to get into? Will you tell a client straight up if they do not have a chance to get into a medical school?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hi Janet! Thanks for this very important question. We absolutely help students strategize which schools they are more likely to get into. We will be frank with a student if we think that their credentials are not enough to get into a specific school. Our consultants help students pick schools not based on prestige or reputation, but on what kind of school will be best for their values, academic history, career goals, etc. This is one of the ways to maximize your success - strategize what kind of schools will want applicants with your academic and extracurricular history.

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Can you help students with lower MCAT scores get into US medical schools?


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Hi My daughter needs help with her personal statement for medical school. Thanks


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Sam H.

Have you helped any students with undergraduate degrees in engineering get into medical school?


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Jean-Jacques BRAUN

Hi, do you work with foreign international students ? For students who are residing in Thailand, where would your nearest advisor be ?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hello Jean-Jacques! We definitely work with international students. We are completely remote, so our consultations are conducted 100% online. You would not need to travel anywhere to get the help you need. Reach out to us for a free strategy call to see how we can help.