Université de Montréal Medical School is one of the top medical schools in Quebec. This MD program welcomes francophone applicants from all over Canada, though the majority of seats are reserved for Quebec applicants. In this blog, you will learn Université de Montréal Medical School admission statistics, requirements, and tips that will help you get accepted!

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Université de Montréal's Faculty of Medicine MD Program

Established in 1843

Instruction in French only

Université de Montréal's Medical School - Mission Statement:

The Faculty of Medicine is a pioneering institution dedicated to education and research based on ACTIVE participation in the advancement of knowledge and the development of skills to improve health care.

Université de Montréal's Medical School - Curriculum:

A four- or five-year curriculum consisting of:

- A medical preparatory year for students admitted with a college education or a university education considered insufficient in basic biological sciences

- Two years pre-conference consisting mainly of small group teaching using problem-based learning and coordinated with laboratory-based hands-on exercises and weekly clinical in-hospital immersion for basic clinical skills

- Two years of full-time externship dedicated to clinical placements in the different disciplines of medicine

Université de Montréal's Medical School - Admissions Statistics:

Class Size: 290

Success Rate In-Province: 23.8%

Success Rate Out-Of-Province: 16.7%

Success Rate International: 2.8%

Université de Montréal's Medical School - Prerequisites:

A bachelor's degree or college diploma is required.

Université de Montréal's Medical School - Contact Info:

Website: https://medecine.umontreal.ca/etudes/doctorat-en-medecine/admission/

Mailing Address: Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine, PO Box 6128, Station Center, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7

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Hi My daughter is interested in pursuing Medicine. Currently we are in Doha, Qatar and she is in grade 10 In British school following National Curriculum for England. We plan to migrate to Canada hopefully by 2022. I understand in Quebec medical school there is no requirement for Pre-Med and she can have direct entry if her grades are good. So, I would really appreciate your insight on where her chances are high- If she completes her yr 12 here in Qatar with good grades or is it better to do her schooling in Quebec?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hello Nishida! Thanks so much for your question! To be eligible to become a medical student, all applicants should have some college/undergrad education. There are some medical schools that do not require a full Bachelor's degree, but all medical schools in Canada require completion of some university credits. The number of required credits depends on the school. So your daughter will have to complete some undergraduate degree courses whether she chooses to apply to medical schools in Quebec or the rest of Canada. I hope this answers your question! Let me know if you need anything else!



Hi, The UdeM site only lists Grades,Casper, and MMI as requirements that I can see. Are there additional requirements? What about letters of reference or a personal statement?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hello Jane! Yes, the UdeM does not require letters of reference or personal statement.