How to Ace the MCAT CARS Fast 

Using a Simple 7-Step Process

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Special Guests:

- 97th Percentile MCAT CARS Scorer

- Senior MCAT CARS Expert

BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with the MCAT or the AAMC. "MCAT" is a trademark of AAMC. 

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We're going to show you...

  • Top 3 reasons most applicants fail the MCAT CARS & get rejected

  • The hidden reason behind using the MCAT CARS

  • How the test is structured to intentionally confuse you

  • How to prepare in advance to avoid the top 5 common mistakes

  • Simple 7-step process to easily dissect any CARS passage

  • How to identify different types of passages and questions

  • Sample difficult MCAT CARS questions + analysis and answers

  • Discussion with panel of experts including 97th percentile MCAT CARS scorer

  • And much more!

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