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"Best Book! I only used this book for MMI prep. There is no other books on the market that can provide such detail explanantion as this one. Loving it as a premed." - Debbie Kao (Verified Review on Amazon)

"Very useful! This book offers a great explanation of how the MMI works, the different types of questions, and effective strategies to answer these questions. BeMo's approach is widely applicable to not only MMIs, but to panel interviews as well. The examples as the end of the book were helpful, showing how to effectively answer MMI questions. I liked being able to answer the questions then reviewing the book's answers. This helped me to consider other perspectives and be able to formulate the best possible answers during my MMI. I highly recommend this book and the BeMo course! It played a big role in helping me to ace my MMI." - Melissa Reed (Verified Review on Amazon)

"Excellent Book! Get it! I bought the book in preparation for my upcoming MMI for Pharmacy School. I find the book extremely helpful in the following ways: 1. It lays the foundation of the format and the logic of MMI. It looks at the MMI from an insider's perspective.  2. It classifies the questions into general, and detailed types. For each type, there is a specific strategy and format. 3. It is absolutely the one-stop-shop because it covers the entire procedure. 4. LOTS AND LOTS of examples. Sample questions and expert responses! This book is an excellent resource, and I would say it's the only one you need to prepare for your MMI! It's highly adapted towards specific student needs. I absolutely loved it. Get it now!" - Lynn S (Verified Review on Amazon)

"Makes the MMI seem manageable! MMIs can be very daunting, and this book excels at making you genuinely feel you can succeed in an MMI. The great thing about this resource is that it goes through realistic examples of MMI questions and provides examples of both "good" and "bad" responses. This helped me identify potential weaknesses in my own answers. I also appreciate how it broke down the broad types of questions. Keeping them in mind improved my answers by adding a logical flow to my responses. I think this book is ideal for anyone who wants a resource that covers everything you need to know for the MMI. With that said, I strongly recommend doing mock interviews that will allow you to apply the strategies discussed in this book." - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on Amazon)

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- The 2 myths about MMI preparation they don't want you to know that leaves your competition behind and gets the admissions officers fighting for you. (Page 23)

- 18 proven strategies to prepare for and ace ANY MMI question. (Page 33) 

- The 2 important psychology hacks that will completely set you apart from all other applicants. (Page 35 and 41)

- The #1 reason why you should start preparing for your MMI BEFORE you have been invited and how long it takes to fully prepare. (Page 42)

- Step-by-step killer strategy to breakdown any possible MMI question. (Page 43)

- How to identify and successfully answer the 23 different types of MMI questions including sample questions and answers. ( Page 49)

- How to prepare for common points of debate in medicine without reading any complicated ethics books (Page 73)

How to manage your stress during the dreaded interviews using these simple physiologically proven tactics used by army snipers and pro athletes so you can stay calm, focused and concise. (Page 87)

- 20 challenging MMI questions with expert analysis and answers (Page. 99) 

- 2 full-length mock interviews designed by former MMI evaluators (Page 151)

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1. BeMo's proven formula for acing any multiple mini interview question,

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5. 23 possible types of MMI questions and how to successful answer each type of question,

6. Common points of debate in medicine and how to answer them,

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Absolutely not catch. We are doing this because we know once you see the value in this book + bonuses, you'll choose us to be your long term mentors.

2. When will I get the e-book? 

You'll receive the book instantly after successful checkout. We'll send you an email with login information to your member's area right away. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.

3. Is this the paperback copy or the electronic version? I don't like paperback books. 

This is the electronic version of the book. 

4. How can I receive the bonuses? 

After you sign up, we'll send you an email with your login and password details to your member's area which includes access to the book and bonuses. The book also includes details about the bonuses.

5. Is this book good for any profession and discipline?

Yes! This book is for anyone who is anticipating a multiple mini interview for any discipline. For example, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, nursing, physiotherapy, and so forth. 

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