BeMo Academic Consulting ("BeMo") announces one of a kind MCAT® prep program that is sure to motivate students to get a perfect score: The 90-Day MCAT 520 Challenge™.

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BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. 

Known as the trusted leader in personalized admissions prep with unlimited prep and bold guarantees, BeMo puts a unique spin on traditional MCAT prep by promising top MCAT scorers free preparation. How does it work? Here's a quick rundown:

It's a win-win program for the students whether they get the desired score or not. If a student achieves a score of 520 or more within 90 days of enrolling in one of BeMo's MCAT prep programs, BeMo turns their MCAT prep enrollment fee into BeMo credits for use for any other of BeMo's programs, including application review, CASPer prep, interview prep, residency applications, and more. This means that BeMo is essentially paying for students who do well on the exam.

That's not all. If a student does not score well, they can repeat the MCAT prep program also for free.

For those who are still on the fence about committing to this challenge, BeMo offers their "100% Love It or Your Money Back" guarantee to everyone to try one consultation session absolutely risk free.

"Unlike most educational programs, we understand that one size does not fit all. We appreciate, enjoy, and promote diversity. Our goal has been and remains providing the very best personalized preparation to our students. With the 90-Day MCAT 520 Challenge, we want to motivate every student to do well, so that they have choice when applying to medical school. We believe students should be as selective about their choice of medical education as medical schools are about choosing students. Given the heavy emphasis on admissions tools such as MCAT, CASPer, situational judgement tests, interviews, personal statements and other tools that may not necessarily select intrinsically motivated applicants and may cause bias, as studies suggest, we want to make sure our students have all the tools they need to succeed, so they are not unfavorably impacted by these admissions screening practices.", said Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, PhD, CEO of BeMo.

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About BeMo®:

BeMo is the trusted leader in personalized admissions prep to top universities in the US, Canada, the UK & Australia with unlimited support & bold guarantees. BeMo's mission is to reduce barriers to education by making education accessible to everyone. BeMo is the creator of the most widely read blog in higher education "The Admissions Experts Blog" found at BeMo.Blog.

Disclaimer: MCAT is a registered trademark of AAMC. BeMo and AAMC do not endorse or affiliate with one another.

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