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AMCAS Most Meaningful Experience Sample #6

Experience Type: Physician Shadowing/Clinical Observation

Experience Name: Observer at GI Health Centre

Contact Name & Title: Dr. Sujata Farha

Contact Email[email protected]

Contact Phone: 1223345567

Organization Name: Upper GI Health Centre

City/State/Country: Glendale / Arizona / United States

Most Meaningful Experience: Yes

Dates: 06/20XX-08/20XX

Total Hours: 75

Experience Description: I was accepted as a student observer at the Glendale Heights Upper GI Health Center for their summer observership program. I met nurses, anesthesiologists, general practitioners, and gastroenterologists. Over the course of the two-month program, I witnessed an array of procedures, including endoscopy, colonoscopy, colon cancer screenings, biopsies, and pancreas scans. (371 characters, with spaces)

Most Meaningful Experiences Remarks: Most of the procedures I observed were routine colonoscopies. There was one patient who had trouble sitting and reported difficult bowel movements. He was in his mid-forties and not very physically active, according to him. Before the procedure, the physician took a detailed medical history and explained how the procedure worked, which the patient understood and consented to. The results of the colonoscopy revealed a large polyp in his transverse colon. Before sending him to the emergency room, the doctor explained the polyps were common and typically harmless. She also identified discrepancies in the patient’s lifestyle that can contribute to the emergence of polyps. The doctor also took a moment to establish actionable nutrition and exercise goals with the patient. Because the patient was averse to exercising “the traditional way,” I suggested trying cycling or skateboarding for 10 minutes each day. When I called the patient a few weeks later to check on his progress, he told us that he’d started skateboarding every day and was loving it. As a prospective physician, I will emphasize the importance of setting goals to motivate my patients to take care of their health. (1,188 characters, with spaces)

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