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AMCAS Most Meaningful Experience Sample #7

Experience Type: Community Service Volunteer – Not Medical

Experience Name: Crosswind Interval House Volunteer

Contact Name & Title: Ms. Beth Ableton

Contact Email[email protected]

Contact Phone: 444235801

Organization Name: Crosswind Interval House

City/State/Country: Sandy Springs / Georgia / United States

Most Meaningful Experience: Yes

Dates: 02/20XX-12/20XX

Total Hours: 2000

Experience Description: As a volunteer at Crosswind Interval House, my job was to connect women with resources like counselling services and work opportunities. On a typical day, I organized donations, met with other volunteers to create fundraising events, and responded to calls and emails. I was also responsible for connecting residents with pertinent resources, like counselling or financial services. (383 characters, with spaces)

Most Meaningful Experiences Remarks:. One evening, as I taped closed another cardboard box filled with donations and slid it under the folding table lined with Christmas lights and ornaments, a woman in her twenties and a little girl stepped in from the cold. They were pale and shivering. I brought them to one of the open rooms and offered them food and warm beverages. It was late at night, so in the morning I spoke to the woman about her situation involving domestic violence, and I personally helped her find a suitable therapist; the following day, I drove her to the doctor to have her examined. Witnessing the psychological effects of domestic abuse was a direct influence on my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I’ve encountered other victims who typically show signs of psychological trauma. The young woman and her daughter who’d entered the center that night inspired my choice to major in psychology. I started learning more about the preponderance of mental illness associated with victim status and the interventions required to provide adequate support. Helping these two vulnerable individuals taught me the importance of effective collaboration between social and clinical services. The woman’s perseverance to full recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder helped me understand that with the right resources, it’s never too late to get better. (1,336 characters, with spaces)

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