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AMCAS Most Meaningful Experience Sample #8

Experience Type: Hobbies

Experience Name: Short Story Published in Literary Magazine

Contact Name & Title:

Contact Email[email protected]

Contact Phone: 3334556545

Organization Name: Publishing Progress

City/State/Country: Danville / California / United States

Most Meaningful Experience: Yes

Dates: 06/20XX

Total Hours: N/A

Experience Description: After receiving tens of rejection letters for the query letters I was submitting for my short story collection inspired by my immigration story, I finally received a contractual offer from one of my favorite publishing houses. Writing has always been a hobby of mine; the pensive, solitary labor fills me with a sense of purpose. It’ s been a goal of mine since I was young to have my work traditionally published. Using rejection to motivate me has been a significant part of why I succeeded. (492 characters, with spaces)

Most Meaningful Experiences Remarks: I started writing fiction in my first semester of undergraduate studies, but I can always be found writing poetry or prose in my journal. Whether it’s essays, poetry, or journaling, I can’t seem to put my pen down. When I arrived in the US from Belgium when I was 12, I had some difficulty adjusting to the culture and language. I took to writing as a sort of therapy, and eventually, I found myself writing what was essentially a fictionalized autobiography. Because I’ve tried so many times to get published without success, finally receiving an offer on this particular work, the story of my life, was extra meaningful. At times, I wanted to give up. “Maybe I’m no good,” I occasionally thought. But I learned to enjoy the process and to never lose sight of the end goal, even in moments of strife. Though I’ve reached my goal, I’ve made it my priority to continue improving for the next short story I decide to write. (915 characters, with spaces)

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