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AMCAS Most Meaningful Experience Sample #11

Experience Type: Extracurricular Activities

Experience Name: Hockey Player

Contact Name & Title: Chris Dillan, Coach

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: 2009897684

Organization Name: Athletics Department

City/State/Country: Palatine / Illinois / United States

Most Meaningful Experience: Yes

Dates: 09/20XX-03/20XX

Total Hours: 1200

Experience Description: I’ve been on skates since I was three. I’ve lived and breathed the sport of hockey and always dreamed of becoming a starting player for an elite collegiate team. I made the university team in September of my freshman year and earned the starting position as a goaltender for most of that season. We were eliminated early in playoffs, but the team hadn’t even made it past the first round of the post-season in nearly a decade. (437, with spaces)

Most Meaningful Experiences Remarks: Finding your place in a team is hard. You don’t always get along with everyone, and most people differ in terms of how they want the game to be played from a strategic point of view. Our roster had also undergone a drastic change that season, which made it difficult to synergize quickly, which was part of the reason why we struggled early on. After a series of losses, we finally got our first win. Seeing that the team morale was plummeting, I stood up in the locker room and asked for everyone’s attention: I called out one of the players who I thought was an integral part of why we won our first game to recognize him as “the player of the game.” After each subsequent win, the team continued the tradition of having the previous player of the game select a new one. Eventually, we strung together a few wins, then a lot of wins, which helped us eventually qualify for playoffs by a very slim margin. I was proud of this accomplishment because it taught me the value of recognition, teamwork, and motivation. (1,025 characters, with spaces)

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