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Experience Type: Paid Employment – Medical/Clinical

Experience Name: Medical Assistant

Hours: 1,000+

Most Meaningful: Yes


In 2015, I became a Certified Medical Assistant and worked at X Clinic in YZ, Michigan. After working at X clinic in the summer of 2015, I enjoyed this experience so much that I continued to work as a medical assistant in college at X Children Hospital. During a normal shift, I drew blood, worked with medical equipment such as X-Ray machinery, changed dressings, removed sutures, as well as prepped the patients for examination. The active learning environment and close contact with patients invigorated my body and mind. I worked long shifts that were sometimes overnight. However, I was never tired or stressed.

Why it was meaningful:

Being a medical assistant caused me to gain experience with cultural communication, as we often had many patients who did not speak English and were Spanish-speaking. As a native Spanish speaker, I understood the disconnect in trust and adherence to treatment that occurs when the doctor and the patient cannot communicate effectively. I worked hard to bridge this gap and ensure that patients felt their concerns, worries, and apprehensions were heard and addressed by those treating them. Trust is essential for positive outcomes, and there can be no trust without communication. I remember one instance where a Venezuelan lady brought in her son who had been involved in a terrible accident. I gave her hourly updates on the status of her son in surgery, as well as sat with her all night as she worried about the fate of her son. I did my job as well as I could, and deeply cared for the patients. This experience further developed my passion for patient-doctor interactions. I sought to replicate the joy I felt as a medical assistant through my path to becoming a physician.

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