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Common Medical School Interview Question #9

“Why should we choose you over other applicants?”

The three traits I bring to the table are my attention to detail, my open-mindedness, and my resourcefulness. My attention to detail has served me well in my academics, as I read exam questions or problems thoroughly before answering and can retain a lot of complex information from reading materials or lectures. I apply this approach to other forms of decision making as well, by gathering all available information at my disposal and reviewing it carefully. If I am missing information or there is any uncertainty, I find someone who is more qualified to advise me on the best course of action.

For example, I was completing a patient intake while shadowing Dr. Z at the ABC health clinic, and the patient suddenly started complaining of abdominal pain and insisting on being seen immediately. I had been given specific intake instructions to only allow a patient ahead of others if the symptoms were very severe, so I asked Dr. Z what to do with patients like this. They advised me to do my best to calm the patient down, assure them they would be seen as soon as possible, and to ask one of the intake nurses for assistance if the situation escalated.

My open-mindedness lends itself to flexibility and conflict mediation. I love to learn and receive constructive criticism, knowing that there is always something I can do to better myself or push myself further. I also enjoy hearing from others and being exposed to new perspectives.

Lastly, I am dedicated to solving problems and finding solutions through collaboration. My attitude is to always look for a win-win solution, by thinking creatively and outside the box, if necessary. I believe all these traits will help me become an excellent physician and will serve me throughout my medical career.

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