Do I need an MCAT tutor? Who are the best MCAT tutors? How can I find the right MCAT tutor for me? These are some of the most common questions we hear from students. In this blog, we share our students' experiences with our MCAT tutors and give you some tips on finding MCAT prep courses and instructors that can help you get ready for the exam. Finally, you will get to meet some of our top MCAT tutors at the end of the article!

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Find a real MCAT Tutor, Not Just a Student Who Aced Their Own MCAT Check Their MCAT Tutoring Experience and Content Knowledge Ensure That You'll Get Personalized Feedback from Your MCAT Tutor Check Out Their Reviews Look for Proof of Improvement Look for Proof of Success Meet Some of BeMo MCAT Tutors

There are hundreds of MCAT tutors online, offering their services via premed forums like MCAT Reddit,and Premed Reddit - but be weary of these! Simply searching for MCAT tutors online will flood you with thousands of options that often feel indistinguishable from one another, so what can you do to find the one that fits your need?

Find a real MCAT Tutor, Not Just a Student Who Aced Their Own MCAT

A tutor's teaching ability is more important than their personal MCAT score. Choose someone who has extensive training and can adapt their style to your learning needs, ensuring they can guide and motivate you effectively. Here’s what one of our students had to say about our MD MCAT tutor Kyle Burns:

"Kyle Burns is a great tutor that easily breaks down concepts and really focuses on the logic behind why a question is wrong or right. With Kyle, I was able to better understand what thought process I need to better answer the different types of questions on the MCAT.” – Mantej Padda, Former BeMo Student

Check Their MCAT Tutoring Experience and Content Knowledge

Choose a tutor with substantial tutoring or teaching experience with MCAT topics. Remember, they do not necessarily need to have taken the MCAT, they just need to know the material inside out and be able to relate it to you so you can easily understand the concepts and apply the knowledge you learn to the test format. Here’s what one of our students had to say about our MCAT tutor Dr. Hanlin Liu:

" Hanlin Liu. One of the best tutor that I have ever had. He is really good at thinking out of the box and conveying his honest feedbacks along with improvements. As always I truly benefitted from his session, and he even extended our 1 hour session to 1.5 hour. PERFECT TUTOR” – Anonymous BeMo Student

Ensure That You'll Get Personalized Feedback from Your MCAT Tutor

A tutor should offer tailored guidance and feedback based on your specific needs. Avoid those who give generic advice or focus only on high-yield topics; instead, look for someone who provides a comprehensive approach to MCAT prep, addressing your individual learning style. Here’s one of our student Sunny with his review of our MCAT tutor Dr. Andrew Henry:

“Dr. Henry's tutoring has been a game-changer in my MCAT preparation. His consistency, coupled with a personalized approach, sets him apart. Not only does he have a knack for breaking down complex concepts, but he also takes the time to remember personal aspects of my life. This builds a unique student-professor bond based on trust and understanding. His explanations are concise, making foundational concepts breeze through. Thanks to Dr. Henry, I feel well-equipped for success on the MCAT.” – Sunny, BeMo Student

Check Out Their Reviews

Verified reviews are a reliable way to find experienced tutors. Check out verified and trusted websites like Trustpilot to read reviews written by those who have actually studied with MCAT tutors and can speak openly about their experience. Here’s a student review of one of our DO MCAT tutors Noah Heichel:

“Noah Heichel was the best tutor that I have had so far! He not only helped me get through the material effectively and efficiently but, took the time to provide me with study methods that will help me not only for the MCAT, but also when I make it to Medical School. He also was super positive and even when talking about a stressful test, left me feeling positive and motivated to keep going.” – Anonymous BeMo Student

Look for Proof of Improvement

Look for evidence of improvement in other students who work with the MCAT tutors you are looking to hire. Are their students reaching their MCAT score goals? Are they improving weekly? Monthly? Here’s a quick look at a BeMo student who worked with one of our top MCAT tutors, Dr Andrew Henry:

“Dr. Henry has been an incredibly helpful and supportive resource in my journey as a non-traditional pre-med student. Having been out of school for three years, I initially felt overwhelmed by the complexity of MCAT concepts. Dr. Henry's exceptional ability to use visual aids played a crucial role in simplifying intricate topics. He meticulously broke down complex ideas into manageable components, facilitating a clearer understanding. What sets him apart is his unwavering patience and willingness to revisit basic concepts without judgment. Dr. Henry's tutoring sessions have been transformative for me; within just one week, my MCAT score in the tutored section increased by a remarkable 4 points. His teaching approach combines expertise, empathy, and a commitment to ensuring that students grasp even the most challenging concepts, making him an invaluable mentor on my path to medical school.” – Sunny, BeMo Student

Look for Proof of Success

In addition to incremental improvements, your MCAT tutors should have a record of success. If this proof is not publicly available, ask tutors for evidence that their methods work and result in high MCAT scores and medical school acceptance. Here’s one you can take a look at for BeMo:

“I've been an active applicant for medical schools for 3 years straight with no success in Canada. So I decided to apply to the United States for the first time and went to BeMo for advice and coaching. Thanks to their help throughout the whole process, from brainstorming essays to writing them to doing nonstop interview prep, I managed to get both an acceptance and waitlisted acceptance into two US Medical schools! Without them, I believe I would not have had the necessary information and coaching needed to be so successful. Upon acceptance, I had no US citizenship, my GPA was 3.84 and MCAT was 516. I would definitely recommend them if you feel like you need that slight push and support to succeed! :)” – Anonymous BeMo Student


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Meet Some of BeMo's MCAT Tutors

BeMo MCAT tutors have helped thousands of students worldwide prepare for the MCAT and take the next steps toward medical school. Our rigorously trained experts offer tailored advice and proven strategies, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a Get In or Your Money Back® guarantee, with a 93.5% success rate for students in our Platinum or Titanium programs.

We provide every student with a free initial consultation, giving you the opportunity to speak with us face-to-face and to learn about how we can best help you in your journey at no cost. Check out our blog to find out if BeMo Academic Consulting is worth it. 

Want to learn more about BeMo MCAT tutors our students loved?

Kyle Burns, MD

Kyle Burns began his journey to becoming a physician by asking questions. He had a parent with advanced cancer whose disease progression drove him to understand more and more. Having grown up out west, he was a writer in film and television, earning accolades including a Sundance Institute Screenwriting Fellowship. This provided no basis for him to comprehend molecular biology, however, and soon his curiosity transformed into a desire to become a doctor. As he had a liberal arts undergraduate degree, and a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California, he had to start from ground zero. He enrolled in general chemistry and biology classes at Hunter College, near where he lived in New York City, while seeking work in a hospital so he could learn more about medicine. He leveraged technical abilities and media production experience into a role in simulation education at Weill Cornell Medicine. When it came time to apply he leaned on his writing abilities to convey his journey into medicine and affirm what mattered to him most. Kyle joined the MD Class of 2027 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and, apart from his pre-clinical coursework, he spends time precepting in an oncology clinic and pursuing research in informatics and cancer metastasis. He also spends time as a community cancer prevention educator and works to provide more opportunities for screening among the population of the Bronx near his school. As an MD Admissions Consultant he is eager to help students develop their voice so they come across as dynamic and passionate future physicians.

Noah Heichel, DO

Noah grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Michigan State University, where he worked on a variety of research projects and actively participated in journal clubs. Noah is currently a medical student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and hopes to work in a surgical specialty back in his hometown of Marquette. He has experience volunteering as a mentor for high school students, helping them to achieve success in their academics and encouraging them to pursue careers that interest them. As a medical student, he holds group review sessions to cover high yield topics and strives to make sure his peers are comfortable with the material, answering any questions that arise. Outside of class, Noah loves watching movies (especially Star Wars), trying out new cooking recipes, and hiking with his fiancé and dog. Noah is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

Hanlin Liu, PhD

Hanlin completed his HBSc undergrad specializing in biological chemistry, where he won the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s silver medal for the top undergraduate student in chemistry entering their final year. He then went on to complete a PhD in chemistry at University of Toronto, where he was awarded multiple Ontario Graduate Scholarships and presentation awards for his work. His research on manganese porphyrins as potential MRI contrast agents spans multiple fields including organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmacology. He helped many of his undergraduate students successfully apply to graduate school, where he became very familiar with the application process. During this time, Hanlin also worked for 6 years as a teaching assistant for third-year organic chemistry courses, where his passion for teaching truly grew. Hanlin firmly believes that the most important goal of an educator is to inspire and motivate, to bring out the potential of each student. It is essential that every student carries on the drive to learn, no matter where they decide to go in the future. For his dedication, he has won departmental and campus-wide TA awards in 2017 and 2018. Afterwards, he honed his teaching skills through tutoring with GPA rocket, where he applied the same philosophy. Hanlin was also responsible for curriculum development at University of Toronto, and he spent two summers working on developing laboratory manuals for a third-year organic chemistry course. One specific laboratory experiment, a synthetic lab focusing on the synthesis and characterization of thieno[2,3-b]pyridine derivatives, was further published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Most recently, Hanlin worked on academic consulting with GPA rocket, and he is excited to continue to help students succeed in their academic career at BeMo!

Andrew Henry, PhD

Dr. Andrew Henry earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario in London. His thesis centered around the use of Germanium based catalysts as a viable alternative to expensive transition metal catalysts. He hopes his work brings the field one step closer to more sustainable industrial processes in the future. During his time in graduate school, Andrew is most proud of his time helping undergraduate students. He has gained over 7+ years of experience as a teaching assistant in the lab, in tutorial sessions, and in the resource room. Furthermore, Andrew has mentored several 4th year thesis students through research projects, and they have gone on to continue their studies in graduate degrees. After defending his Ph.D. thesis, Andrew taught the 2nd year in organic chemistry at Western. Having found his passion in teaching, Andrew is excited to be a part of the BeMo family to use his experience to help students find success. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing disc golf and watching football. He also likes to challenge his mind with board games and video games.


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