Remote sales jobs give you the opportunity to build a fulfilling career in sales while working from anywhere in the world. If you already love your life as a fast-paced salesperson who identifies prospects, meets interesting people, and delivers quality pitches to close deals, then transitioning to a remote sales job might help you achieve work-life balance without compromising on your career goals. On the other hand, if you are just starting your career and are passionate about sales, working with a remote team will give you freedom, flexibility and a satisfying career experience. In this article, we will discuss all that you need to know about remote sales jobs. You will find answers to questions such as what skills you need to polish for working in a remote sales team and how you can know if you are the fit for a sales job if you are a new graduate. So, let’s get started!

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What Does a Salesperson Do? Why Start a Career in Sales? Are You Suited for a Career in Sales? What Skills are Essential for Remote Sales Jobs? How Can You Start Your Remote Sales Career? What are the Remote Sales Jobs at BeMo? FAQs

What Does a Salesperson Do?

The job responsibilities in sales involve searching for potential customers who would be interested in buying the products or services of your company. You have to search for these prospects through various means such as cold calling, sending emails, online research, using social media platforms, and more. Once you find them, you should understand their needs and evaluate how your product can solve their problems. Listening to your prospects and building meaningful relationships with them is a critical aspect of your job, and it goes a long way in making you a successful salesperson.

Why Start a Career in Sales?

A successful sales career can be fulfilling if you like communicating with people and have good persuasion skills. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider building your career in sales:

Are You Suited for a Career in Sales?

If you have been eyeing the field of sales for a long time or working in it, but you wish to know whether working in sales is the best career option for you, you have come to the right place! Since a sales job is more than just talking to people and telling them about your product, why don’t you ask yourself all of these questions to understand if you are a good fit for sales or not:

Can you handle rejection?

If you think your motivation to succeed is enough for sales, think again! A sales job involves long grueling hours of establishing contact with people, listening to their problems, recommending solutions, and then reaching a point where you might be able to close the deal. However, at any touchpoint in the process, a customer has the right to reject you. Or, they might not call you back even if you tried reaching them ten times. So, you should be able to maintain a positive outlook because such things will occur every day. Since sales is a highly rewarding job in terms of monetary benefits, the chances of failure are also high.

When it comes to sales, failure is simply part of the job. You should expect to get rejected at times. If you are about to begin your sales career, you should learn to keep yourself motivated. Focus on every new client with a positive attitude, and you will be able to succeed eventually through your perseverance.

How good are you at building relationships?

As a salesperson, you should genuinely be interested in your prospects and their concerns. A good product is not enough on its own for a conversion to take place. Instead, building a personal connection with your prospects is what leads to sales. 

Your personality and charisma are the key elements in creating a great first impression. Even if you work in a remote setting and are not physically meeting a person, you will still interact with them through audio or video calls. You should be personable and easily approachable and avoid the same sales pitch for everyone. If you can successfully predict their mindset, you can persuade them to consider your recommendations. 

Are you willing to go the extra mile?

With the ease and abundance of sourcing information these days, customers can easily detect any false details about a product or a service. So, you should be fully aware of the features of something that you are selling. Your behind-the-scenes work is as critical as your pitch or negotiation. 

You must set aside time to learn all about your product while keeping in mind that your prospects can easily validate all your claims with a tap on their smartphones. You must think in terms of output, and to support your arguments, you should conduct background research on your industry, competitors, and rival products to position your product better.

Do you have a competitive nature?

If you are someone who has an inner drive for winning in every situation, you are fit for sales. This personality trait differentiates you from other people and it can help you succeed in a sales position. This trait gives you an overall sense of urgency which can concentrate your focus on achieving the output. An action-oriented salesperson has higher chances of succeeding because they are always pushing themselves to become better at what they do. You should also have the urge to disrupt and change the current course of operations to improve sales.

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What Skills are Essential for Remote Sales Jobs?

Here are the top skills you need to work in a remote sales job:

Communication skills

Communication skills are the primary necessity for a sales job, and these skills become even more essential when it comes to selling remotely. You will be interacting with potential customers both verbally and in writing through emails or any other mode of message exchange, so you must be good with words to have a meaningful conversation with your customers.

Active listening

Active listening skills are a subset of communication skills but mentioned separately due to their importance in your sales career. If you wish to provide accurate solutions to your prospective customers, you should learn to listen to them carefully. You should give them enough time to express their thoughts and pay attention to specific details to respond accordingly. Listening is also important when it comes to personalizing your sales pitch for every customer to demonstrate your commitment to providing solutions.


Empathy is another soft skill that makes you a great salesperson because you can relate to your prospective customers' problems. It helps you connect better with them, and you can use this skill to provide them with a personalized reason why your product or service can solve their specific issue.


The art of persuasion involves you being able to convince your potential customers or “leads” why your product or service is the best solution to their problems. You need to understand their thinking pattern and how they perceive your product to drive them towards making a purchase decision.

Objection management

As a salesperson, you might face objections and even rejection from your prospects. You should be able to stay motivated in such a situation and identify the core reason for the objection. Providing clarity on the product often helps you overcome such obstacles because the customers are unclear about how your product will help them.


Being armed with negotiation skills allows you to create win-win situations for both the company and the customer. You can assess their situation and determine a course of action to get the most value out of a sale.

Product knowledge

You should have complete knowledge about your product to help your customers. With your understanding of the product, you should provide the best recommendations that can allow them to make an informed decision.


You should be able to adapt quickly as a sales professional because you might have diverse goals in your job. This quality will help you navigate through the ups and downs of a sales career. Develop your ability to adjust to change. You should also be resilient and quick to respond to any roadblocks that you might face. Remember, you are the one who is the point of contact for the customers, so you are responsible for their success, as well as the success of your organization. 

How Can You Start Your Remote Sales Career?

If you are looking for remote sales jobs, you are not alone. In recent years, several job-listing websites have observed a growth in demand for remote sales jobs and potential candidates. We have mentioned this before- all businesses need sales to keep going, so this field has endless lucrative opportunities. A remote sales job can offer you the much-needed flexibility in life. Maybe you are looking to spend more time with your family or take up part-time studies with your job. In such cases, remote sales jobs are perfect for you.  

When it comes to a sales career, you need to work your way upwards to higher positions with the help of skills that you polish in your initial jobs. So, you can use this time to experiment, explore and discover all you can to improve your knowledge and abilities. However, you should take the first step and begin from somewhere. Take a look at what you need to do to start your remote sales career:

What are the Remote Sales Jobs at BeMo?

If you have always been interested in building your career in sales by working in remote sales jobs, you have got the best opportunities to do it now! BeMo is looking for skilled sales professionals to join our team as sales representatives and in sales support. It is an excellent chance for you to work with the industry leader in academic consulting. 

In this job, you will be responsible for speaking with prospective students and converting them to successful enrollments. You will also be required to support current students as and when required. If you are constantly looking to improve your skills and you are looking to work in collaboration with a team, then this job is perfect for you. You should understand how BeMo is helping students to achieve their dreams, and you should be able to demonstrate this excellence in your pitch to potential students.

As a remote salesperson, you will get the opportunity to work from anywhere you want. The job focuses on results rather than the working hours. You will also receive comprehensive health, dental, and disability insurance benefits as a full-time team member. If that is enough to grab your attention, you should definitely check out our remote sales jobs such as sales representative and support sales. Follow the mentioned steps to send in your application and get started with a career in remote sales!

Want to learn more about BeMo and what we do? Check out this interview with our CEO and pre-medical students:


1. What are the job responsibilities of a remote sales person?

The basic job responsibilities in a remote sales job are similar to a traditional sales role, i.e., searching for leads, reaching out to them, and closing a deal. The only difference is that you do not need to go to an office and can operate out of any location of your choice.

2. Can I work remotely in a sales job?

If you wish to work from home, a sales job can you the flexibility to complete your sales calls from home. You might be required in some remote sales jobs to travel to meet clients, but the rest of the time, you will get the flexibility to work from home.

3. What is a remote sales team?

A remote sales team consists of salespeople who work entirely remotely. So, everyone works from home or any desired location, and there is no common office space. A remote sales team can have people based out of different geographical locations.

4. How can I succeed at a remote sales job?

As a remote salesperson, you should have a set routine and a process to navigate your tasks throughout the day. You should make use of effective virtual communication to build a relationship with your clients and make successful closure. 

5. Why do remote sales jobs pay so much?

Since salespersons help acquire new customers for the company and consequently increase the company's profit, they are compensated accordingly for contributing to the company's success.

6. Is sales a good option as a career?

Yes, sales as a career option are lucrative due to endless opportunities and the potential to earn a high income. You also get a clear path to progress in your company. 

7. How hard are sales jobs?

Sales jobs are often not considered easy jobs because they involve various activities, and the outcome depends on your ability to convince others to make a decision. If you think you are fit for a career in sales, you should understand that you might be working for long hours initially before actually achieving success. 

8. How long does it take to be good at remote sales jobs?

Being good at sales requires you to invest some time to learn the best techniques and to understand the lessons from past mistakes. On average, you will need about three months to interact actively with potential customers and more than a year to become competent at sales. 

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