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LSAC Grade Conversion Calculator

To standardize grades reported by different universities and colleges, LSAC uses a conversion chart to convert the grades from any university and college to the LSAC 4.0 grading scale.

Normally, you would have to do this manually for each grade and the task can become quite overwhelming. 

To help you speed up the process we have created the above grade/GPA conversion calculator, which is available to all applicants, completely free of charge. 


Because we believe your time is best spent making your application stand out rather than spending hours calculating your LSAC GPA

How to use BeMo's LSAC Grade/GPA Conversion Calculator

You can calculate your LSAC GPA for any course and from any university in seconds with three simple steps:

Step 1: First, you need to select your university or college's grading system.

Step 2: Second, select your grades as they appear on your transcript.

Sept 3: Finally you click submit, include your email address and we will send you an automated email with your calculated LSAC grades.

Done! No need for confusing charts. Ever.

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