MD Chance™ - Medical School Chance Predictor

An easy-to-use medical school acceptance calculator to help you find your med school match! 

How to use the Medical School Acceptance Calculator:


Enter your undergraduate cumulative GPA into the acceptance calculator.  Admissions committees highly value an applicant's transcript because, to them, how you perform academically in your undergraduate studies is an indication of how you may perform in medical school.  


Enter your most recent total MCAT score. For best results, enter your actual MCAT score. If unavailable, recent practice exam scores can be used for the purposes of this med school chance predictor.

The MCAT is also used as an indicator of how you will perform in medical school, although it is a more standardized indicator than the GPA.  


Enter your location of residency by country/state.

Some schools have requirements of preferences for applicants from particular regions, so geographic location and residency can affect your chances of admission to specific schools.  


Check this box if you have significant experience with shadowing or in clinical settings. Examples of clinical experience include shadowing, scribing, EMT, CNA, volunteering in a hospital, etc.

By “significant”, this typically means an experience in which you have shown recent and regular commitment and progression over the course of several months or years. Please reflect on your experiences and define your experiences accordingly. 

Graduate Degree

Check this box if you have a Master’s degree, PhD degree, SMP degree, post-bacc degree, or another type of graduate education. 

Admissions committees will look favorably upon graduate training that is applicable to medicine, which is why we have added it to the Med School Chance Predictor. Graduate degrees develop desirable skills, primarily those centered around critical thinking and research, show that you are capable of advanced-level coursework, and are a lifelong learner. 


Check this box if you have significant research experience.

Research experience shows the admissions committee that you are curious about the unknown, have an interest in learning new information and possess a desire for discovery.  


Check this box if you have significant experience in leadership roles. 

Examples of leadership experience include: initiatives such as starting a club/organization, teaching, executive level roles on teams, lead roles in volunteer/work settings, etc.  

Community Service

Check this box if you have significant experience with non-medical volunteering or community service. 

Examples of community service can include volunteering at food banks, a soup kitchen, homeless shelters, non-profits, tutoring/teaching, and any other role in which you dedicate your free time to helping better the community.  


Check this box if you identify as a diverse candidate such as on the basis of gender, Indigenous Identity, disability, as a visible minority, etc.  

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