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"This book has a plethora of useful advice for medical school applicants. It is very thorough and comprehensive, so you can rely on it for help on every step of the application process, from CASPer prep to MMI Interviews. This really takes away a lot of the anxiety associated with applying to medical school." - Athena (Verified Review on

"This book contains tips and tricks for the CASPer test, MMI interview and general application process. Each of these have their own dedicated chapter for ease of access. The text is clearly written and very precise. Truly recommend this to anyone applying to medical school!" - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on

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- The power of perfect strategy and planning for traditional, non-traditional and even mature students. (Page 13)

- The absolutely best time to take the MCAT. Hint: it's not what you found on that forum about any specific time of the year.  (Page 61)

- The 12 essential elements of a winning personal statement that leaves your competition behind and gets the admissions officers fighting for you. (Page 37)

- AVOID! 10 common mistakes you must avoid in your personal statement. (Page 43) 

- How to ask for a stellar letter of recommendation including an email template you can use today. (Page 53)

- Killer strategies to ace the MCAT CARS for a 128+ score including example questions and answers. (Page 65)

- 10 proven strategies to ace the CASPer test including sample questions and answers. ( Page 81)

- Best way to manage your stress during the dreaded interviews so you can stay calm, focused and concise. (Page 111)

- Different types of panel, MMI, and hybrid type interview questions + sample questions and answers. (Page 113)

- How to get in the first time, if you are mature or non-traditional applicant using 3 specific application "themes" (Page. 135) 

- How this applicant got in with just a 3.4 GPA and 503 MCAT score (Page 147)

- Top 3 myths & 8 facts to get into any medical school (Page 171) 

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1. How to make your personal statements, essays, and autobiographical sketches stand out, even if you're not a good writer

2. How to choose med schools to dramatically increase your chances of acceptance

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