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Jason got into both UC Davis, Georgetown, UC Reviserside, Loma Linda and UCLA. 

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Callie got into SIX schools: Texas A&M, Midwestern, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Penn, and Cornell.

Tyler got into FOUR schools:  NYMC, UCLA, Boston and Tufts. 

Nate got into NYMC and UMass.

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Kim got into Buffalo and UVM. . 

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"Best Guide to Understanding the med school application process! BeMo's guide has helped me craft an application that focuses and sells me as a future physician. Other guides focus on a "one-size fits all" mentality and just gives you checkboxes to cross-off which can be frustrating and stressful for non-science majors, and applicants that have worked for a period of time after obtaining their degree. Through this guide I felt more comfortable crafting a holistic application that showcases me as a unique individual rather than a clone of a "perfect applicant". If you need a guide that helps you understand the process to better craft your application look no further than BeMo!" - Alex Ostwald (Verified Review on

"Recommended for all premeds! This book is excellent! It provides detailed information on how to effectively prepare for the medical school admissions process and present yourself as a strong, knowledgeable applicant. I found the section on preparing for the multiple mini interview (MMI) to be especially helpful, as it covered specific techniques to do well that I hadn't learned about elsewhere. Regardless of where you are in your journey to medical school, I highly recommend you purchase this book!" - Chris (Verified Review on

"Incredibly Useful Resource for Pre-Meds! This was a very helpful resource to use while preparing for medical school applications, the CASPer test, and interviews! It was so nice to have all the information you need in one place and to be able to read it on my laptop or iPad with my Kindle App. I definitely would recommend this resource to all pre-meds out there. Wish I would have found it sooner!" - Alexa Link (Verified Review on

"Get this guide!! Wonderful book that really helps understand the nuts and bolts of the medical school admissions process. One of the few guides I’ve found that is comprehensive. Definitely would recommend it to any premed who is looking for guidance!!" - Q (Verified Review on

"Everything in one book! This book prepared me to stay on top of everything I need to know for medical school. The medical school process is really complicated and competitive, and this book is a great go-to guide for all the questions I had. Thank you, thank you!" - Emmy (Verified Review on

"MUST Read For ALL PreMeds! This is a very comprehensive book with loads of strategies for application, multiple mini interview and CASPer. I used the book for both CASPer at NYMC and MMI Interview and it certainly helped." - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on

"Read this early premed students! This book is very helpful. It provides all the information that I wish I knew about being premed. I would urge premed students to get this book as early as possible. In my case, being a student who is about to apply, I think the most important thing that it does is give strategies on how to answer tricky questions in a way that demonstrate critical thinking. Overall, this book addressed many things that are important for all premeds. I wish that I had read this book earlier in my premed path." - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on

"Great book jammed packed with advice and tips for all premed students! This book was jammed pack full of great advice, techniques, advice and guidance on all aspects of the medical admissions process. It has really helped de-mystify the process for me and allowed me to think that it is possible with the right planning and advice that I could achieve my dream. It also showed me how I do not need to give in to fear and worries. That the right type of preparation, planning and practice can see me through. The book is accessibly written, straight to the point and laid out in an easy to follow format - covering all the major areas from the Hippocratic oath through to application processes and interview prep. It also concludes with some really interesting case studies of students BeMo have helped as well as some further resources to be used. My copy is already well thumbed and it has really helped me to get into shape for my upcoming application next year. Thank you BeMo!" - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on

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- The power of perfect strategy and planning for traditional, non-traditional and even mature students. (Page 13)

- The absolutely best time to take the MCAT. Hint: it's not what you found on that forum about any specific time of the year.  (Page 61)

- The 12 essential elements of a winning personal statement that leaves your competition behind and gets the admissions officers fighting for you. (Page 37)

- AVOID! 10 common mistakes you must avoid in your personal statement. (Page 43) 

- How to ask for a stellar letter of recommendation including an email template you can use today. (Page 53)

- Killer strategies to ace the MCAT CARS for a 128+ score including example questions and answers. (Page 65)

- 10 proven strategies to ace the CASPer test including sample questions and answers. ( Page 81)

- Best way to manage your stress during the dreaded interviews so you can stay calm, focused and concise. (Page 111)

- Different types of panel, MMI, and hybrid type interview questions + sample questions and answers. (Page 113)

- How to get in the first time, if you are mature or non-traditional applicant using 3 specific application "themes" (Page. 135) 

- How this applicant got in with just a 3.4 GPA and 503 MCAT score (Page 147)

- Top 3 myths & 8 facts to get into any medical school (Page 171) 

Here's what you'll get:

1. How to make your personal statements, secondary essays, and work/activity section stand out, even if you're not a good writer

2. How to choose med schools to dramatically increase your chances of acceptance

3. How to prepare for the dreaded CASPer test and increase your score by 23% + sample questions and answers

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