OMSAS GPA Conversion Calculator BeMo Academic Consulting

Since the grading systems vary from university to university in Canada, (i.e. 4 point GPA scale, 9 point GPA scale, 12 point GPA scale, letter grades) OMSAS has designed a method to standardize everyones GPA regardless of their school's grading system.

On your OMSAS application you will be asked to fill in your grades and OMSAS will check the conversion of your grades once they receive your official transcript(s). Traditionally, you would be forced to manually convert your university grades one by one using a conversion chart provided by OMSAS, which could be confusing and time consuming. However, BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. has designed an online OMSAS GPA conversion calculator that will allow you to rapidly convert your grades into the standard OMSAS GPA in a fraction of the time needed to do so using the old traditional conversion chart.