You’re sitting in front of your computer, and your cursor is blinking at you, expectantly, waiting for your prose to flow forth, but you’re stumped and greatly in need of the best law essay writing service you can find.

Or, maybe you’ve conquered the blank page and have set down every idea you’ve got on your essays topic – chosen from the law school essay prompts at your school of choice – you've done the research and are reading back over the paper and realizing that what you thought was an essay is really a mess. You still need that service, don’t you?

Still another possibility: you’ve done a draft or two of your law school optional essay and you think your essay is in good shape, but you don’t know, and worse, you think it could be better, but you’re not sure exactly how. More than ever, you need that service; at least with the other two you knew what the problem was.

The best law essay writing service will help you over your hurdles to get you to your best work. Read on to find out how you can improve your writing and make exponential gains over time.

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How an Essay Writing Service Can Help You

Whatever your problem is with your application essay, an essay writing service will help you work through it. Any number of difficulties can occur while you try to turn a blank screen into a finished piece of work. You need to research, organize your research, outline your essay, crack into the actual writing, create footnotes, build in references and citations, sharpen the prose, whittle out the superfluous elements, and keep your spelling and grammar in check.

That’s a lot to get done and a great essay writing service can help you with most of it.


Blink-blink goes the cursor in your word processor of choice, and you have no idea how to even start your law school application essay, or law school letter of intent. There is too much to talk about – your personal life and how you came to pursue law, your academic history, your mentor relationships that brought you here, your work experience, and on and on and on.

Consulting with your law essay writing service will give you tremendous insight into how to sort your life into your story. These might sound the same – and they are similar – but the difference is that your life is the total sum of everything that has happened to you and that you’ve done, but your story is a compact, focused tale of how you came from a place to get where you are now.

Brainstorming is the first step in that process, and your law essay writing service will help you set your thoughts out, put them all in chronological order, and figure out how to start sorting out what you need to talk about. You can set aside all extraneous information and “plot points” to focus on the parts of your story that will make it resonate with any reader and give you the focus you need to move forward.

This might be a problem of overflow: you have a wealth of knowledge and experiences from your journey, and you need to know how to prioritize those sources and focus them to serve you best. Again, your advisor will be your refuge; use their expertise to direct you to put together the best central themes and ideas that will buoy up your application essay. With a little help, you can narrow your story and reflect on what to include in your application essay.


Knowing how to set up a perfect outline is like setting up a solid foundation for a house: it doesn’t have anything in it that you think of as a house – like walls or a ceiling – but that foundation is going to be the most important step you can take to building a solid structure. Without it, everything collapses.

All writing is built on an outline. Some people write with a scratchy outline in their heads; others write down their outlines and work on them as extensively as if the outline were a whole piece of writing unto itself. We recommend the latter approach. Outlines are foundations, and you don’t want to build a poor one. Getting a great outline together is one of the best services an essay writing advisor can provide. Our law essay writing service will make sure you’ve got the right structure, a good progression, and robust content that puts your best case forward.

Keep in mind that this process will help you, regardless of which section of your application you are working on, from law school personal statements to law school addendums.

Writing a law school optional essay? Here are some tips.

Writing, Re-Writing, and Editing

With your central story material and outline in hand, it’s time to do the actual writing. This is what most people think of when they think of writing. Some people think that bashing out several paragraphs with a bookending header-and-conclusion combo will suffice, but really, there is so much more to this phase than that.

First off, multiple drafts will be needed. Even geniuses usually refine their work. Unless you are categorically sublime, you’ll need to refine. Most of your interactions with your application essay and with your essay writing service will take place in this phase.

Starting with a rough draft, an expert from an essay writing service will help you identify any problem spots, note any errors, and make sure that you are communicating at a top level. Remember that your work might be clear to you but give a reader pause or be difficult for another person to understand. Your expert will solve that.

This process is about you learning how to write. Don’t think of your law essay writing service as doing the writing for you; think of them as guiding you through your process of becoming the best writer you can be. They will teach you important syntax, grammar, and language lessons that will help your writing. In other words, you will learn how to write.

Running your application essay through the wringer will produce your best work. It will help with your prose, too, so that your writing is clean, effective, and says what you need it to say.

Proofreading, Spelling, and Grammar

Of course, one or more drafts in the process will be given over to checking details and making sure that the technical aspects of your writing are optimal. Even the best, most fastidious fact-checkers and syntax wizards need help. A pair of outside eyes will help immensely in making sure you have no redundancies or misspellings.

Exponential Gains

The more you use an expert service, the more you’ll find yourself spotting errors and problems. You’ll learn from both perspectives, as it were – as a writer, and as an editor. This process will hone your own essay writing abilities. What does that mean? The more you use the service, the less you will need it, and the better you will get at writing from the get-go.

This means that jumping in sooner is going to serve you exponentially as the years go by, not just in school, but in your future career. Preparing legal documents, or even statements and arguments for a trial, will benefit from the knowledge you will gain from working with the essay writing service on your application or law school optional essay. Simply put, using the best law essay writing service for your application essay will pay off when you need to start writing essays for your actual law school classes as well! It is as much an investment as it is a transaction because you will reap rewards for years and years.

Expert Advice

None of those areas would be worth discussing with somebody who didn’t know what they were doing. You need somebody who is an expert at:

Not to mention the ability to give all of that knowledge to you, the client and student. The best law essay writing service will give you access to an expert, or multiple experts, to directly work with, who are focused on your essay and are masters in all of those areas.

Legality of an Essay Writing Service

We’ve just covered a lot of positive things that an essay writing service will help you with, but let’s touch on what an essay writing service isn’t and what it doesn’t do.

It Won’t Write Your Essays For You

No legitimate, above-board essay writing service writes for you. You are always the author and architect of your own work, and that’s the way it must be. The legality is clear that you shouldn’t plagiarize or pass off somebody else’s work as your own. All schools have rules against this.

You cannot have somebody else write your application essay for you; it’s your story, after all, so you’re the only one who can tell it.

Forget legality for a second – an odd notion for a future law student – and just consider the morality of that action. It’s not right to claim the work of another person as your own. It’s dishonest. We can sit around swapping lying lawyer jokes all day, but the fact of the matter is that most lawyers don’t want to be dishonest. Most lawyers want to represent clients to the best of their ability, and that includes their consciences. You don’t want to enter your law career with such a malignant blot in your personal history. Illegal or not, whether you got away with it or not; you aren’t that kind of person, and you don’t want to be.

It Isn’t a Magic Bullet

An essay writing service won’t solve all your problems. It won’t “cure” you immediately and permanently of writer’s block or needing to revise and refine your essays. It directs you and instructs you in how to hone your papers and get your ideas out into the world – conveying them to any reader – in such a manner that the reader will understand your ideas. In fact, that’s part of the benefits of using the service: you learn how to do all of that refining and how to beat writer’s block so that you’ll already know how to go about it when you have to write the next essay.

You still supply the ideas and the labor to make it all come together properly. Don’t think that an essay writing service will get you out of working hard, because it won’t. You still have to sweat a little bit. The advantages, however, are that you will be working hard with help – so your burden is lighter. Nor will you waste time or effort. Without a great law essay writing service, you might start your essay several times over, needing to delete and start again, or you might work on revising and editing while not actually improving the essay; a good essay writing service focuses your efforts on what needs fixing and what needs to be highlighted, enhanced, and allowed to shine.

So, while you can still expect to work hard, it will be much more tolerable – or even enjoyable – knowing that your efforts will all go toward your best essay possible and that it will give you exponential benefits in the future, after your application is successful, as you continue to write and refine papers and essays.

Writing a law school personal essay is not easy. Watch this video for some expert tips!


No matter how good your writing is, wherever you are planning on studying, from Stanford to Columbia, a law essay writing service will help you write a better application essay. No matter how lost you feel while working on your essay, a law essay writing service will help you find your way.

These sessions will perfect your essays and, over time, perfect your writing as well. You will get better results and skills that are useful for your essays, your classes, your career, and your life.


1. Can I just go online and look up how-to guides for essay advice?

You can, but it will be generic advice and not as helpful or effective.

Compare and contrast: with an online guide, you don’t always know who wrote it – they might know nothing about either writing, the law, or law school. The online guide writer certainly doesn’t know you. Their advice might not apply to you and won’t be able to identify any specific problems or needs you have.

Getting the best law essay writing service, on the other hand, hooks you up with a known expert – one who understands the law, essays, and writing – and has that expert talk directly to you, going over your specific paper. The quality of advice is just going to be better because it’s specific to you.

As a final note, even just on a pure “numbers” level, the online guide just needs you to click so they can get their “hit” on their website. A service profits by your satisfaction – by getting results. You have a grade and your career and future at stake. The expert essay service editor has their career to think about, too, so they also have skin in the game. You’re really in it together.

2. What about friends? Can I just have some friends look it over?

You certainly could, and it’s not that a fellow law student might not be able to help a little bit, but even if they’re a great essayist, that doesn’t mean they can convey that knowledge to you.

Experts who teach know more than just how to write an essay; they know how to tell you how to write your best essay. Your friend probably doesn’t know how to do that. This bears repeating: you’ll just get better results with an expert, hired for their skills, who is invested in your essay. The same thing applies to an on-campus writing service once you’re past your application and into writing essays for your classes. It’s not that they can’t help or won’t be of use to you in some way, but a TA looking for some on-campus work hours is unlikely to be as effective in helping you as somebody who is a specific kind of expert who is working closely with you.

3. How many drafts are typical in writing an essay?

About three or four.

You’ll probably write out an outline, then a first draft, and then refine for one or two more drafts. Finally, you’ll do a “polish draft” where you make sure that elements like spelling, grammar, and formatting are all spot-on.

4. What about pricing? Can I afford the service?

Let’s think about numbers for a second. Consider the amount of money you spend on law school – everything from housing and food to books and tuition. Taking longer to make that journey, or coming scraping by with subpar work – can adversely affect your future career; it will delay your ability to make money in law, or reduce how much money you make once you start practicing.

Now rethink that question: can you afford to ignore the service?

With that said, if money is very, very tight, drop us a line and ask about different payment options and plans for the service. We want you to have great results, and we want to help. Most of that is in ensuring a high quality and standard for our services, but we also want to be competitive and help you be able to afford those services.

5. How do I know which law essay writing service is the best?

Results are the best way to know, and we are confident in the efficacy of our results. Check out our track record on Trustpilot to see – you'll note that we have great reviews and referrals.

6. What kinds of essays can I get help with?

Any kind of essay or writing, from personal statements to essays for classes to law student cover letters – we'll cover it all.

7. I get great grades with my essays, do I still need the service?

Application essays are not the same as most essays you will write in school. While high grades aren’t everything – you can still figure out how to get into law school with a low GPA – we know as well as you that being in the top percentile in your class or country can open doors that might otherwise be closed to you. You wouldn’t want to leave a few grade points sitting on the table and lose the slight edge needed to get into your dream law program.

The same principle applies to a successful application; essay writing in this context requires a specific approach that you can learn from essay writing experts and combine with your already strong writing skills. If you're really confident, you may simply want to get confirmation on your materials from a law school advisor.

8. If I hire your service, how long do I have? How much time will you give me?

We don’t think of our service in terms of time, we think in terms of results. Sessions will be geared to your needs, not our clock.

To your success,

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