Do you want to learn why so many applicants do not get accepted into medical school? While the process is unbelievably time consuming and difficult, getting into medical school is not impossible. In this article, you will learn the cold hard truth about why most applicants do not get in and what you can do to increase your chances of acceptance.

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Here's the cold hard truth about why most pre-med students get rejected.

Every pre-med student blames their lack of success in getting into med school on … the complexity of the admissions process, the heartless admissions committee, the MCAT, the CASPer, the interview.

But having taught more than a thousand students every year, here’s the cold hard truth:

Most students simply do not carry out the daily disciplines necessary to make it work.

The vast majority of students don’t work on their applications every day, they don’t track their progress, they don't think strategically about their applications with reference to medical school acceptance rates and each school's ethos, and they generally don’t do anything that contributes to their applications and in general self-improvement and preparedness for the admissions.

Most students only skim through BeMo's Ultimate Guide To Med School Admissions book, or any number of our online video training programs. (Only about 20% read the book cover to cover and end up signing up for additional programs and one-on-one consultations, which is a good number and reflects exactly the percentage of people that get in vs. those that get rejected every year.)

Most students don’t edit their application documents, or do any form of practice for their CASPer test or interviews. And if they do, they try 1 or 2 times… then they throw in the towel and pretend that it’s good enough.

Most students fall behind, then get into a fit of self condemnation, which somewhat prevents them from carrying out the necessary task and resort to submitting their applications the day before a deadline or preparing for their interviews just a few days in advance.

Most students let themselves get distracted by online forums, instead of working on their applications every morning, BEFORE they do anything else.

The most respected, most satisfied, and most successful pre-med students escape the dreaded rejection letter simply by doing a daily discipline.

Which is:

  • Planning in advance and informing yourself with the application process BEFORE you apply
  • Working on your applications, CASPer and interview skills
  • Asking for expert feedback and making daily tweaks

If you do that, you can often get great results without resorting to the feared re-application process.

And today you have an opportunity to start with the first step and inform yourself with the entire application process by grabbing a digital copy of BeMo's Ultimate Guide To Med School Admissions book for FREE.

To make your life easier, we have trimmed all the fat and we have organized the book in simple bite size portions so you can read a chapter, make notes and implement every day. And it won’t take you more than 15 minutes every day and you would read the entire book in a week or two (of course you can also feel free to read the book cover to cover in one go if you like.)

Here is what is included in this book:

  • how to plan in advance to stay ahead of your competition,
  • how to make your application stand out,
  • how to prep for and ace the CASPer test including sample questions and expert responses,
  • how to prep and master your admissions interviews (MMI, MPI, Traditional Panel), including sample questions and answers,
  • six case studies of past successful applicants, and
  • free access to BeMo's online resource centre where you can find sample personal statements and autobiographical sketches and a host of other useful tools,
  • Over 210 pages of tips, strategies and advice from admission experts
  • BONUS: You also get access to our 10 sample difficult MCAT CARS questions plus detailed analysis and answers. 

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

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