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Common Medical School Interview Question #8

“Have you completed any research projects or are you interested in research?”

During my undergraduate degree I participated in a research project about the benefits and potential dangers of vegan diets on long-term health. We explored the impacts on personal health from both a physical and mental standpoint, as well as the potential concerns stemming from a purely plant-based diet. Through a study of 12 individuals, some vegan, some vegetarian or pescetarian and some omnivorous, we established a baseline of health and then monitored individuals’ mental health, including average moods and attitudes. My role in the study was to conduct regular physical health checks and weekly surveys with the participants to record their nutrition, exercise, and moods. I compiled all written and audio recordings from these weekly sessions, which were then compared to one another to identify patterns or trends. Once my research supervisor reviewed the work, I assisted them with recording our and testing our findings. I was also given credit in the resulting academic paper for contributing some of the written sections on our methodology and expanding on the specifics of my tasks as a research assistant.

No research experience response:

I have not had the opportunity to participate in any research projects, but I am very interested in pursuing research as a medical student. My areas of research interest are centered on issues surrounding public health and nutrition. During my undergraduate degree, I had a professor who was involved in several research projects dedicated to deepening our understanding of nutrition and nutritional deficiencies, and I became fascinated with the subject matter. Although I couldn’t participate in the studies as an undergraduate student, I would be very interested in participating in similar studies as a research assistant. 

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