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Is the GRE easier than the GMAT or LSAT?

If you’re wanting to apply to an MBA program or to law school, you may be exploring your options for standardized tests. Many programs give you the choice to take either the GMAT or the GRE, and the LSAT or the GRE.

Some MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT allow you to submit GRE scores instead. In the same sense, there are law schools that do not require the LSAT that allow the GRE as an alternative. Some students might like this option since the GRE is generally considered easier than the tougher GMAT and LSAT.

How hard is the GRE? While both the GMAT and LSAT are tough tests, this doesn’t mean the GRE is super easy to pass with flying colors. The GRE is a different test, for sure, and it may be easier for select students. Generally, the quantitative or mathematics section of the GRE is easier than the similar section of the GMAT. The LSAT, on the other hand, is considered the more difficult test for its length and complexity compared to the GRE.

If you’re deciding between the GMAT vs. GRE or LSAT vs. GRE, it’s important to check what the preferences of your target programs are and decide on your own preference. The GRE has a bigger focus on mathematics than either of the other tests, so it might appeal more to students who excel here.

Here are some of the best MBA programs in the US, which accept GRE scores!

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Some of the best law schools in the US accept GRE scores as well as LSAT scores:

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