Question 2:

The correct answer is D.

This is a “Reasoning Beyond the Text” question. This question requires you to pick the answer that does not reflect the influence of computers in the workplace as described by the author. The best way to approach this question is through the process of elimination.

A. The author highlights the fact that one's earning power increases with one's technological capabilities, and one can easily gather that creating a schedule is not a complex task that would require high levels of technological superiority. This is not the correct answer.

B. The passage would support that the author’s reference to computers is in regards to the use of computers for complicated and sophisticated tasks. The use of e-mails is not advanced and is not pivotal to an executive's role. This is not the correct answer.

C. In the passage, the author does not make an emphasis on job efficacy. The author mostly focuses on the extent of quality control measures as a result of automating production. This is not the correct answer.

D. “Workers who use computers on the job also earn more than do those of the same education level who do not use computers at work. Moreover, the earning difference increases with the level of technological competence.” D is the correct answer, as it clearly opposes what the author mentions in the passage. Mechanics accomplishing more complex work on computers will earn more money than those using traditional methods.

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