Find PA schools by state and see what physician assistant programs are closest to your location. One of the first steps to how to get into PA school is researching available programs and finding the best one for you. Remember to check the complete PA school requirements for each program you’re interested in, as they can vary quite a lot from school to school. Below, find a list of PA schools by state, from the best PA schools in the US to the easiest PA schools to get into. You can also find PA schools that offer online and part-time education options.

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PA Schools in Alabama

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PA Schools in Arizona

PA Schools in California

PA Schools in Colorado

PA Schools in Connecticut

PA Schools in Washington, DC

PA Schools in Delaware

PA Schools in Florida

Writing your PA personal statement? Here are some tips and examples to help!

PA Schools in Georgia

PA Schools in Hawaii

PA Schools in Iowa

PA Schools in Idaho

PA Schools in Illinois

PA Schools in Indiana

PA Schools in Kansas

PA Schools in Kentucky

PA Schools in Louisiana

PA Schools in Massachusetts

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PA Schools in Maryland

PA Schools in Maine

PA Schools in Michigan

PA Schools in Minnesota

PA Schools in Missouri

PA Schools in Mississippi

PA Schools in Montana

PA Schools in North Carolina

PA Schools in North Dakota

PA Schools in Nebraska

PA Schools in New Hampshire

  • Franklin Pierce University -- Manchester Campus
  • MCPHS University (Manchester/Worcester)*

PA Schools in New Jersey

Here's a guide to the PA school requirements you need to know:

PA Schools in New Mexico

PA Schools in Nevada

PA Schools in New York

PA Schools in Ohio

PA Schools in Oklahoma

PA Schools in Oregon

PA Schools in Pennsylvania

4 things you NEED to avoid on the CASPer test for PA school applications:

PA Schools in Rhode Island

PA Schools in South Carolina

PA Schools in South Dakota

PA Schools in Tennessee

PA Schools in Texas

PA Schools in Utah

PA Schools in Virginia

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PA Schools in Washington

PA Schools in Wisconsin

PA Schools in West Virginia


1. How many PA schools are there?

There are about 300 accredited physician assistant programs in the US, including online physician assistant programs.

2. Which state has the most PA schools?

New York state has the largest number of PA schools, at 28 physician assistant programs. Pennsylvania comes in a close second with 27 PA programs.

3. What is the hardest PA school to get into?

Some of the hardest PA schools to get into, based on admissions data, are Penn State University, Charles R. Drew University, Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and Albany Medical College. Physician assistant acceptance rates in the US tend to be quite competitive, at around 31%.

4. What is the easiest PA school to get into?

Some of the easiest PA schools to get into, based on admissions data, are Tufts University, Wingate University, West Coast University and Florida Gulf Coast University.

5. Are there any online PA schools?

Yes, there are online physician assistant programs available. Yale University Physician Assistant Program, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have online, accredited PA degree programs. The Miami Dade College, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Dakota offer accredited hybrid PA programs.

6. How many PA schools are there in Canada?

There are only 4 physician assistant programs in Canada, based at McMaster University, the University of Toronto (PA Consortium), the University of Manitoba and the Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre. Be sure to check the physician assistant acceptance rates in Canada, as they can be extremely competitive given the small number of spots.

7. What state is best for physician assistant?

While the best state for physician assistants can vary depending on state regulations on the profession, Rhode Island, Alaska, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Connecticut are the states with the best salary for PAs, while Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont offer PAs the most freedom of practice.

8. Is getting into PA school hard?

Getting into PA school is quite competitive, as admissions data tends to be on par with other health professions, such as medical schools and dental schools. And, there are comparatively fewer PA schools than medical schools, so there are a limited number of spots each year. The average acceptance rate of PA programs in the US is around 31%.

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