Remote blog writing jobs are popping up everywhere, and blog writers are in high demand. Almost every company uses an online blog in their everyday business, and hiring top-notch blog writers is a priority for keeping regular, quality content rolling in. And in recent years, more and more blog writers have been able to take their jobs remote, which can have some key advantages. Being a remote blog writer means having a good foundation of both technical writing skill, strong communication, good research instincts and an ability to manage your time effectively. In this blog, we’ll look at what you need to be a remote blog writer, the advantages of remote blog writing jobs, what skills you need for these types of positions and what you can learn from a remote blog writing job.

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Switching to remote work

In recent years, the switch to remote work or work from home has been happening rapidly. Once a necessity around the world, working from home or finding a remote job has never been so appealing to many workers out there. Remote jobs offer a great deal of flexibility and a better work-life balance, and they also eliminate your commute to the office. Many workers around the world are searching for remote positions or switching to remote work for the benefits or because it suits their lifestyle, their industry or their pace of work. For many industries and companies, working remotely has been the norm for far longer than the past few years.

Whatever your desire to switch to remote jobs, it can still take some dedicated job searching to find the right position for you. If you’re looking for remote blog writing jobs, a content writer job or similar, you may wonder if there are any available at all. The good news is, there are! Blog writing, as it’s a job completed online, is a perfect choice for remote work or work from home, and many companies are offering purely remote positions when hiring blog writers.

There are a variety of remote blog writing jobs out there being offered by many companies. It’s a fast-paced, exciting position for anyone who loves writing. And on the plus side, it can pay quite well, too. And fortunately, it’s a job that can be 100% remote work, completed from your computer at home.

So how do you become a remote blog writer? Every day, new blogs pop up on the internet. Whether these be company blogs or personal ones, blog writers are everywhere. You could start a blog of your own today! But if you want to grab a remote blog writing job, where do you start? There are some key questions you may want to know the answer to.

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Advantages of remote blog writing jobs

There are many advantages to remote blog writing jobs, aside from the fact that you’re likely to love what you do. As we mentioned before, working remote means you can work from anywhere—whether that be the home, your favorite local café, the library, the park—as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop. There’s also likely to be more flexibility in your day, and a greater work-life balance since you won’t need to commute to the office in rush hour traffic or be asked to commit to a rigid 9-5 schedule.

Aside from these benefits, which are appealing to many remote writers out there, we can see an increase in productivity in remote workers. Particularly in the last few years, the world has taken notice of how much happier, more productive and better organized remote workers can be. It’s also a great option for those go-getters who like to work independently and make up their own work timetable. Not all jobs have the advantage of being able to be done remotely, and blog writing is one of them.

Lastly, a big advantage of being a remote blog writer is being able to use your creativity and innovation in your everyday work. Blog writers need to be able to create compelling content others want to read, so in most positions you’ll be able to have some fun with your work and let your creative side out to play.

Skills you need for remote blog writing jobs

A large majority of job postings for remote blog writing positions will list the same list of required skills and experience levels. It’s easy to get caught up in the jargon and buzzwords and think that all a company really needs is someone who can type up some snazzy sentences and throw them on a website. But blog writing jobs, like many other other similar ones such as remote digital marketing jobs, need a special balance of hard and soft skills, of technical prowess and inspired creativity, to pull off.

By hard skills, we’ll look at the technical know-how you need to be a good blog writer. For soft skills, we’ll look at some of the more personable skills of self that you’ll want to master. But first, we’ll start with the most crucial skill: writing.

As well as these hard skills, you’ll also need those important transferable skills everyone wants to put on their resume. These include attributes like creativity, organization and being a good team player. These are a little harder to define, but they are equally important for you to be successful as a remote blog writer.

What you can gain from a remote blog writing job

Once you land a remote blog writing job, what can it do for you? Plenty of writers find that short or long-form blog writing is their calling and stick with it. It’s an advantageous job since its in high demand, has relatively good pay and plenty of benefits for those who love to write. Others might want to try their hand at blog writing to gain some experience or begin as a blog writer at their preferred company and move into a similar position after some time.

Aside from experience and improved writing and researching skills, though, a blog writing job can give you a whole lot more. With blog writing, you’ll be immersed in new knowledge. With each blog you research and write, you’ll be learning something new, adding to your skillset and developing your understanding of a variety of specialized topics. Soon enough, you’ll become a trivia pro. You’ll also develop those coveted soft skills we mentioned above, as your communication and teamwork skills naturally strengthen. And most of all, your ability to write in any style, on any topic and with any tone will become second nature. These will take your writing and communication skills to the next level.

Working for BeMo as a remote blog writer

We have more good news for you if you’re still searching for remote blog writing jobs. BeMo is hiring! At BeMo our job is to help higher education students succeed, and we need the help of talented writers. Our remote blog writers work hard every week to advise our students and help us achieve our mission of making higher education fair and accessible to everyone. We are currently hiring for multiple roles, including blog writing jobs. And yes, we are fully remote!

If you’re interested in careers at BeMo, visit our website and see why what we do matters. Better yet, have a look at our Admission Experts blog by BeMo and see what kind of content our writers can create. If you think you’re the needle in the haystack we’re looking for, apply for a remote blog writing job with BeMo now!


1. Where do I find remote blog writing jobs?

Most job searchers find remote blog writing jobs through job sites, job boards and other online job postings.

2. What qualifications do I need for remote blog writing jobs?

While a degree or a certain experience level is not a necessity for becoming a blog writer, different companies will have different qualifications posted on their job boards.

3. What companies are hiring for remote blog writing jobs?

There are hundreds of companies searching for blog writers to join their ranks, including BeMo!

4. What skills do I need for remote blog writing jobs?

Being a blog writer requires a mixture of technical writing skill and more intangible soft skills, such as communication and time management.

5. Do remote blog writing jobs pay well?

Yes, some remote blog writing jobs can pay very well. Pay structure depends on the company and whether the role is part-time or full-time.

6. Can I work as a blog writer remotely?

Absolutely. Most blog writers work remotely, as it is a job that can be done completely online and independently.

7. What can I learn being a remote blog writer?

As a remote blog writer, you can learn a variety of new skills, including improving your writing, researching and editing skills. On top of that, you can acquire some new abilities with technology or boost your communication skills.

8. Is working remote better?

It depends on who you ask, but for blog writing working remotely is becoming much more popular and more practical.

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