Remote digital marketing jobs are everywhere nowadays, and digital marketing has grown to become a popular and engaging career for many. Digital marketing jobs can be diverse positions, involving a variety of work and a unique blend of skills to use. It’s also a job that can be done remotely very easily, and fortunately many companies are hiring right now. But what exactly is digital marketing and how can you find a suitable position today? Are you looking for opportunities as a digital marketing specialist, a media buyer, a marketing manager, or a similar role? In this blog, we’ll look at how to find a remote digital marketing position, what skills and qualifications you need for these types of positions and what you can learn from a remote digital marketing job.

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What is remote digital marketing? How to get remote digital marketing jobs Skills you need for remote digital marketing jobs What you can gain from a remote digital marketing position Working for BeMo as a remote digital marketer FAQs

What is remote digital marketing?

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly in-demand job, and in recent years most positions have moved to remote only or partly remote. Remote digital marketing jobs are typically well paid and stable positions, be they part-time or full-time. They are also very remote friendly, since almost all tasks completed by digital marketers can be done online only or through a work from home set up. Since almost every company out there needs the help of digital marketers to help them with their online branding, its also a very good position with great long-term career prospects.

Remote digital marketing jobs are different than remote blog writing jobs. While they may involve writing tasks and of course, marketing, the purpose of a remote digital marketing position is very different. As a digital marketer, you will likely be handling a wide range of different tasks, from managing a company’s social media accounts, optimizing its SEO, writing marketing content for the company website, composing email marketing and even trying a bit of graphic design. Digital marketing involves the combination of a few different disciplines and abilities.

Some of the advantages of working remotely as a digital marketer include greater flexibility in your schedule, the ability to work independently and enjoy a better work-life balance. Most digital marketing jobs can be easily completed remotely. Working from home, though, some people may miss the fast-paced environment of an office setting or being able to socialize with co-workers. When working remotely, this socializing can still happen online through video calls, and working as a digital marketer means no day will be just like the last one. Working a remote digital marketing job means new challenges every day and exciting work, but also a bit more control over your work environment and schedule. It can be a win-win for everyone.

How to get remote digital marketing jobs

How do you find a remote digital marketing job? Some job seekers will hear the word “marketing” and think a degree in marketing or business administration is automatically a requirement, but this isn’t so. Many job postings require experience in digital marketing, but not necessarily a degree or certification. Entry level digital marketing jobs mean you can learn the tricks of the trade on the job, or possibly take on-the-job training to learn the skills you need to know.

There are certainly many other ways to gain the experience you need for a remote digital marketing job, though. A bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as communication, marketing or business administration may include courses related to digital marketing. You can also take online courses concentrated on digital marketing that will highlight the top skills you need for success. Many professional also choose to teach themselves the necessary tools and skills with freelancing work and practice. You can also find jobs in similar positions to start learning the ropes, such as a social media manager or an email marketer, before you move up to digital marketer.

Skills you need for remote digital marketing jobs

Being a digital marketer means acquiring some important skills. The skillset you’ll need to master is a balance of hard, technical skills and knowledge and soft skills that can be applied in any job or field, but are especially useful in remote positions such as digital marketing.

A digital marketer can expect to perform a number of different tasks, including data gathering and analysis, research, communication, SEO and even some writing, depending on the position. A digital marketing job is not like a content writer job, though it may have some overlap if the digital marketer is in charge of creating marketing content for a company. Since digital marketing positions can have so much variety in job tasks and performance, it’s best to have a wide skillset and be familiar with the many digital marketing tools available.

Below, we’ll look at an overview of some of the key skills you’ll need to become a digital marketing expert.

What you can gain from a remote digital marketing position

A position as a remote digital marketer can be enormously rewarding. It can be a challenging, interesting and well-paid position for many who enjoy using a variety of different skills and performing various different tasks. It’s a good choice for writers, freelancers, data geeks, content specialists, social media experts, even graphic designers.

A position as a digital marketer can help you to develop all of the above skills, too, throughout your day-to-day job. You can also develop conflict management, collaboration skills and other interpersonal traits that are very advantageous on the job market. Not to mention, as a digital marketer you’ll immerse yourself in emerging technology, platforms and digital tools, which not only look good on your resume but add to your digital toolbelt. Learning and honing these in-demand skills can be essential for establishing your long-term career.

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Working for BeMo as a remote blog writer

We have more good news for you if you’re still searching for remote digital marketing jobs. BeMo is hiring! At BeMo our job is to help higher education students succeed, and we are currently new members of our marketing team. Our remote digital marketing team works hard every week to analyze and improve our performance and help us achieve our mission of making higher education fair and accessible to everyone. We are currently hiring for multiple roles, including digital marketing positions. And yes, we are fully remote!

If you’re interested in careers at BeMo, visit our website and see why what we do matters. You can find opportunities as a digital marketing manager, a digital marketing specialist, or a media buyer! We’re committed to giving our all to our students, and we need the help of digital marketers to achieve this goal. If you think you’re the needle in the haystack we’re looking for, apply for a remote blog writing job with BeMo now!


1. Where do I find remote digital marketing jobs?

Most job seekers find remote digital marketing jobs online, through job boards and job websites. But many also find out about open positions through networking or recommendations from friends and colleagues.

2. What qualifications do I need for remote digital marketing jobs?

Remote digital marketing jobs typically require at least some on-the-job experience from applicants. It is not always necessary to have a degree, but you can increase your chances of landing a digital marketing job by taking a course or expanding your experience.

3. What companies are hiring for remote digital marketing jobs?

There are tons of companies out there hiring fore remote digital marketing jobs right now. And yes, BeMo is one of them! We are currently hiring remote only digital marketers to join our team. You can learn more about open positions on our website. 

4. What skills do I need for remote digital marketing jobs?

Being a digital marketer requires a blend of many different technical and soft skills. It involves a combination of different disciplines, but in general having excellent writing and communication skills, some knowledge of marketing tools and techniques, and being well organized are all good things to have.

5. Do remote digital marketing jobs pay well?

Right now, digital marketing jobs pay fairly well. Depending on the position, you can earn between $40,000 for junior positions and well over $100,000 per year for senior positions.

6. Can I work in digital marketing remotely?

Yes; digital marketing is well-suited to remote work, and many positions are now reflecting the switch to working remotely or working from home.

7. Do I need experience to work a remote digital marketing job?

Yes; experience will certainly help you land a digital marketing position, although it is not always a requirement for all companies. You can gain some experience with freelance work or by taking some digital marketing courses.

8. Is working remote better for digital marketing?

It depends on who you ask, but digital marketing is a role that is well-suited for online only work and work from home.

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