It's incredibly important to begin your CASPer test prep early, so that you can learn to effectively address any kind of question you might receive on the test. Check out these sample questions and expert responses to start building a foundation on which you can begin building your own answers!

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Here is the sample CASPer scenario:

"You are a pilot waiting at the airport for your next assignment. You are sitting at the bar with a colleague who is also awaiting an assignment. Your colleague gets a call informing him of his next assignment. You overhear him accept the assignment, but you have observed that he had been drinking beers at the bar while waiting."

Now here are the questions along with the BeMo expert response:

Sample CASPer Question #1. What is going through your mind at this point?

"At this point, I need to remain objective, non-judgemental and not jump to any premature conclusions based on the primary observations made. I do not want to make the assumption that my colleague is being irresponsible and unprofessional by drinking alcohol while accepting an assignment. It could very well turn out to be that my colleague has been drinking non-alcoholic beer. Or, since I did not hear the complete conversation over the phone, it could turn out that my colleague said yes to an assignment that is many hours from now or perhaps another day all together. But of course, it could also turn out that my colleague was drinking alcoholic beer and said yes to an assignment that is immediately pending. Thus, for these reasons, I will not confront my colleague in an accusatory or rude manner, but I would like to speak to him in private to gather further information as I am concerned about the well being and safety of all those involved, most importantly, the potential passengers."

Sample CASPer Question #2 What will you do in this situation?

"I would approach my colleague in a non-confrontational manner in a private setting. First, I would apologize for over-hearing his conversation. Then, I would simply mention to him that I had observed him drinking what appeared to be beer and that I was concerned if the assignment was immediate. At this point, a few things could happen. The colleague could simply say that the assignment isn’t immediate or that he was consuming non-alcoholic beer. In that case, there is nothing to be concerned about. Alternatively, the colleague could have made an honest oversight while accepting the assignment and now that I have brought it to their attention they are willing to rectify the situation by speaking to the supervisor directly. Lastly, it could turn out that my colleague is simply being irresponsible and dismisses my attempts to intervene. At that point I would strongly remind him that I am concerned for everyone’s safety in this situation and if they are unwilling to go speak to the supervisor, that I would be obligated to do so regardless of how it would affect our relationship."

And here is an example of a difficult follow-up question. How would you answer this?

Sample CASPer Question #3. What would you do if you were the supervisor in this situation and were made aware of this situation?

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