CASPer Test Dates & A List of Schools That Use CASPer

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Need to write the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics (CASPer) test? Here's a comprehensive list of test dates and a list of programs and schools that use CASPer. Pay attention to the test dates listed and the institution that allows you to test that day.  Asterisks are noted next to dates that have exceptions.  Disclaimer: you must register for the test with the test administrators and check their website regularly for the most up-to-date test dates as they are frequently updated. You are responsible for your own results.  Read more…

CASPer Test & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Seem to be Highly Coachable, New BeMo® Study Reveals

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Applicants Significantly Improve Their MMI & CASPer Practice Scores with BeMo®

Arguably, the most challenging parts of the admissions process for many applicants are the dreaded situational judgement tests CASPer and the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). 

Applicants are generally not provided with detailed instructions on how to prepare in advance by official admissions and test administrators. In fact, a handful of official sources claim that it is not possible to prepare in advance for such tests and going as far as claiming that such tests are "immune to test preparation" and encouraging applicants to "be yourself". 

We have already highlighted the myths about such claims in a previous report and we have advised future applicants to aspire to be their "best self" instead as part of their life-long journey of becoming future practicing professionals. We have also argued in this report that situational judgement tests are coachable just like any other tests. 

In a new study highlighted here, we provide formal proof that both CASPer and MMI are highly coachable and applicants can significantly improve their practice scores with appropriate preparation.


  • MMI and CASPer practice scores increased 23-27% on average with BeMo preparation programs, respectively. 
  • Applicants’ CASPer practice scores improved significantly by 10 percentage points going from a baseline average of 53% before preparation to 63% after just 3 preparatory sessions.
  • On the other hand, applicants’ MMI practice scores improved significantly by 15 percentage points from a baseline of 66% to 81%. 
  • While CASPer practice test performance required only 3 coaching sessions to show improvements, MMI practice performance normally required at least 6 preparatory sessions to show improvement. Read more…

What the &*#$ is the CASPer® Test?

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What is the CASPer test?

CASPer stands for Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics. As the name implies, this is a web-based tool that is used by some medical school, nursing education, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, and medical residency programs to gain a better understanding of the candidates’ interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities. In essence CASPer is a test that allows the admission’s committee to identify those candidates who posses the level of maturity and professionalism that is required of a professional school student such as a medical school student, nursing student, or a medical resident. Read more…

FREE: Sample CASPer Questions by BeMo!

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Practice CASPer Sample Questions

Who is this for?

The following questions are for any one who has an upcoming CASPer test for medicine, nursing, pharmacy, vet medicine, optometry or any other program that requires CASPer as part its admissions process. 

But first....

Remember that on the real CASPer test, you are normally presented with a video or text-based scenario, which is then followed up with 3 open-ended questions. You'll have a total of 5 minutes to answer all three questions. Therefore, we recommend that you time yourself with only five minutes to answer each of the following questions. Read more…

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