How to Use Intrinsic Motivation to Select Top Applicants During Admissions Screening While Promoting Diversity


In this thought-provoking TEDx talk, Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, makes a case for the use of intrinsic motivation in university admissions screening and employee selection to make the selection process more valid, fair, all the while promoting diversity. Click here to watch the video on YouTube or watch the video below (allow 5 seconds for the video to load):

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BeMo Academic Consulting (BeMo) Announces Sponsorship of Beyond Sciences Initiative (BSI)


For Immediate Release: BeMo Announces Sponsorship of BSI

Today is an exciting day for us here at BeMo. It is with pleasure to announce our sponsorship of the 100% volunteer-run and non-profit organization Beyond Sciences Initiative (BSI).

BSI’s mandate is to empower young leaders around the globe by bridging the gap in access to academic knowledge in disadvantaged areas, increasing cultural awareness and respect, and local community outreach.

BSI’s mandate resonates with our core belief here at BeMo that everyone deserves access to higher education and academic knowledge regardless of his/her social, racial or cultural status. Importantly, we believe as a company and more importantly as citizens of economically advantaged western nations, we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to make sure other parts of the world can benefit from the same opportunity and access to knowledge.

One of BSI’s main contributions is their annual web-based international conference, Science and Society, with presenters from top international institutions around the world. The conference has been attracting thousands of participants from around the globe each year and BeMo is dedicated to help BSI increase participation and reach over the coming months and years.

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Top 10 Tips to Get Rejected from Med School (and be Generally Unsuccessful in all Aspects of Your Life)


I often write articles of the “how to” variety with strategies for admissions success, but I recently read a blog post by one of my longtime mentors about how to be unsuccessful in life. It inspired this blog post, so today I will give you foolproof tips to absolutely guarantee an unsuccessful academic and personal life.

1. Spend time on online forums. A lot of it.

Online forums are your best friends in the quest to being unsuccessful. There’s nothing less productive than browsing thread after thread of empty opinions from anonymous users (“BeardedDog” or “Premed101-Reject2095”, anyone?). If you are in it for the win (err— loss), try bickering with

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The MOST Important Quality You Need to Get Into Med School (Or Achieve Anything in Life)


There’s a phase in every pre-med’s life, we call “TOO MANY EGGS. TOO FEW BASKETS”. It looks something like this:

Assignment #2 is due tomorrow, lab report #3 the day after, and exams are just around the corner (the registrar has made an error, AGAIN, and three exams are scheduled on the same day, and they don’t give a damn to even respond to emails). Never mind the MCAT, which is fast approaching.

She’s just turned 21. She works one and a half jobs to pay for school. Not to mention, the research, the volunteering at the hospital and the 17 other extracurricular and club memberships.

Her emotional reserve is on “E” for empty. Emotional support? What emotional support? No one seems to give a damn.

One morning, she has to call in late for work, because an argument with Mom has turned into End of the World scenario.

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Why putting all your eggs in one basket is more likely to bring you both academic success and long-term career satisfaction.


(This was written by one of our senior admissions experts, Ian Garner, and our CEO, Behrouz Moemeni. Even though we have written this for our students, we believe this post really applies to anyone, in any field, at any stage of their academic and career life. Unless you’re a Buddhist monk, in which case you probably won’t be reading this anyway!)

Eggs vs. Baskets Dilemma

We want to give you an easy way to stand head and shoulders above the thousands of other professional school (and job) applicants you’re competing with. Anybody can do this, and it doesn’t take more time. In fact, it might save you time while making you a better candidate and allow you to have greater long-term career satisfaction and overall happiness in life.

Toronto Blue Jays signed infielder Darwin Barney in early 2017. Barney's an all-singing, all-dancing 29-year old who can play any infield position and won a Gold Glove a few years ago. The Jays are going to hand over $3,000,000 for the privilege.

But the Jays’ top batter, Edwin Encarnacion, left for Cleveland. Encarnacion doesn’t have the look of a top athlete. He’s on the heavy side. He’s barely broken a sweat in half a decade with the Jays. You’ll never see Encarnacion dive for a ball or spin into a graceful throw like Barney. In fact, he can’t field at all. All he does is hit. For this overweight, cumbersome drag, Cleveland is coughing up $20,000,000 - almost seven times more than our multitalented friend Barney is going to make!

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