College admissions consulting is a powerful tool students can use when applying for post-secondary programs. In this increasingly complex and fiercely competitive arena, students need the best help they can get to maximize their chances of being accepted. Whether you are looking for help with college essays or want some support in choosing which experiences to include in your Common App Activities section, college admissions consultants can aid you in making your application the best it can be. In this article, we will discuss how college admissions consulting can help you get into the college of your dreams and how you can choose a service that is perfect for you.

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Why College Admissions is Competitive How Does College Admissions Consulting Help Students? How to Find the Right College Admissions Consultant Top Reasons Why BeMo is the Best Choice for College Admissions Help Conclusion FAQs

Why College Admissions is Competitive

College admissions has become even more competitive than ever before. Having a high GPA and stellar scores is no longer enough to guarantee admission to top schools. Students need to really wow admissions committees. They need to stand out.

In the U.S., college admissions are notoriously fierce competition. This is especially true for world-renowned institutions like UC schools and Ivy League colleges. Even the easiest Ivy League schools have acceptance rates of below 11%. While UC rankings show that California schools tend to admit a higher percentage of applicants, most UC schools are still highly competitive.

In Canada, students’ best bet to being accepted is to show they received excellent marks in high school. Canadian universities generally have higher acceptance rates than in the U.S., but the best programs in the country are very competitive. On average, only 1 in 10 applicants get in to the top universities and some of the most competitive programs, such as commerce and IT, according to University Affairs Canada.

With such daunting competition, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. And many students don’t know how to take their application from impressive to knockout on their own. As we’ve seen, good grades and a nice resume aren’t enough.

Admissions committees today look at everything in an applicant’s file, from grades, to test scores, to letters of recommendation and extracurriculars. Some committees even look as far back in an applicant’s educational background as the ninth grade, to gauge whether their educational performance is enough for admittance. Consultants are sometimes engaged for their services for high school students, to prepare them for college life, to advise them on the best extracurriculars to take or on IB vs. AP courses they should pursue.

Most commonly, an application will require a student’s transcripts from high school, any relevant test scores, letters of recommendations, a personal statement, a list of extracurriculars and the dreaded common app essay or the supplemental college application essays students may need to write for later parts of the application process. College admissions consultants help coach students on writing their essays, which can be a tough piece of writing to master and provide feedback to help them make their application essay the best it can be, as well as develop their professional writing talents.

It is essential to nail each part of the admissions application to succeed, and putting an application together takes time and focus. This is where admissions consultants come in handy. They can guide students on their time management and organization as they create their application, provide feedback on where improvements can be made, and offer any tips to make the application stand out. Good consultants will be well versed in each aspect of the application documents and know how to coach students on crafting excellent ones.

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How Does College Admissions Consulting Help Students?

Every year, many students consider hiring a college admissions consulting service. Why? In short, college and university admissions consulting helps students, and sometimes their parents, to choose the best school or post-secondary programs to apply to and advise them on the admissions process.

College advisors help students compose a list of schools that meet their professional and academic goals and programs where students would be an ideal or competitive candidate. With a consultant’s help students can have personalized help in choosing which schools best fit their needs and career goals, such as finding the best undergrad business schools for an aspiring CEO.

Consultants will orientate students on the full admissions process of their chosen schools and help them in organizing their time, resources and necessary documents so they can prepare a top-notch application. In many cases, admissions consultants will provide advice on writing college admission essays, a common part of the application process. In doing so, consultants can also help students build other professional and life-long skills, such as writing skills, research, critical thinking and interview skills.

Most importantly, consultants take a personalized approach to student learning and preparation for college admissions and interviews. Consultants will walk students through every aspect of their academic, personal and professional lives, pinpointing the key elements that work best in a college application. Admissions consulting is a very personalized process, designed to fit each students’ personal needs and preferences. Admissions consulting doesn’t provide a “one size fits all” service, as each student’s journey is different.

Consultants can help students discover and choose the significant experiences and talents students have that will stand out best in their application, and how to showcase them in every section of the application package.

Many students feel they are not unique enough or that they don’t possess the talents, skills and excellent grades college admissions committees are looking for. Consultants can help by working with students to dig a little deeper and mine the aspects that make them special and individual.

How to Find the Right College Admissions Consultant

Once you’ve decided that college admissions help is right for you, it’s all about finding the service that fits your budget, your application timeline and your needs. You want to know you’re getting the best value for your money, too, and that the college admissions consulting service you choose will provide you the help you need to get accepted. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s our guide on what to look for in the best college admissions consulting service.

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Top Reasons Why BeMo is the Best Choice for College Admissions Help

Why choose BeMo as your choice of college admissions consultant? One reason: we are student-focused.

1. Student-focused

BeMo’s mission is to provide the absolute best services to students, no matter where they are in their post-secondary journey, with whatever program they are applying for. BeMo puts students first and provides proven advice and strategies to ensure students achieve their goals.

2. Admission Experts

BeMo’s team are admissions experts. We know the admissions process inside out, and we keep up to date on the constantly evolving college admissions environment. We know how best to prepare students for each and every part of the admissions process, from essay writing to interviews, to how to choose the best people to ask for letters of recommendation. We can even teach you the best way to write a letter of recommendation for yourself. And we provide, clear, useful feedback and proven strategies to help students get accepted at their chosen schools.

3. Unlimited Prep

At BeMo, we have a saying: practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Our admissions consultants don’t just prepare students for the complex and competitive admissions process, we see to it that students are perfectly prepared and ready to take on any challenge they will encounter when applying to post-secondary programs throughout their lives.

Students can not only rely on us to aid them with their college journeys, but to teach them skills, strategies and tools that will benefit them at post-secondary as well as throughout their professional lives.

BeMo maximizes the chances of student success the first time applying, providing the best value for their investment in BeMo’s services. We strive to be student-focused, affordable, friendly, and most of all, valuable to students.

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In today’s ultra-competitive college admissions landscape, students’ best chance for success lies with admissions consulting. For such a crucial step in their academic journeys, students need to be as prepared as they can be, and they need the best preparation available to them.

Admissions consulting can not only provide the tools and strategies students need for success, but it can also take student applications from good to fantastic, maximizing their chances of acceptance.

In this endeavor, there’s no one better to have in students’ corners than BeMo. With BeMo’s team of admissions experts, students receive outstanding preparation, support and proven advice without breaking the bank.


1. Do I need a college admissions consultant?

Not every student uses a college admissions consultancy service, but we here at BeMo believe it is a must! College admissions consultants can greatly maximize student success.

2. Is college admissions consulting expensive?

College admissions consulting services can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for basic services. Luckily, BeMo’s services are comprehensive, top-tier, AND affordable for student budgets!

3. Why should I use college admissions consulting?

In today’s college admissions environment, students are dealing with more competition than ever before. To secure a coveted spot in the program of their choice, student applications NEED to stand out from the crowd, and college admissions consulting can help.

4. Is college admissions consulting worth it?

Absolutely. College admissions consulting can greatly increase students’ chances of getting into college. But don’t ask us: ask our students!

5. How do I find a college admissions consultant?

It’s best to use a professional, certified and proven service like BeMo Academic Consulting to get the most value for your money.

6. What do college admissions consultants do?

In short, college admissions consultants help students choose which programs to apply to, provide advice on crafting stellar applications, and generally prepare students for every part of the application process.

7. Does BeMo work with international students?

Yes! BeMo works with all students applying to post-secondary programs.

8. Does BeMo only work with students applying to top-tier schools?

No, BeMo works with all students regardless of which school or program of study they’re interested in.

9. Can international students use college admissions consulting?

Absolutely! Many consulting services are also able to provide college admissions counseling for international students.

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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