Law school admissions consulting services can be a powerful tool for students when vying for a spot in prestigious law programs. With the help of a law school admissions consultant, students can increase their chances of being accepted in an increasingly competitive environment. Not every student chooses to hire a consultant and some students may decide they don’t need one if their LSAT test scores or academic background are impressive enough. In this article, we will discuss what law school admissions consulting is and how it can benefit students, how competitive law school acceptance rates are, and the fundamental skills consultants can teach you.

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How competitive is law school admissions? What is law school admissions consulting? How can law school admissions consulting help you? Does BeMo provide law school admissions consulting? Can law school admissions consulting help my application stand out? Conclusion FAQs

How Competitive is Law School Admissions?

Law school acceptance rates are notoriously competitive, and many students seek outside help to increase their chances of success.

There are nearly 200 law schools in the US alone, so students may have a fair shot at being accepted. On average, law school acceptance rates are sitting at 45%. However, in well-regarded, more competitive law schools, such as Harvard Law School or Yale Law School, the acceptance rate drops to under 20%. For those prestigious, top-tier schools, the acceptance rate is under 10% and sometimes even under 5% acceptance rate every year.

For law schools in Canada, the atmosphere can be just as fiercely competitive. If you’re thinking of applying to the University of Alberta law school, for example, the acceptance rate is typically around 15%. Law schools in Ontario, like the University of Ottawa law school, Queen's Law and Osgoode Hall law school, show similar admissions trends. The Ontario Law School Application Service (OSLAS) application tips or Canadian law school admissions help may be useful for students wanting to grab a seat at prestigious Canadian law schools.

Law School Acceptance Rates

What is Law School Admissions Consulting?

The purpose of aw school admissions consulting or a law school advisor is to guide you throughout the entire law school applications and law interview processes. The admissions process is lengthy, complex, and competitive. Law admissions consultants can help you prepare the best application possible, as well as provide invaluable tools and skills you may need, such as communication, writing, interviewing, self-reflection, and critical thinking skills.

Many law school admissions consultants are former admissions officers from top law schools, so they’ll know the admissions process inside and out, and more importantly, they’ll know what school admissions committees are looking for in their top candidates. Sometimes law school admissions consulting services also hire lawyers themselves and offer their consulting services to up-and-coming law students.

Admissions consultants offer personalized, customized guidance in crafting your application. They’ll show you how to create a customized admission timeline and personalized strategy to be your guiding plan. They’ll also provide you with tips on how to study for the LSAT, coach you on writing admissions essays like law school optional essays or law school personal statements and any other part of the admissions process. Law school admissions consultants can also counsel you throughout your application to and preparation for law school and provide you with options in case of waitlisting or rejection to your top schools.

While hiring a law school admissions consulting services is certainly not mandatory, some students may feel they need the extra bit of help or advice when putting their applications together. For some students, having a high GPA and LSAT score is enough to gain entrance to a good law school, since admissions committees at law schools tend to favor high scores over other parts of the application. For students who need some coaching on preparing for the tough LSAT, there are plenty of LSAT tutors and LSAT prep courses that specialize in this, without needing to hire an admissions consultant.

How Can Law School Admissions Consulting Help You?

If you choose to seek the aid of a law school admissions consultant, there are many advantages to doing so. While services offered can vary among law school consultants, and some consultants only counsel students who seek to attend the most prestigious law schools, most of them offer a range of beneficial services. A law school admissions consultant might be the best choice for a student who needs to give their application a boost, or make it stand out from a crowd of high-achievers.

#1 Finding the right law school

Firstly, admissions consultants can go over with you which schools may be the best fit for your personal and academic needs, rather than just choosing the easiest law schools to get into. Narrowing down your list of potential law schools to the ones you have the best chance of being accepted to can streamline the admissions process and save you some time and money. A law school admissions consultant can review your application and your stats, and from there advise you on where you stand the best chance of getting accepted or what you'll need to do to boost your chances of getting in to your top choice law school. Admissions consultants have the inside knowledge to help you find out what admissions committees are looking for and how to wow them. If your goal is to get into very competitive law schools, like Columbia Law or Stanford Law, a law school admissions consultant is a great idea, since your application will need to be very impressive.

Some law school admissions consultants even offer help with college visits or travel planning. Schools will often offer tours of their campuses and programs, either in-person or virtually. Your law school admissions consultant may provide you with information on when these tours are happening and the key information you can learn about a school you’re considering applying to. If a visit to your top school is in your travel budget, it’s worth considering. Having a walk around your potential future campus can give a student information about the school you just can’t find online.

#2 Expert admissions advice and guidance

Law school admissions consulting services can increase your chance of attending a law school you personally feel is a good fit and will launch you into the law career you want. There are a variety of different disciplines within the field of law, and it can be overwhelming to have to narrow it down to one. Students who are struggling with indecision or are unsure what they want from their law career can benefit from a consultant’s overview and advice. Based on your grades, law school extracurriculars, interests and personality, a consultant can help you to pin down which area of law you’re most interested in, and from there decide which schools offer the best programs for you, and whether you meet their admission requirements. In the case that you don’t meet the admission requirements for a certain school, a consultant can advise you on your options. For example, if you want know how to get into law school with a low GPA, an advisor can coach you on strengthening your application to offset a low GPA or tutor you to bump up your grades.

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#3 Professional application review

Reapplying to law schools can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s best to get in on the first try! If you’re unsure about your application, consider hiring a law school admissions specialist to go through your application and coach you on where to improve. In the long run, it will save you some stress, too. A law school consultant will be able to help you with any part of your application, from your LSAT prep, to crafting law school admissions essays, to interview prep to finding the right law school extracurriculars for you. Law school advisors are a great resource to have in your corner throughout the entire application process. For instance, they will know the latest law school admissions essay topics or can provide you with some law school essay prompts to practice drafting your personal statement.

For those students who need to round out their application with a good law school personal statement or law school admissions essay, a consultant can coach them on how to write these. In order to remain competitive with thousands of other students, many with better grades, these students will need to make their mark. Consultants often work with students to identify the unique stories and experiences they have that they can impress the admissions committee with. In some cases, students can also write a law school diversity statement, to really highlight what they’ll bring to a law school program. Applicants who are part of an under-represented minority are also more likely to be accepted into law schools, as these groups are under-represented in the field of law. While you may not think of yourself as a diversity candidate, nor belong to an under-represented minority, a law school admissions consultant can help you to showcase what is special about your application and your experiences and perspectives, giving you that extra chance to get noticed and get accepted.

#4 LSAT test prep

Most often, students struggle with the LSAT exam. Law schools typically look for the best scores on this test, and it can be difficult to get a high score. Law school admissions consultants sometimes offer tutoring for the LSAT for students preparing for it, advice on how to study for the LSAT or tips on choosing the right LSAT test date. Law school admissions consultants usually have additional study resources for students, too, such as practice exams. Or they might know of useful LSAT prep courses you can take to make sure you're ready for this challenging test. If you're looking to skip the LSAT altogether, a law school advisor can point you in the direction of any law schools that don't require the LSAT.

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#5 Interview prep and professional skill development

Along with test preparation, many consultants give guidance on how to prepare for a law school interview, how to write your law school resume or CV and provide advice on your extracurriculars. Feedback on your professional resume is a nice bonus service offered by law school consultants, and it can help you map out not just your law school journey, but your future as a law professional once you’ve graduated. Knowing which parts of your professional experience to highlight, or what personal and extracurricular interests to draw attention to give you an edge when applying, too. Chances are your admissions consultant will be familiar with what your chosen law school is looking for in these areas when admissions committees are reviewing candidates.

As well as the actual admissions process, consultants teach students invaluable, life-long personal and professional skills they will use throughout their law careers. The professional writing and editing services and coaching alone are huge benefits for future law students and lawyers, not to mention the in-depth preparation for law school interview questions and professional behavior prep, which are key skills in studying and practicing law. While law school may show students how to be a lawyer, law school consultants can prepare students for all the nitty-gritty work they’ll be facing.

Students can add another advantage to their resume after learning how to write a proper admissions essay, law school personal statement and more. Preparing for law school admission, students will also learn valuable organizational, time management and self-management skills that are useful not only in their personal lives but in their future careers as lawyers. Lawyers and law students need to master these skills and more in order to succeed professionally, so an admission consultant can give students their first lessons in developing them.

#6 Help with financial aid applications

With law school tuition being so expensive, particularly at top schools, a consultant can help you decide which programs also fit your budget. Many consultants also offer help with applying for financial aid programs, which can give students a chance to attend a top-tier school they might not otherwise have. Many law schools offer financial aid programs, but these can be tricky to navigate, but a law school advisor or consultant will be able to walk you through applying.

Does BeMo Provide Law School Admissions Consulting?

Absolutely! At BeMo, our team are admissions experts, and we’ve helped thousands of students get into all kinds of top-notch post-secondary programs, including law schools.

At BeMo, we are student-focused. This means we are committed to helping our students gain admission to their top-choice programs with clear, valuable and personalized feedback. We provide our students with one-on-one help and guidance at every step of the admissions process.

For law school admissions, the process can be especially long, complex and stressful, so BeMo works with their students to mentor them on each step, including preparing for tests, admissions interviews, law school personal statements and essays. BeMo provides both professional application review and law interview prep.

Here's a quick summary of what our admissions experts can help you with:

  1. Law school application review and professional feedback
  2. Law school admission essays help
  3. Law school interview prep, including law school mock interviews
  4. Advice on how to improve your application and get into your chosen law school
  5. Expert help anytime, anywhere with unlimited prep

At BeMo, we know preparing for law school is a huge task. So we also coach our students as they develop the professional skills they’ll use while at law school as well as after they become practicing lawyers. Nailing those interview skills, writing and communication skills, and organization and self-management skills are crucial to the work of being a lawyer. Already having these tools on your toolbelt when you enter law school will give you a good start.

BeMo’s services are also affordable for any kind of student budget. Law school tuition is expensive, and many of the best law school admissions consulting services are, too. Hiring a top-rated law school admissions consulting service like ours doesn’t need to come with a multiple-thousand-dollar price tag.

At BeMo, we believe in putting our students first. We want to see our students succeed and get their acceptance letters from the schools of their choice. We help foster our students’ future success by ensuring they have the tools and skills they’ll need. Click here to schedule a free strategy call with one of our admissions experts!

Can Law School Admissions Consulting Help My Application Stand Out?

Most law school admissions committees put a big emphasis on high scores, and general advice is that students with good LSAT scores will be accepted over someone with an otherwise great application. However, for students who didn’t achieve the best grades or a high LSAT score, law school admissions consultants can help them make a bigger impact on the admissions committee.

Here's a quick look at how a law school admissions consulting service can help you stand out in a crowd of qualified applicants:

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Applying to law school is a significant undertaking. Many students want that extra help when they see the complicated process and extremely competitive environment of law school admissions, so they seek out the help of a law school admissions consultant. While this is not the best choice for every student, it can give some students their best chance at acceptance.

Law school admissions consultants not only help students choose a law school and coach them through the process, but they help prepare students for the significant academic and professional experience of law school. Consultants can help you to develop and sharpen the professional skills you’ll need as a lawyer and give you a head start on the work you’ll undertake in law school.

With so many options available for law school admissions consulting, it’s important to choose the service that fits your personal needs and budget best. It’s also key to choose the one that will prepare you as best as possible for the next step in your law school journey.


1. What is law school admissions consulting?

Law school admissions consulting is a service which helps prepare students for law school with a comprehensive, personalized approach to admissions planning and strategy.

2. Do I need law school admissions consulting?

Not every student chooses to use law school admissions consulting. Students can still be successful in applying to law school without it, though some students find it is beneficial to them in the competitive law school admissions environment.

3. How competitive is law school admission?

Law school is famously competitive and difficult to gain acceptance to. On average, law schools in the U.S. accept only 45% of their applicants every year.

4. I need help with my LSAT preparation. Where can I find it?

Students often consult with tutors who specialize in LSAT preparation, but law school admissions consultants sometimes offer this service as part of their regular packages, too.

5. What do law school admissions consultants help students with?

Law school admissions consultants help students with not only choosing the right law school and area of law to study, they offer help with professional skill development, admissions essays, personal statement writing and sometimes LSAT test prep and more.

6. Does being a minority help with law school admission?

In general, statistics show that being an under-represented minority can help push your law school application to the top.

7. Can I contact law school admissions if I’ve been waitlisted?

It is acceptable to contact the admissions staff at your choice of law school if you have a question about your application. Just remember that law schools are inundated with applications and not to call or email every day asking for updates.

8. How soon should I start the law school admissions process?

As soon as possible. Start your admissions process early to give yourself as much time to prepare as you can, as it can be a long and complex process.

9. I have high LSAT scores. Should I hire a law school admissions consultant?

Law schools typically regard high test scores and GPAs more favorably than a well-written admissions essay or law school personal statement. However, it is your decision whether you feel you want some extra help with your application from a law school admissions consultant for other sections of your application.

10. Is hiring a law school admissions consultant expensive?

Law school admissions consultant services can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the services offered. Some consultants work only with students applying to top 10 law schools, and therefore charge significantly more.

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