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Sample Kira Talent Interview Questions & Answers

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If you are not happy with your simulation + expert written feedback, simply tell us immediately after you receive your first written feedback, and we will refund 100% of your investment within 1 business day. Applies to new BeMo students. Must provide proof of official Kira Talent interview invitation upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will the consultation be online? I don’t have time to travel anywhere.

Yes, the simulations are online just like the real Kira Talent interview and once you complete each simulation, we will provide you with our written feedback for each of your interview questions, within 2-3 business days. 

2. Who are your interview experts?

Our interview experts are practicing professionals who are highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for interviews, including practicing professionals from top schools who have been on the other side of the admissions process.

3. I don't have an interview invitation right now, can I still enroll to secure my spot?

Yes, you can. And we recommend that you start preparing well in advance because, depending on the school, you may receive a very short interview notice and interview skills take some time to develop so it's best to start preparing in advance.

4. How many times can I take each simulation?

You can take each simulation only once to mimic the actual interview. 

5. Can I enroll in the Gold program now and then upgrade to Platinum?

Yes you can. You can enroll in the Gold program and then upgrade by paying the difference in enrollment fees. However, note that our Platinum program has very limited number of spots because of its consultation intensive nature and we normally reach full capacity before the interview season is over so it's best to secure your spot as soon as possible.

Please Note:

There are a limited number of spots available for our Kira Talent interview preparation programs. To secure your spot, choose your preferred interview prep package above by clicking the "Enroll Now" button.

Disclaimer: BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with Kira Talent and vice versa. BeMo is an independent educational firm and provider of Kira Talent preparation programs and practice tests only (Kira Talent SIM™). To find out how to take the actual interview, contact Kira Talent directly.

Sample Kira Talent Interview Questions & Answers