Hiring an MMI interview tutor is more than a way to best prepare yourself for the multiple mini med school admissions interview. Coaching from a private interview tutor means cultivating professional skills you’ll use or the remainder of your medical school journey and beyond in your career as a doctor. Interview tutors can also give you an edge in acing your MMI because of their specialized knowledge of all things from the common what to wear to a medical school interview to emerging trends like how the AAMC VITA will affect your med school application. MMI interview tutors can be pricey, but the skills they can teach you may be worth the cost to ensure you get into the med school of your choice and also prepare you to be a professional physician in the future. In this blog, we’ll learn why the MMI interview is so important, how MMI interview tutors can help and if they are worth the cost.

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How important is the Multiple Mini Interview Should you hire an MMI tutor? How MMI Interview Tutors Can Help Costs of Hiring an MMI Interview Tutor Conclusion FAQs

How Important is the Multiple Mini Interview

The multiple mini interview, or MMI for short, is a crucial part of the medical schools admissions process. A majority of med schools around the world use the MMI format when conducting med school interviews with their thousands of applicants, and for good reason.

The MMI format is often preferred over the traditional panel interview by med schools because it allows admissions boards to learn quite a bit more about their candidates and understand better what kind of doctors they will be. An MMI interview is designed to evaluate you on a deeper level, and they can be a nice change from the traditional one-on-one interview format. Even so, an MMI is still a formal interview and evaluation, so its important for you to know how to prepare for an MMI.

Admissions boards consider your overall score from each station when tabulating your MMI interview score, and they use this to make decisions about admissions. In the MMI, you’ll be tested on a variety of different question types and scenarios, so your evaluators can get a sense of what kind of doctor you will be, your communication style and proficiency, your reasoning and critical thinking skills, your empathy and compassion, and your ability to see all sides of a problem. For many med schools, your MMI results are a key deciding factor in whether you will be accepted or not.

Should You Hire an MMI Tutor?

There are many effective ways to prepare yourself for your MMI medical school interviews, but one of the best ways is real life practice and simulation, such as a mock med school interview or studying sample MMI practice questions and preparing your answers ahead of time. Both of these methods can be extremely effective, since they most closely replicate the interview situation and conditions. You can even replicate having a mock evaluator by hiring an MMI interview tutor.

A tutor can be an excellent tool for success, since they can provide one-on-one personalized advice and feedback. Particularly for interview preparation, a tutor can be a big help in pointing out weaknesses in your interview performance and helping you work on them. A tutor will also be able to set up mock interview practice with you, or have access to other useful resources like prep books or an MMI interview prep course. They may also have recommendations for other tools and resources you can use to help yourself prepare for these important interviews.

Hiring an MMI interview tutor means getting professional, expert help on your interview performance and comportment, and an ahead look at how the MMI evaluations are done. MMI interview tutors help students in many areas, but their knowledge of medical school admissions, medical school interviews and how evaluators will be looking at you is very beneficial too. If you want to learn how to prepare for med school interviews, an interview tutor can be your own personal goldmine of information and advice.

If you’re an international medical graduate or you’re applying to med school in another country, like the US, Canada, UK or Australia, having a tutor to help you prep for the interview can be a wise choice. A tutor may have an insight into the best prep methods for the medicine interview in Australia or the medicine interview in the UK. Both countries frequently use the MMI format, though their interview etiquette and preparation tips may look a bit different.

Even if you’ve applied to multiple med schools and you have no medical school interview invitations, don’t worry. Getting professional help with your interview skills is still a great idea. The med school admissions interview is far from the only professional interview you’ll need to attend! Good interviewing skills are essential for any profession, including doctors, and having the experience of professional coaching is a big plus.

Given how important the medical school interview is to your acceptance, hiring a professional MMI interview tutor can be the secret to your success. Even a few hours with a tutor can help you sharpen some professional skills you’ll use throughout your career, so you know it’s time and money well spent. And if the interviewing process is particularly intimidating, rehearsing it one-on-one with a tutor can help shake off any jitters and boost your confidence before you head into the real thing.

How MMI Interview Tutors Can Help

Medical school interview preparation is a multi-faceted task. Honing professional interview skills requires the combination of disciplines and skills to create that polished, professional look. Good MMI interviewees need to present strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as demonstrate their medical knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and their personal conflict resolution abilities. MMI interview tutors can guide you on these many different areas and show you tips and tricks to acing the MMI interview. With your answers down pat and your nervous tics handled, you can walk into the interview room with confidence.

There are some key areas that MMI interview tutors help with, and it’s common for students to want some extra help with these. Some students may never have attended a professional interview before, or the atypical set up of the MMI is intimidating. Below we’ll look at some important areas that MMI tutors can help you with.

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Costs of Hiring an MMI Interview Tutor

Of course, the cost of hiring a private tutor can rise quickly. Many students ask if hiring a private tutor to help them prepare for their MMIs is worth the cost. For some, it’s just not in their medical school applications budget. Private tutors can run around 50$ per hour and up. While this can add up quickly depending on the service or company you’ve chosen, it doesn’t need to dip into your budget too much.

If you decide it’s worth hiring a professional to help you with your interview skills, you can still fit it in your budget by shopping around for an agreeable rate and setting the number of hours or services you can reasonably afford.

For students who aren’t sure about hiring a tutor, there are some alternatives to MMI tutors and other ways to save. There are plenty of MMI prep courses, prep books, question banks and online practice interviews that can help you recreate the interview setting without the input or feedback of a tutor. These are useful for practice, they just won’t provide the same level of feedback and advice as a mock evaluator. You can also ask others to perform mock interviews with you, just be sure you ask someone who can be objective and provide you with tips on your responses, comportment, and interview performance if possible.


Hiring an MMI interview tutor can certainly have many benefits, not just in the short-term as you prepare for your medical school admissions interviews, but the long-term too as you build necessary and critical professional skillsets. If you think you could benefit from an MMI tutor, look carefully for the one that suits you and your needs best.

Whatever methods you use to prepare for your medical school interviews, remember to start practicing early and give yourself plenty of time to relax and decompress beforehand. Walk into your MMI interviews feeling ready and well-prepared!


1. Is MMI interview tutoring worth it?

MMI interview tutoring can provide you with skills that will pay dividends throughout your career, and not just in preparation for your MMIs. It depends on the student but hiring a private tutor can be the most helpful way of preparing for medical school interviews.

2. Are MMI interviews harder?

Generally speaking, MMIs are considered a bit tougher to prepare for, because they involve multiple stations and different questions types. Preparing for an MMI interview is different then preparing for a traditional interview, but they both involve similar strategies.

3. What is the best way to prepare for an MMI interview?

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to practice, since you recreate the interview as closely as possible. There’s nothing better to prepare you than practice, practice, practice. An MMI tutor can be an excellent mock evaluator in this case, as they can provide expert advice and feedback on your performance.

4. Are MMI interviews held by video?

Sometimes. Some schools may choose to host their MMIs in person, by video call only, or both.

5. What does an MMI tutor help with?

MMI tutors help prepare you for your interviews in a variety of ways. Along with coaching you on identifying question type and how to answer, they can help you improve your other professional skills like time management, communication, people skills and stress management.

6. Which MMI prep is best?

It depends on the student, but the best way to prepare for an MMI is to use mock interviews. You can ask a friend or acquaintance to act as your interviewer and provide feedback.

7. How much do MMI interview tutors cost?

Costs vary by tutoring company or individual, but services can run from 50$ per hour to several hundred dollars per hour. 

8. Do all medical schools use MMI interviews?

No; some medical schools still use traditional panel interviews only, and some offer both panel and MMI interviews. Some medical schools don’t use interviews at all.

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