Medical School Interview Questions

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Practice Med School Interview Questions Bank

First Things First!

Before we jump into the sample questions, it is important to mention that sample questions are only effective if you: 

1) Time yourself and utilize the questions in a realistic mock med school interview, and, 

2) Pay extra attention to ethical dilemmas and learn how to approach different types of questions (we have identified 18 possible types)

3) Get expert feedback on your performance so you can identify your mistakes and learn from them way before your actual medical school interview.

With that said, you are now ready to get started. Good luck on your interview! Read more…

What to Wear to Medical School Interview

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The way you present yourself at an interview is much more than the way you respond to the interviewers’ questions. This guide will provide you with information about all of the important things you may not think about when preparing for an interview, including how to dress and present yourself professionally, how to minimize stress, and what to do before and after your interview.

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First Impressions are Everything!

Studies have shown that the first impressions formed within the first few seconds of meeting an interviewer can set the tone for the rest of the interview. Your overall appearance and hygiene are among the first things an interviewer will notice. As such, you should present yourself professionally because you want to be remembered for your friendly personality and strong interview responses, not for your fashion statement! 

Attire Guide for Females:

Female candidates should wear a Read more…

Former Admissions Committee Member Reveals the Top 5 Med School Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Top 5 Med School Interview Mistake - And How To Avoid Them

Getting an interview invitation is a huge accomplishment in the medical school admissions process. A good performance in the interview can secure your chances of acceptance. However, interviews are often intimidating and nerve-racking. Read below to learn some of the most common faux pas and ace your interview.

Mistake# 1. Being too quiet

There is no denying: interviews are harder for the introverts. Admissions Committees know this, and often cut timid applicants a bit of slack. However, it is important to put your best foot forward in being outgoing and engaging. If conversation keeps dying down after short responses on your part, and/or if the interviewer has to make an effort to keep the conversation going, chances are this is not a good interview. Remember: the interviewer wants to have a memorable and easy conversation as much as you do! Read more…

When the Tables Turn… 15 Sample Questions to Ask Your Interviewer in a Med School Interview

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"Do you have any questions for us?" 

Here's what to ask during your med school interview:

As we discussed in this post, not asking any questions during an interview may come across as a lack of interest in the school. But equally important, you may be missing out on learning useful information first-hand! By asking the right questions, you can make it easier on yourself when the cycle is over and you are deciding which school to attend (with BeMo’s help, you may receive multiple acceptances!).

Usually, we think of questions as either specific or general. Specific questions show you’ve done your homework, and are specific to one school. For example, you may have done a bit of research and found out school “X” has a unique, new curriculum, which you want to ask more about. Or you may have read on the website that school “Y” prides itself on its global health opportunities. Asking questions about topics you previously researched often impresses the interviewer. Read more…

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