Nursing essay writing services covers a broad range of services, both online and offline, which students can hire to write essays for them, including nursing application essays or nursing student research papers. But its best to be cautious about seeking any kind of essay writing service, since there are many which are not reputable, and many admission committees consider hiring these services to be dishonest or unethical. Services like nursing admissions consulting can give you expert advice and feedback on your own writing without writing your essay on your behalf. And since nursing as a profession requires a great deal of writing, its best to hone your writing skills anyways. In this blog, we’ll look at what nursing essay writing services are, the different types of nursing essay and why writing is so important for nurses, as well as tips you can use to improve your writing.

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What is the nursing essay

The nursing essay is a fairly common part of applying to nursing school, studying nursing and practicing nursing. Writing skills are an essential skill for nurses since they need to be able to communicate very well not just verbally but in written form, too, with colleagues, patients and the medical community at large. There are three categories of nursing essay: the nursing school application essay, a nursing school essay, including assignments or a graduate school thesis, and research papers written by practicing nurses. We’ll look at each of these in more detail.

Nursing school application

Many nursing school applications include an essay component, commonly known as the nursing school personal statement. Your personal statement essentially outlines who you are and why you’re applying to nursing school. It answers the question “why do you want to be a nurse”. Applications to nursing school might also include other written papers such as a nursing school letter of intent or cover letter. Right from the start, writing is an important skill for nurses to cultivate, since writing will come up often in the application process, including the multiple-mini-interview (MMI) writing stations. These parts will help you stand out in a nursing school application by distinguishing yourself as an individual and qualified candidate, and they demonstrate to an admissions committee that you have the communication skills required of a nursing professional.

If you’re preparing your nursing application, check out our nursing school application cover letter examples and our MMI writing station examples to understand what kind of writing you’ll need to master for your application.

Writing in nursing school

Once you’ve been accepted to nursing school, the writing assignments will continue! Course-specific assignments will require you to write different types of essays or academic research papers, and many programs end with a nursing school thesis project or capstone project before graduation. Exams in nursing school can also include essay questions or sections which require critical thinking and effective written communication.

Writing as a professional nurse

As a nursing school graduate, you’ll soon find the nursing profession requires yet more writing. Like any medical professional, nurses can regularly contribute to medical journals and literature by writing research papers and other academic essays. Having superb writing skills can give you a leg up on the career ladder, as nursing writing is common in leadership positions and is a necessary skill. If you plan to pursue a PhD or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), your writing ability will be a big contribution to your studies and professional career.

Writing a nursing school letter of intent? Here's where to start.

What are nursing essay writing services

Applying to any nursing school means writing an application essay, and if writing is not your strong suit, you might think of hiring a nursing essay writing service to help you out. Nursing essay writing services come in many forms, including online and offline. Essay writing services are similar to capstone project writing services or thesis writing services grad students can hire to write final projects for them. The best nursing essay writing services employ professional writers to craft essays and written assignment for students based on assignment criteria and with student feedback. However, there are many less reputable essay writing services out there as well.

Caution should be used when looking at nursing essay writing services since there are many which are not legit or reliable. While it is not strictly illegal to hire these services, many nursing schools consider them unethical and student use of these services to be academic dishonesty or plagiarism. If a nursing school applicant is found to be using a nursing essay writing service, there could be consequences, including having their application denied. Practicing nurses who ask essay writing services to write research papers or essays for them for publication can also raise issues of credibility and plagiarism, so its always best to write your own material instead of hiring someone else to write your words.

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Hiring nursing essay writing services can also rob students of valuable opportunities to grow, learn and develop their professional skills themselves. Writing the nursing school application essay is one of the first chances students have to hone these skills, and the writing assignments will only keep coming as they move through their studies and into the nursing profession.

These are some of the reasons why students who want to get into nursing should avoid nursing essay writing services. While having your application be denied is a big negative, there are many benefits to learning to write your own nursing essays and developing your writing skills yourself. We’ll look at some of these best benefits next.

Fortunately, there are ways to use nursing essay writing services without hiring a service which writes your essay for you. There are many services which offer professional help with learning how to write effective essays yourself, or who provide expert feedback and advice on your writing. Often, nursing admissions consultants or nursing school advisors can give you feedback on your application essays and coach you on writing them so you have a better chance of success. If you're working on a research paper or writing an essay as a practicing nurse, there are many specialized essay writing help services out there for all professions, who can coach you on how to write fantastic essays and give you tips and tricks for future work. Next, we'll look at some of our expert tips for writing your nursing essays.

Expert tips for writing your nursing essay

While writing your own nursing school essay is not easy, there are ways to you can prepare for the challenge and some proven strategies you can use to help make writing easier for you. With practice and useful tips, you can sharpen your writing skills and soon be writing any kind of nursing essay with ease. Since there are many different types of essays and different contexts in which you’ll be writing a nursing essay, we’ve covered all the bases in our expert tips below.

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1. What is a nursing essay?

A nursing essay might be an essay written for a nursing school application, such as a personal statement or statement of purpose. A nursing essay can also mean a research paper or assignment written during nursing school studies. Lastly, a nursing essay is an academic research paper or thesis written by a nurse for publication in an academic medical journal or as part of a PhD program.

2. What are nursing school essay writing services?

Nursing essay writing services encompass a wide variety of services which can be hired to write essays on a student’s behalf. There is a large breadth of quality and reputability for these types of services, and while they are not illegal, using them may be viewed as a form of plagiarism or academic dishonesty, so they should be used with care.

3. Should I hire someone to write my nursing essay?

Hiring someone to write a nursing essay for you is not in your best interest. If you’re applying to a nursing program, hiring someone else to write your essay may get your application rejected or flagged. If you’re hiring someone else to write a nursing research paper this can also hurt your credibility. Writing your own material also provides more benefits to you than hiring someone else to write it for you.

4. How do you start a nursing essay?

A nursing essay for a nursing school application should begin with an introduction of who you are and why you want to be a nurse. A nursing essay for a graduate school application will take on the form of a narrative essay, so it’s a good idea to start with a strong “hook” sentence to grab your reader’s attention. If you’re writing a nursing essay for academic publication or an assignment, this will typically start with a summary of the paper’s key points or an introduction of the subject of a research paper.

5. What should a nursing essay include?

A nursing essay for a nursing school application should include the proper essay format with an introduction, body and conclusion. It should also have a narrative element in that it tells a story or tells the reader who you are and why you want to study nursing. 

6. Are writing skills important for nursing?

Yes, writing is an essential skill for nurses, both during their studies and in their professional career. Nurses need to be excellent communicators, both written and verbal, and nurses frequently need to write written reports, patient histories and research papers.

7. Do all nursing schools require essays?

Not all nursing schools require a written essay or personal statement as part of their applications, but there are many who ask for at least one writing evaluation to make admissions decisions.

8. Do nursing students have to write a thesis?

Not every nursing school program has a thesis or capstone project to wrap up, but nurses do often have to write essays and other written assignments during their studies or sometimes during school examinations.

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