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Here at BeMo, we have been honoured to support various exceptional on-campus student clubs, conferences, and events over the past ten years and counting.

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Just a Few of the Outstanding Clubs We Support:

Pre-Med Societies: UChicago, TRUSU, UTSC, Mount Allison, Queen's, UWindsor, UWaterloo, UofM, McGill, SFU, UofT, USF, UBC

Pre-Law Societies: Belmont, LSU, UOttawa, FIU, Harvard, MRU, UofT, UofH, Laurier, Berkeley, Stanford

NSBWM: UPenn, UT Dallas, XULA

MEDLIFE: UTSG, Queen’s, McGill

HOSA: Queens’s, UTSG, UTSC, UofF, McGill


AMWA: AMWA National, UAB, Berkeley

AMSA: Columbia, Houston, NYU, UCF, Berkeley

IPHA: UOttawa

CARRM: UOttawa, UofT


SIMS: UCalgary

Global Medical Brigades: Adelphi, WSU


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From conferences & fundraisers to giveaways & workshops, we are here for you!

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BeMo advisors are practicing professionals, such as medical doctors, trained in the field of admissions. These trained experts will work with you and your members, providing tips, tricks, and expert advice to help optimize your success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I learn more about partnership options with BeMo?

Simple! Email us partnerships [at]

2. My university has a conference coming up, can BeMo help sponsor this event?

Yes we can! Email us at partnerships [at] with the details and we will see what we can do

3. My club is already sponsored by another organization, am I still eligible for a sponsorship with BeMo?

Of course! The more resources that your club has access to, the better!

4. My university prehealth/premed advisors provide these same resources so I don't need this.

BeMo advisors are practicing professionals such as medical doctors trained in the field of admissions. Our success rate for our students is unmatched. This is not to replace your university advisor but to provide additional assistance and resources to your members to optimize their success.

5. Do I have to pay for a sponsorship with BeMo

Nope! Our sponsorship packages are completely free.

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