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What Do You Need to MAXIMIZE Your Child's Chance of Admission?

If your child is well positioned there are only a handful of things he/she would need to do to get accepted. 

But if they do get in, there is an AVALANCHE of opportunities that are going to open up for them.

This is called the ultimate advantage that will keep them afloat for the rest of their life.

This is the Admissions Advantage™. 

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

Dear parent,

My name is Dr. Behrouz Moemeni and I am the CEO here at BeMo, the most sought-after firm for undergraduate, graduate and professional school applicants.

Before I tell you about BeMo's Admissions Advantage, I'd like you to hear from some of our past students (and their parents) who have been able to gain acceptances to multiple schools:

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

It's one thing to read books, attend a webinar, seek the help of Dr. Google, and God forbid go on an online forum for "advice" about admissions...

It's a totally different experience to be completely immersed in the process and learn from world class pros.

You see, most people see Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and they think they were all "gifted". Sort of born with some specific traits that gave them an edge. But if you study their biographies (and biographies of Masters of any field), you'll see that they were born with ZERO skills. You'll also notice that none of them achieved mastery by reading books or attending a crash course, rather they actually engaged in DOING the activity itself with the help of a world class coach.

As you probably already agree, whether your child wants to become a medical doctor, dentists, pharmacist or any sort of professional for that matter, your child needs to MASTER the art of presenting their best self to the admissions committee. In fact he or she needs this mastery to become a better future professional because communication is the #1 key to success of a practicing professional.

As a future practicing professional your child must know how to communicate with those under his/her care, their colleagues and their superiors to advance in their careers and become a superstar in their field.

This is why I am inviting you and your child to join me and my team of admissions experts here at BeMo to work on your child's application. Your child will get one-on-one time with our admissions experts to learn our proven strategies to make their applications stand out and ace the dreaded admissions interview.

I am limiting our programs to a few serious applicants at a time so that we have time to maintain the quality of our service. We have several programs to suit any applicant's goals and we also provide custom programs so I am sure we can create a plan specific to your child.

Your child will get to learn from our sharp admissions experts. These are NOT your average "advisors" but from the hundreds of consultant applications we get every year, only the top 5% are accepted to this program. They are rigorously trained and tested "in the field". If they are able to produce results for our students, they stay, if not, they are let go with respect. This way your child gets to learn from them, get ideas from their approach and questions. While your child listens to them they'll also get a chance to contribute their ideas, which in my experiences will significantly improve their own learning experience.

And if your child is in one of our Titanium or Platinum programs, we'll work with your child for as long as necessary, during your desired admissions season, until our admissions experts are confident that your child's application is 100% ready for submissions and that they are 100% ready for their interviews. This way, if you choose our Titanium or Platinum program, you won't have to worry about clock ticking or second guessing your child's decisions.

You cannot get this kind of expertise at any price. We've got the experience and expertise to help your child get into medical school. We have seen literally tens of thousands of successful applicants and we know exactly what makes a great applicant. We also know what normally makes them tick and what gets them rejected. And our track record speaks for itself. The confidence your child gets from this experience could make the difference all by itself. 

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

You're in Good Company

77,589 of applicants around the world have used BeMo

This is why I created BeMo:

I Explain More On My TEDx Talk Here:

This is What Your Child Could Get When You Enroll Your Child in One of Our Programs

Unlimited reviews of application documents until we are 100% confident they are ready for submission during your chosen admissions cycle.

Unlimited mock interviews and expert feedback until we are 100% confident that your child is ready for his/her interviews.

One-on-one application strategy and brainstorming sessions with our admissions experts.

Recommendation on school selection to maximize chance of acceptance.

Unlimited standardized test prep.

BeMo's 100% love it or your money back guarantee.

BeMo's Acceptance Challenge guarantee.

BeMo's No B.S. Free Repeat guarantee.

BeMo's Get In Or Your Money Back guarantee.

And much more depending on the chosen program.

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

Why should you sign up for the BeMo Admissions Advantage instead of signing up for traditional admissions coaching with someone else?

Most trusted name: we're not perfect but we have the most (third-party verified) 5-star reviews than all of our competitors combined.

Unlike some of our competitors, we're 100% full-time dedicated to the world of admissions and our mission here at BeMo to make sure everyone has a fair chance of admissions to their dream educational program. This is not a second job or side hustle to us. We don't practice other professions in our day job. This is our 24/7 job. This is what we eat, breathe and live every single day.

 Ongoing coaching - if you choose the Titanium or Platinum program, we'll keep going until we are 100% confident that your child has compelling application documents and is going to ace his/her interviews.

 We know what we are talking about and that's what generates the word of mouth and demand for our expertise. For example, as you saw in the screenshot above, our Ultimate Guide to Med School Admissions has hit the #1 spot on Amazon best sellers list multiple times and is voted as 4.9/5 stars. 

 We have had tens of thousands of happy and successful applicants over the years. Right now we have THOUSANDS of success stories from past students (and their parents) and you can read them for yourself here. (The link opens in a new tab)

 We help thousands of students every single year and we have helped students get into any medical school you can name. I'm not telling you this to brag, but I'm telling you this because I want to emphasize that what we have learned is based on our experience working with many students. We know exactly what works and what doesn't. 

 Our expertise is sought after by media, premed outlets and even several universities. For example, I have been invited to write articles for Student Doctor Network (SDN) (here & here); BeMo's resources have been listed by University of Waterloo, University of Michigan, Emory University, and McGill University career and pre-health advising offices; I have been interviewed by US News and World report (click here and scroll down to see my comments about the medical school resume presented in the article); and I have even been invited to present at international conferences about admissions (click here to watch a replay). 

 Our programs are in high demand because they work and they work really well. In fact we offer the only scientifically proven admissions consulting programs. You see, I am a scientist by training and I have been published in several peer-reviewed articles, have given a dozen of international invited talks, and I do everything like a scientist. This is why all of our programs have been scientifically tested and proven before they make it to market. Below is the result of a study we conducted recently with applicants in our interview prep program. Our students significantly improved their multiple mini interview (MMI) score (and CASPer score, CASPer a relatively new admissions screening test) by an average of 27%. And our success rate, for applicants in our Titanium or Platinum programs that are invited to interviews, is anywhere between 93.5% to 100% each year because when you are competing with hundreds of excellent applicants, 27% increase in your interview scores means the difference between a rejection and acceptance letter. 

My final thoughts:

If you are completely satisfied with your child's strategies to get accepted and you are confident that they can get in on their own or with the help of Dr. Google or a random online forum, then this program is probably not for you.

If you are looking for a magic pill or for cheap quick dirty "tricks" to help your child get in, this is also not for you.

If you are serious about helping your child become a master communicator and a better person (and as a result get into their dream program, and have universities compete for the privilege of having them as a student) and willing to do whatever it takes, then this is exactly for you.

Since you have come this far, I hope that some internal resistance, procrastination or cost doesn't stop you. The cost of the program is considerably lower than the cost of reapplication process if your child gets rejected and even minuscule to the benefits of becoming a high-earning, well-respected future professional. Remember, when your child gets in, they'll be reaping the financial and non-financial benefits for the rest of their lives and you'll have bragging rights and the rightful sense of pride that you helped them at such a pivotal moment forever.

So to make it easier, here is my guarantee.

BeMo's 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee:

"If your child is not completely satisfied with his/her first consultation session, let us know by end of the first consultation session and we will issue a full refund."

Click the link below to schedule your free initial consultation today.

We look forward to working with you and your child. This is a really fun program!

To your success,

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, PhD

CEO @ BeMo

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

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