Looking for the best companies for premeds? There are hundreds of companies which offer specialized services for premeds, from MCAT prep and job searching to study help. Whether you’re searching for the best premed gap year jobs, private MCAT tutoring companies or looking for useful QBank resources, we have you covered with the best companies and resources that will help you become a doctor. In this blog, we’ll look at some useful resources for premeds and medical students and a list of the best companies you should check out.

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Best Companies for Premeds

We’ve compiled a list of the best companies for premeds, from education to tutoring to Qbanks and medical scrubs retailers. No matter what resources you need or where you are in your premed and medical school journey, we’re here to help.

Below we’ve listed the best companies for premeds looking for educational opportunities, medical school application help or online study resources for those asking how to start studying for the MCAT and other exams.

Educational Institutions and Med School Consulting for Premeds

1. BeMo Academic Consulting

BeMo’s purpose

BeMo’s purpose is help students achieve their academic and career goals and to keep admissions fair to everyone regardless of their social, cultural or racial status. We believe absolutely everyone deserves access to higher education.

What we offer premeds

We offer admissions consulting services to students wanting to apply to any program, including medical school application help for premed students. With help from our expert consultants anytime, anywhere, students receive personalized, one-on-one feedback and advice on any part of the medical school admissions process. We even help students with their medical school interview prep with realistic mock sessions with our expert consultants, so students get comfortable and familiar with the process, and receive an expert’s advice on their interview responses.

If you need expert help with a specific part of your application, such as your brainstorming or review of you personal statement, MCAT study help, advice on extracurriculars for medical school, CASPer or AAMC PREview test prep, we have personalized prep programs just for you:

BeMo provides hundreds of free resources, expert advice and tips for students applying to any undergraduate or graduate program through our Admissions Experts blog, webinars, prep books, Youtube Channel and our BeMo Admissions Experts podcast!

2. The Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society is a 10-month global innovation program for teens, offered both virtually and in-person. Students can learn about emerging technologies and innovation in science, while participating in critical projects and developing essential real-world skills. With opportunities for networking, mentorship and skill-building, the Knowledge Society can be a fantastic foundation for premed students and a nice addition to your extracurriculars for medical school. The Knowledge Society has in-person programs in Austin, TX; Calgary, AB; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Toronto, ON; and Vancouver, BC. Applicants must be at least 12 years old to apply.

3. OnlineMedEd

OnlineMedEd offers a variety of online courses for premedical students to gain a foundation of medical science or enhance their knowledge. OnlineMedEd offers Preclinical, Clinical and Residency Prep programs for medical students at any stage of their learning, whether they need extra MCAT prep, need to prepare for clinical rotations or want to know how to study for shelf exams.

Applying to med school? Here's why you should consider hiring a medical school admissions consulting service:

4. Osmosis

Osmosis offers a wide range of educational materials in medicine, from Anatomy to Pharmacology. Osmosis includes a library of videos, diagrams and study materials to help students prepare for their clerkships, the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK. Students can also to review the core competencies of patient care and the essential skills required by medical professionals. Along with plenty of free resources, Osmosis has tailored paid plans for DO and MD students, pharmacy, physician assistant or nursing students. Paid plans include a personalized study schedule, full access to the Osmosis library, pre-made flashcards and expert clinical case questions to practice with. No matter your discipline, there are a variety of learning and study materials for every premed student at affordable prices.

5. OneClass

Based in Toronto, OneClass helps students in Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand with their course assignments, homework, exam prep and more. Through a “learner ecosystem” of educators, top students and tutors, college students can get their questions answered, access study guides and course materials. Tutors and other students can upload study guides, lecture notes, video tutorials and answers to course-specific questions to help their peers succeed. OneClass offers a variety of budget-friendly plans depending on students’ study needs. Students can also earn transfer credits by signing up for Booster Classes in numerous subjects.

For students who aren’t sure they meet medical school GPA requirements or want to know how to get into medical school with a low GPA, OneClass is an excellent resource to take advantage of to help you get your grades up. If you’re still in high school or undergrad, use study resources like OneClass to push your GPA into a more competitive range. If you’ve already graduated or don’t have an opportunity to boost your GPA, you can check out medical schools that accept a low GPA, but be sure to check where your GPA is in the competitive range of applicants!

Study Abroad Programs for Premeds

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to travel, learn, explore and gain experience. Studying abroad opportunities are an excellent way for premeds to develop their professional skillsets and personal growth. Programs like the ones listed below can also help premeds develop the AAMC competencies, the set of values and qualities that medical schools use to evaluate potential students. Whether you’re a high school student, university student or taking a gap year before medical school, check out the following opportunities for unparalleled learning experiences.

1. GoAbroad.com

GoAbroad specializes in connecting prospective students with their ideal study abroad opportunity. They've partnered with hundreds of pre-med study abroad programs around the world, in places like Kenya, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and beyond! Pre-med opportunities abroad aren't limited to study abroad though—GoAbroad also has directories to help pre-med students find volunteer programs, gap year programs, and internships. They have tons of resources to help you find the ideal pre-med opportunity abroad, including articles, interviews with program staff, and alumni reviews. You can start your search here.

2. Go Overseas

Whether you’re searching for internships, volunteer work, study abroad opportunities or taking a gap year, Go Overseas has a wealth of 15,000+ programs to choose from. Go Overseas has connections with study abroad, teaching and volunteer programs all over the world. And there are several options for virtual study abroad programs and online opportunities, too, for students who want to take advantage of these learning opportunities from the comforts of home.

2. CEA Study Abroad

CEA Study Abroad has partnered with CAPA: The Global Education Network to provide international academic programs and internships to students. CEA Study Abroad supports students for every step of the study abroad process, to help make the transition and experience smoother. Gain working experience and worldly experience living and studying abroad. Premeds looking for work and study programs or who want to take the chance to travel while gaining professional skills can find a program that suits their needs and budget.

3. World Strides

Interested in studying abroad? Want to find opportunities for a service mission, domestic or abroad? World Strides offers unique programs to enhance your leadership, social responsibility and cultural competency, wherever you want to go. Mission trips or leadership expeditions can be a great way to diversify your application, and a notable mention in your personal statement or extracurriculars section of your application. You can also explore opportunities at ISA Studies Abroad.

Best Companies for Premed Job Search

Below are the best premed job providers and companies who offer great work opportunities for premeds planning their medical school applications. Gaining clinical experience and paid or volunteer work in healthcare is an essential way to make your medical school application stand out!

1. BeMo Premed Student Brand Ambassador

If you’re a social media-savvy premed looking for a flexible job to help pay the bills, check out BeMo’s premed student brand ambassador position! To fit this role, you must be proficient with social media, know your university campus like the back of your hand, and be enrolled in a premed program in the US or Canada. We are currently searching for the best and brightest to join our team making a difference in the world of university admissions. If you think you’re the right fit, you can find more information on our careers page.

2. ProScribeMD

ProScribeMD provides a fantastic opportunity for premed and prehealth students of all backgrounds to acquire real-world, on-the-job experience in a large range of healthcare positions, including by working as Medical Scribes alongside leading healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics. Working with ProScribeMD enables students to gain and leverage relevant clinical experience before applying to med school, dental school, or their professional program of choice; all while gaining experiential knowledge about medical specialties, and playing an integral part in patient care. Some of the benefits ProScribeMD offers include providing a medical school recommendation letter and mock medical school interview support for your applications, and a guaranteed interview at Ross University School of Medicine, provided you meet all the medical school requirements. Being a part of the ProScribeMD community is advantageous for all prehealth students looking to stand out from the crowd of applicants by creating valuable networking connections with healthcare providers and increasing your knowledge.

Message from ProScribeMD: Our mission is to innovatively support healthcare providers of today while investing in those of tomorrow. We take significant care to ensure that our employees are supported through their unique professional journeys and have access to the best resources and opportunities in the business. If you are a detail-oriented, coachable, hard-worker who loves to think on your feet and work in a fast-paced environment, we would love to receive your application to work as a medical scribe. We know you will love this opportunity, so click here to learn more and apply today!

Looking for premed work experience? Here are the best jobs for premed students:

3. Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships is an online platform that matches companies to applicants looking for remote internships and work placements. Applicants can also enroll in professional development courses to deepen their skillsets or work with an internship coach to get the most out of their experience. Applicants can explore internships offered by more than 12,000 companies in health care and pharmacy through Virtual Internships.

Work experience is a great asset on your medical school application, but it can be tricky to find in-person opportunities for some premeds, so participating in virtual internships or work placements is a way to gain those needed experiences and build essential skills. Premeds can also pursue virtual shadowing and virtual research opportunities to meet medical school requirements or round out their applications. BeMo also provides free virtual shadowing experiences for premeds!

4. Learn to Be

Many premeds earn extra cash to cover medical school costs through tutoring jobs. Tutoring can be a lucrative option and jobs are relatively easy to find. Learn to Be is an online, one-on-one tutoring service for students from kindergarten all the way up through high school and beyond. There is an online application for volunteer tutors who can teach students of any age on any subject from maths and sciences to languages and history. Tutors also have a chance to network with industry professionals and forge mentorships. Premeds looking to fund their medical school application fees or medical school tuition should consider virtual tutoring as a flexible option to start saving!

Also be sure to check out medical school scholarships you might be eligible for to help fund your education!

Shadowing and Research Experience for Premeds

1. BeMo Academic Consulting

We understand how difficult it can be to find shadowing options or premed research opportunities to add to your application. Which is why BeMo launched a free virtual shadowing experience for premeds, so you can gain the necessary shadowing hours for your application. Virtual shadowing is a great alternative for premeds who don’t have access to traditional shadowing opportunities in their area, such as many Canadian med school applicants. BeMo also offers a premed research program for students to develop critical research skills, learn more about hot topic issues in the medical community and make their medical school application stand out.

2. Atlantis

For premeds searching for unique shadowing experience to add to their medical school resume, Atlantis offers premeds the opportunity to not only study abroad, but shadow abroad in Europe. Premeds and prehealth students can gain some of the shadowing hours they might require for med school, while also improving their AAMC competencies, such as cultural competency. The Atlantis program has different scheduling options, and can accommodate students over their school breaks so they don’t miss out on study time. Students who are taking a gap year before medical school can also use this opportunity to build up their healthcare experience.

You can fill out an application for the program online, and if you’re not sure if the program is right for you, Atlantis has a helpful online quiz to take.

Here are some tips on finding premed research and shadowing opportunities!

Best QBank Providers

QBank Providers have practice questions, study planning tips and numerous study resources for any exam you will face on your med school journey. You might be looking for breakdowns of high-yield MCAT topics, instructional videos or webinars or other types of free MCAT prep. QBanks are a great all-around resource for anyone preparing for exams or learning how to study in medical school.

1. UWorld

UWorld is one of the best-known question bank providers and exam prep resources for medical students and other professional programs. For med students, UWorld provides help with how to study for the MCAT, the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and USMLE Step 3. UWorld has also added prep materials for DO students with the COMLEX Level 1 and COMLEX Level 2 Qbanks. The UWorld study interface mimics that of the real exam while providing detailed information on high-yield topics and subject breakdown.


USMLE-Rx focuses on helping medical students study for their medical licensing exams and with how to study during residency. USMLE-Rx focuses on high-yield content and offers customizable practice exams. There are a variety of plans to fit your study needs and budget, and you can start with a free trial to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Message from USMLE-Rx: Our goal and mission is to build a healthier world through sustainable education. We host high-yield, interactive lessons which are the building blocks of your medical education, created by subject matter experts. These tools are user friendly and function to help you become the very best medical professional. We go beyond tools that are there to help you cram, our goal is to help you build your knowledge as all of our qbanks contain detailed explanations. We assist students from every corner of the globe and inclusion and diversity is very important to us. We want to give education to those who may not have the same educational opportunities as others. Click here to learn more about how USMLE-Rx can advance you in your medical career. We look forward to seeing you over there!

3. MedQuest

Whether you’re a premed, medical student or preparing for residency, MedQuest has exam prep programs for every step of the way. If you’re a premed looking for an MCAT prep course, a med student wanting a USMLE Step 1 prep course or USMLE Step 2 CK prep course, or a resident in need of a USMLE Step 3 prep course, MedQuest has you covered. MedQuest was started by Dr. Conrad Fisher, and the MCAT prep course was designed to integrate with official AAMC materials so you can make the most of your MCAT study schedule.

4. BoardVitals

BoardVitals boasts a 100% pass rate, and has customizable packages for medical and nursing school, residency programs, dentistry, podiatry, pharmacy, physician assistant schools and more. If you’re studying for your boards or shelf exams, you can get access to thousands of practice questions and detailed explanations from medical experts.

5. Medstudy

MedStudy specializes in learning tools and study resources for med school, internal medicine residency and pediatrics residency prep. You can choose from a selection of study materials and customize your study package with a combination of digital and print resources.

Wondering if premed forums can help you? Here's 6 reasons why you should avoid them:

Best Premed Tutoring Companies

Finding the best MCAT tutor can be challenging, whether you’re searching for a prep course or the best MCAT private tutoring service. Tutoring companies provide personalized, one-on-one help with your studies or exam prep. We’ve gathered some of the best tutoring companies specifically for premeds and med students.

1. BeMo Academic Consulting

BeMo offers a comprehensive suite of private tutoring and admissions consulting services for premeds. Premeds can enroll in our medical school application review, MCAT prep program, CASPer prep program, and get help with medical school secondary essays, interview coaching—including how to prepare for an MMI!—and more.

2. Chegg

Chegg has a variety of resources for students that extend beyond private tutoring. Choose from exam prep help to personalized homework help for any of your courses. Chegg has a full suite of writing tools for students, so if you’re writing a diversity secondary essay for your med school application or working on those pesky secondary application essays, these writing tips and tools can come in handy.

Chegg also has a textbook buy or rent service with student budgets in mind, and special discounts on food delivery and meditation apps to help fuel your study sessions. Chegg has a subscription-based service, so students can sign up and cancel anytime.

3. Preply Inc.

Preply specializes in language tutoring, helping students from over 180 countries to learn a new language with the help of online tutors. Students can choose from either one-on-one or group sessions or search for tutors of their choice by either language or specialty of instruction. This is a good option for international students who want to brush up on their foreign language skills or premeds who want to earn some extra cash.

4. Skooli

Skooli has a full suite of tutoring services for any subject, including advanced maths and sciences, ESL instructors and writing advisors. Premeds who are preparing to take the MCAT can find a private tutor for subject-specific content. Or, if you’re looking for writing help, such as nursing essay writing services or medical school personal statement editing, a private tutor can be a good resource to use.

5. Pearson

Pearson Education has many excellent educational resources for students, including an online marketplace to purchase textbooks or etextbooks, study resources and learning apps and online courses. Pearson also offers online tutoring for students from qualified educators.

6. ArborBridge

ArborBridge is an online tutoring service which helps students prepare for the SAT and ACT, advanced coursework exams, the GRE and GMAT, and even TOEFL! Some BS/MD programs or premedical programs require SAT and ACT scores so if your goal is to achieve impressive scores on these tests, you can search for a tutor on ArborBridge to help you ace them. Taking IB or AP courses? ArborBridge has specialized tutoring options If you’re an international student and you need to take the TOEFL or a related English-language proficiency test to study in the US or Canada, there is customized tutoring available to you through ArborBridge.

7. Club Z!

Club Z! helps students in any subject of any age. High school students can choose from SAT, PSAT and ACT prep, GRE exam prep or even college planning services. Club Z! has a flexible summer tutoring options for students offered both at home and online and has a special focus on helping students with ADHD or learning disabilities to succeed academically. If you want to know how to get into medical school with ADHD or how to increase your premed GPA with ADHD, getting a tutor to help you who understands the way you learn and understand complex materials will certainly be an advantage.

Best Medical Scrubs Providers

As a med student you’ll need to prepare for clinical rotations and clinical work You’ll also need a supply of medical scrubs for any shadowing or clinical experiences you participate in as a premed. It’s a good idea to get a head start on prep by knowing where to buy scrubs! The following companies are the best scrubs companies to source your medical gear from.

Not sure if BeMo is the right choice for you? Here's how we helped Kristen get into her top medical school!


1. What are the best companies for premeds?

The best companies for premeds can include educational institutions or organizations which help students find their ideal program, develop their professional skills or get into their chose program. The best companies for premeds might also mean the best tutoring companies and exam prep resources, or companies that help premeds find job opportunities, research positions or volunteer work to fill their medical school applications.

2. What are the best Qbank providers for med students?

There are many Qbank companies out there offering both free and paid resources for students studying for the MCAT or medical licensing exams. If you’re looking for the best value for your investment, look for Qbank providers that incorporate official sources or provide practice questions that are as close as possible to the real exam. That way, your exam study and practice tests will mimic the real thing, meaning fewer surprises on exam day.

3. What are the best tutoring services for medical school?

The best tutoring services for premeds offer one-on-one, personalized study help. Your medical school tutor should help you develop learning strategies and study skills that help you understand the materials, manage your time and build your critical analysis and reading comprehension ability. 

4. How do I find premed jobs for med school?

Premeds can start their job search by asking university faculty or career centres about potential job postings. Premeds can also search on hospital or clinic websites for job postings or online job boards dedicated to medical positions. There are also companies who focus on matching premed and medical students with medical internships, hospitals or clinics searching for assistance.

5. What are the best scrubs providers for med students?

As a premed or medical student, you’ll need a reliable place to buy scrubs and work clothes. The best scrubs companies for premeds and med students will offer comfortable, affordable and high-quality clothes. It’s also good to check that your chosen company offers convenient delivery options to your location.

6. What are the best exam prep companies for medical students?

The best exam prep companies for medical students have qualified, expert instructors, offer personalized exam prep help and have reliable, proven results for their students. If you’re looking for exam prep help, it’s a good idea to research your options and take advantage of free consultations to ask questions and determine if a company is the right fit for you!

7. What are the best MCAT prep companies for premeds?

MCAT prep companies are numerous but they are not all great quality. Do your research on available MCAT prep tutors and keep an eye our for companies that have qualified instructors, personalized prep and study plans, use official MCAT study resources and coach students on exam question strategy and time management.

8. Why should I choose BeMo?

Not sure if BeMo is the right company for you as a premed? Schedule a free consultation with us and get all of your questions answered!

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