BeMo Academic Consulting ("BeMo") is now offering free virtual shadowing experience to medical school applicants. 

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This opportunity is available online to anyone seeking to gain shadowing experience to strengthen their premedical knowledge, as well as their med school applications. Here’s how it works:

The shadowing sessions are led by current leading physicians working in a wide variety of medical specialties. Students can access the recorded clinical cases from anywhere at any time, including cases in internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, OBGYN, trauma, rural family medicine, and more. The assortment of participating doctors and presentations allows students to explore different fields of medicine and start pondering which path they may want to pursue. Participants simply need to complete video training, take short open-book quizzes, and get their certificate of completion that will accompany their medical school applications.

“Medical schools have very demanding admissions requirements. At times, we have found that students panic about gaining all the relevant extracurriculars expected of them. Our DocShadowing opportunity allows students to fulfill this medical school requirement on their own terms: it’s a free learning opportunity that can be accessed by students online at a time that’s convenient for them. We know how busy the schedule of a pre-med student is, so we want to help ease the burden. The goal of all our programs, including DocShadowing, is to help students achieve their academic and professional dreams by removing obstacles to such experiences.” said Dr. Bherouz Moemeni, PhD, President and CEO of BeMo.

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