Should I take a CASPer test prep course? This question occurs to many students who are facing a CASPer test as an admissions requirement. This situational judgment test is a part of the Altus Suite assessment tool, which has recently become a popular addition to the admissions process in higher education institutes in the US and Canada. The unusual format and tricky requirements of CASPer often make it a challenging test to prepare for. A CASPer test prep course can help you get the skills and confidence you need to ace this test. But do you really need it? How can you find a good CASPer test prep course? These are some of the questions we will answer in this blog. We’ll also let you know the benefits of taking a CASPer test prep course.

Disclaimer: CASPer stands for computer-based assessment for sampling personal characteristics and is claimed to be a trademark of McMaster & Altus. BeMo does not recommend, endorse nor affiliate with CASPer, Altus or McMaster and vice versa. BeMo only provides preparation services and practice tests. To take CASPer, contact Altus directly.

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How Important is CASPer Test Prep? Do You Need a CASPer Test Prep Course? How to Find a Good CASPer Test Prep Course Benefits of Taking a CASPer Test Prep Course Conclusion FAQs

How Important is CASPer Test Prep?

Before you decide if you should sign up for a CASPer test prep course, you should check if the programs or schools you’re applying to even require the CASPer test. Though it is becoming increasingly popular as an admissions tool, there are still many nursing, dental, and medical schools that don’t require CASPer. If the programs you’re applying to do require it, begin by taking some time to research this test format and what skills you need to ace this test.

CASPer stands for Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics. As the name suggests, this test evaluates the non-academic, non-cognitive skills that cannot be easily judged via candidates’ applications alone. Used by a variety of professional programs including nursing, medical, veterinary, dentist schools and medical residency programs (to name just a few), it can help admissions committees and program directors get a better idea of your personality and suitability for the profession you are entering or studying for. Amongst other things, it tests your professionalism, maturity, ethical decision-making, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability under pressure.

Since this is a test that assesses your soft skills, many students experience some confusion about how exactly they can prepare for this test. Unlike your MCAT study schedule, your CASPer test prep won’t include any textbooks with complex scientific concepts and review materials. This makes it difficult to know how exactly you can maximize your chances of getting a good CASPer score.

Do you really need a CASPer test prep course? Find out in our video:

As a result, one of the biggest myths you find promoted in CASPer test Reddit and other online forums is that it’s very easy to prepare for or you can’t prepare for it at all! These claims are based on subjective opinions. The CASPer test is like any other admissions component – you definitely need to put in some time to research and prepare for this test. CASPer test prep helps you get familiar and comfortable with the test format and develop the skills essential to a successful performance. Going in unprepared can set you up for a disappointing performance, which could end up being the deciding factor in whether or not your application is accepted!

Check out this infographic for info on CASPer Reddit:

The relative importance of the CASPer test in the application process varies depending on the program or school you’re applying to. However, keep in mind that they wouldn’t have added the CASPer test to your admissions requirements in the first place unless they valued the results. So, don’t skip CASPer test prep because you’ve heard the (incorrect) rumors that it’s not as important and hence can be neglected.

You might also have heard that CASPer tests you on your skills and personality, and as such, you either have what it takes to do well, or you don’t, so preparing for the test is a waste of time. This is not entirely true. Like with any other test, the CASPer evaluates specific skills and even though these are soft skills, they are highly coachable. In fact, we conducted a study of our own to test this hypothesis. We studied groups of participants doing different types of interview prep, and found that BeMo CASPer review and MMI review programs helped substantially improve students’ performance in mock interview/test environments. Participants’ CASPer practice scores increased by 40.4%, proving that with the right preparation and coaching, you too can definitely increase your CASPer score. Like with any other test, for the CASPer test, you need to work hard to improve yourself so you can put your best foot forward!

Do You Need a CASPer Test Prep Course?

As we said above, CASPer test prep is important, but so is getting the right type of coaching to ensure you’re developing the right skills, and not just wasting your time and effort practicing blindly without knowing how effective your CASPer prep is. Rather than “practice makes perfect”, the more accurate saying should be “perfect practice makes perfect” i.e., rather than focusing merely on “hard work”, focus on how to make the most of the time you spend in CASPer prep. That’s why a CASPer test prep course conducted by experienced, qualified professions can be important – to help you focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses and get customized, targeted guidance for improvement.

Here are a few factors you should consider before you decide if you need a CASPer test prep course or not:

1. How comfortable are you with the test format?

CASPer is an online pre-recorded test involving 14 different scenarios with follow-up questions, which you have to answer within a specified amount of time. The test is divided into 2 sections: in the first, you will be required to provide a verbal/video-recorded response to 2 follow-up questions after each scenario. In the second section, you will be required to provide typed responses to 3 follow-up questions for each prompt. It sounds simple enough, especially compared to the 7+ hours long MCAT exam, but it can be tricky if you’re not prepared. Going into the test blind, without any previous preparation or practice, can present many challenges: you may not be able to understand the question and assess what’s required of you, you’ll find it difficult to respond eloquently within the given time frame, you could be confused about how to structure your answer, and you won’t know what the contents of your answer should focus on.

A CASPer test prep course which offers numerous mock CASPer simulations allows you to overcome these challenges and get comfortable with the test format. As you decide whether or not to take a CASPer test prep, ask yourself if you’re absolutely confident about handling the CASPer test format. If the answer is no, then a CASPer test prep course with realistic CASPer simulations could be the right choice for you.

2. Do you have the right strategies to tackle different types of CASPer test questions?

The unique timed format of the CASPer test means that you won’t get much time to understand the scenarios, analyze the questions, and respond effectively. As you’re facing a computer rather than a person, there’s no scope for clemency here. If you freeze up or mess up, you won’t get extra time, and you won’t get a chance to re-record your answers. Moreover, there’s no way to predict exactly which questions and scenarios you might get. That’s why you need to develop expert strategies to help you tackle the various types of CASPer questions you might face. You should know how to analyze different scenarios, how to structure your answer for each type of question, and the right way to highlight the competencies and qualities they’re looking for in a candidate.

Through a CASPer test prep course, you can get tried and tested expert strategies to tackle different types of questions, and access to lots of sample questions and answers. This allows you to practice in a consistent, efficient manner, until you’re able to naturally and easily apply the strategies to give impressive answers. If you’re going through a few sample CASPer questions and find yourself increasingly confused about the “right” answers, then a CASPer test prep course could help you.

3. How much time do you have left before your CASPer test date?

A CASPer prep course could be useful if you’re strapped for time. CASPer prep courses can give you customized guidance to help you learn strategies to ace the CASPer test and improve your communication skills in varying timelines. However, remember that interview skills take time to develop, so we would generally recommend that you don’t wait till the last minute to sign up for CASPer test prep. Are you now wondering how long does it take to prepare for CASPer? Well, while there is no universally applicable “ideal” CASPer prep time, typically, most students need at least 6 to 8 weeks to prepare for CASPer. Some students may need just 3 or 3 weeks, depending on their existing skills and preparedness, while others may need up to 12 weeks. However, it’s better to put in even 1 or 2 weeks of CASPer prep effort rather than not do any prep at all! CASPer test prep courses can help you make the most of this short amount of time and get ready for the test as soon as possible.

Considering a CASPer test prep course? See this infographic:

How to Find a Good CASPer Test Prep Course

If, after evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, you decide to sign up for a CASPer test prep course, make sure you find a good one that can actually help you improve yourself with proven strategies.

Here are a few key features you should look for to identify a good CASPer test prep course:

Benefits of Taking a CASPer Test Prep Course

Signing up for a reliable CASPer test prep course isn’t just about getting access to realistic mock simulations or sample CASPer questions; there are numerous benefits, both short-term and long-term, for you to consider.

Let’s understand some of these benefits:

Want to see a realistic mock CASPer test session? Check it out:


Remember – it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Taking a CASPer test prep course is an investment in yourself and your future. A good CASPer test prep course can help you gain both confidence and mastery and actually become the best version of yourself. Don’t rely on luck or incomplete preparations to ace your applications. Instead, take charge of your life and make decisions that contribute to your long-term growth and success. Ultimately, your future is in your hands!


1. Is it even possible to prepare for the CASPer test?

Yes, absolutely! It’s a myth that you can’t prepare for the CASPer test, and studies have shown that with the right coaching, you can see a substantial improvement in your CASPer scores. The CASPer evaluates your soft skills and personal suitability for your future profession, and you can definitely work towards improving these general skills, as well as preparing for the specific CASPer test format and questions.

2. Do I need a CASPer test prep course?

Only you can make this decision! Before you decide, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and specific requirements. Consider a few factors: are you comfortable with the CASPer test format? Do you know the different types of CASPer test scenarios and questions, and how to answer them? Do you have good interview skills? How much time do you have till your CASPer test? Based on this information, you can decide how beneficial a CASPer test prep course can be for you. Just remember that this decision should be based only on your analysis of your personal requirements. Don’t pay attention to misinformation on the internet and biased opinions expressed in Reddit premed forums. A good CASPer test prep course isn’t just about “improving your score”; there are so many long-term skills you can gain in this process. Consider it more as an investment in yourself rather than an expenditure.

3. How I identify a good CASPer test prep course?

A good CASPer test prep course offers the services of CASPer experts who can provide you with proven strategies to tackle different types of questions, and help you to structure and refine your answers. Make sure you get access to multiple mock CASPer simulations that will let you participate in practice CASPer tests in a realistic test environment and format. Most crucially, a good CASPer test prep course will offer customized feedback to help you identify your areas for improvement, as well as strategies to build the skills you, personally, need to do well in the CASPer test.

4. What are the long-term benefits of taking a CASPer test prep course?

Expert CASPer coaching can help you improve your communication and interview skills and develop the qualities you need to do well in your future profession, such as ethical reasoning, effective decision making, ability to stay calm under pressure, ability to assess difficult situations and provide unbiased opinions, and so on. These skills aren’t easy to develop! However, once you have them, they will stay with you for life, and can help you in your future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

5. How long do I need to prepare for the CASPer test?

We recommend spending between 8 to 12 weeks to prepare for the CASPer test. Some students, who already have excellent communication skills, could take less time, while others who need more intensive coaching, could take longer. Giving yourself enough time to prep for the CASPer test is crucial, so that you can build the skills you need to do well in this test.

6. Should I use online forums such as Reddit for CASPer prep?

We would not recommend this CASPer prep strategy. There’s certainly a huge amount of information on the internet related to CASPer test prep, but it’s very difficult to separate the grain from the chaff – how do you know which strategies and tips are actually effective and which ones are based on inaccurate information? And remember that random posters on the internet do not know you, personally. They can’t help you identify your specific strengths and how to work on your weaknesses. Their advice is based only on their own experiences, so their opinions are entirely subjective. Even if they’re well-meaning, following this kind of unverified advice could back-fire on you and leave you with a disappointing CASPer score.

7. How can I prepare for the CASPer test?

The first step is to do your research about the CASPer test format, requirements, length, how it’s scored, what it is evaluating, etc. Next, try practicing with a few sample CASPer questions to see how comfortable you feel with the test format and how well you’re able to answer the questions. You can consider taking a CASPer test prep course to help you plan out your CASPer prep in a structured, systematic way, with mock CASPer simulations, practice questions, strategies to tackle different types of questions, and customized feedback to help you identify what you’re doing wrong and how to improve it. Remember that it’s not easy to judge your own progress when it comes to a tricky test like the CASPer, so consider all the pros and cons before deciding if you should sign up a CASPer test prep course.

8. Is the CASPer test mandatory for all professional programs?

No! The CASPer test is commonly used in nursing, dental, veterinary, and medical program application processes, however, it is not a universal admissions requirement. From your list of target programs, you should check which are the schools that use the CASPer test to confirm whether or not you need to prepare for this test. You can check the school admissions websites or use MSAR to confirm this.

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Sophia M.

What other way could I prep for the CASPer test if I don't have the financial means to sign up for a prep course? Is there a way to get expert feedback on my answers to practice CASPer test questions without signing up for a prep course?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hello Sophia! Thanks for your comment. Professional feedback is one of the best ways to improve, but you can also review sessions with other students to see if you make any of the same mistakes and adjust your answers accordingly. For example, you can review a mock CASPer session here to see the feedback a student gets on her responses. Hope this helps!