Content writing jobs in Canada are a great option if you love writing and spend your time hitting your keyboard keys in a rhythmic frenzy to weave paragraphs together. There are thousands of opportunities for you in the world of commercial writing, regardless of your educational background. So, whether you are taking a gap year before medical school or looking for a part time job as a grad school student, a writing position may be the perfect way to gain some skills and earn some extra cash. Are you currently thinking of putting your creative writing skills to use? You are in the right place! In this blog, we will discuss the job responsibilities of a content writer and the top skills you need on your resume to get a content writing job in Canada. Keep reading to learn what it takes to start a writing career, the type of career paths available, and the best current opportunities for writers.

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What Does a Content Writer Do? Content Writing as a Potential Career for Graduates of Humanities and Liberal Arts Programs How to Become a Content Writer as a Social Science Graduate in Canada? Top Skills to Include in a Content Writing Resume BeMo's Content Writing Jobs in Canada FAQs

What Does a Content Writer Do?

As a content writer, you are responsible for creating written content on topics related to your chosen professional field. The content can include blogs, articles, social media posts, marketing copy, scripts, and much more. Typically, content writing also involves detailed research, so whether you are entering a new field in writing or pursuing your old passion, you must be prepared to dedicate much of your time to becoming an expert in your field. 

It is your job to ensure that your content is completely unique and not copied from anywhere else. Plagiarism is simply not acceptable. It is also important to align yourself with the business or organization that you are working with i.e., write content that is relevant to the niche of the business. As a content writer, you will certainly be bringing your own skills to the table, but you must also be able to fit in with the tone and style expectations of your new employers.

In a nutshell, the job duties of a content writer are not limited to just writing. In fact, content writing provides you exposure to different activities associated with the job, such as analytics, social media, and video creation. For example, if you are writing content for social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, you will need to research what kind of posts your audience is looking for, how much engagement did the previous posts got, what you can improve when it comes to scripts and descriptions, and so on. Being a content writer exposes you to a variety of duties and responsibilities, so the position is never dull.

Content writing jobs in Canada may involve you doing a few or more of the following activities:

Content Writing as a Potential Career for Graduates of Humanities and Liberal Arts Programs

If you are a liberal arts graduate, you have the perfect set of skills to match this career opportunity, such as research, attention to detail, creativity, communication skills, and critical thinking. Additionally, content writing jobs in Canada are growing rapidly and you can find ample opportunities to demonstrate your talent. Here are some of the jobs you can explore in content writing and editing:

Web content writing jobs

You can find several website content writing opportunities in Canada as a liberal arts major. Most businesses and organizations are present online via a website, so you can write for any niche depending on your interest and background. You might even be able to cater to international businesses depending on your specialization. Are you a Spanish major? Why not write for a company operating in Spain! Your key responsibilities will be around creating website content and writing online blog articles. You should possess a basic knowledge of writing search engine-friendly copies initially in your career. As you grow as a specialist, you will gain skills to write content that ranks number one whenever someone searches for your topic online.

Technical content writing jobs

Technical writers require subject-matter expertise and detailed research. If you can deep-dive into presented topics, you are fit for the role of a technical writer. In this job, you will be creating easy-to-understand content based on complex information. Also, you might collaborate with product designers and managers to tailor the information for a particular set of audiences.

Proposal content writing jobs

You can find the role of a proposal writer in sales or business development departments. This role is exciting as it involves working with marketing, sales, and product teams to produce proposals that can win potential clients or business prospects.

Marketing communications jobs

You can work with the marketing department of an organization to produce marketing material, product specs sheets, promotional copies, annual reports, and PRs. You will be required to conduct proper research and develop engaging content copies. Formal training in marketing or business communication might be necessary for these positions.

Grant writing jobs

As a grant writer, you will be working with non-profit organizations to draft proposals for securing funds from different bodies. Since grant applications are complicated and include different application components, you should have a keen eye for the details related to the organization you are working with for writing supporting documentation.

Advertising copywriting jobs

Working as a copywriter might sound intimidating due to the constant demand for concise and eye-catching content, but you will enjoy this job if you enjoy a creative challenge. As a liberal arts major in writing, this is a perfect career choice for you if you can develop original ideas to impress your employer or clients.

How to Become a Content Writer as a Social Science Graduate in Canada?

As a social science graduate in Canada, you can opt for a career in content writing. In grad school, you must have conducted research on various topics by collecting data, assessing it using qualitative research methods, and writing reports for presenting your research findings. It is similar to the job responsibilities of a content writer, which include conducting research and developing content based on your findings.

With your school assignments and presentations, you would have acquired communication skills and the ability to work in collaboration with others. Are you also able to identify problems around you and solve these challenges? Well, considering all these qualities, you can definitely build your professional career as a content writer.

As a social science graduate, you can work in positions related to web content writing, marketing communications, or technical writing. You can start looking for content writing jobs in Canada post your graduation or even work part-time during your studies. Here are a few ways to build your content writing career as a social science graduate:

Top Skills to Include in a Content Writing Resume

There are a bunch of skills that you need on your content writing resume to impress potential recruiters. Remember to demonstrate your skills through your work and not merely mention them. Some of these technical and soft skills include the following.

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Research skills

Research skills are a significant part of the content writing process for any writing projects you undertake. It is logical to collect information about the topic before you begin writing. Thus, you should have the ability to dig deep into the topics you are writing. 

Conducted in-depth research on 5 topics every month to create detailed guides that attracted 10,000+ visitors.

Creativity and adaptability

You should be able to adapt your tone and style to a particular type of writing. As a skilled and creative writer, you should be able to tailor your words to any niche and format. Also, you must be creative enough to be able to develop interesting ideas for new articles from scratch. Take a look at the example below to get a better idea:

Produced original landing page for product X from scratch to increase leads volume by 95% for Company Y.

Writing and editing

You must convey to the recruiters that you have expertise in writing different forms of content. Provide quantifiable information to impress the recruiters, for example-

Researched, edited, and contributed writing to 100+ long-form articles, research reports, press releases, and email newsletters which gained over 500,000+ traffic.

Search engine optimization

It is essential to create content that is easily discoverable by search engines. So, as a writer, you should be able to write SEO-friendly content and understand the importance of SEO elements such as keywords, meta descriptions, titles, and more.

Created 45 SEO-friendly blogs from scratch, including keyword research using Ahrefs and writing meta descriptions for each blog.

Content management software

If you have the ability or experience of working on any content management software, then it is a bonus point for your profile. Recruiters like content writers who know how to work with technology platforms to bring the content to the users. A great example of a CMS is WordPress which is super simple to learn and does not require you to have the knowledge of coding. 

Assisted in uploading 30 blogs to the website every month using Strapi CMS. 

Social media management

This skill is optional but useful if you are looking to write social media posts and work on YouTube video scripts, which is also an attractive option for creative writers. 

Planned the social media calendar for 14 continuous months in 20XX and created 15 posts for each of the company’s platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

BeMo's Content Writing Jobs in Canada

You can find the best content writing jobs in Canada with BeMo. We are looking for experienced part-time to full-time content writers who can develop original and engaging content. BeMo is the industry leader in academic consulting, and you can improve our contribution as a team by writing content about postgraduate applications, the admission process, and education in general. We aim to provide the best and most informative blogs for our students. We research each topic thoroughly, write in-depth guides, and provide samples to help students understand admissions expectations. You can check some of our blogs to get a better idea, such as medical school personal statement examples, residency personal statement examples, graduate school statements of purpose, and more. If you think you have the right skills, you can become a part of our content team. 

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Your job responsibilities would involve extensive research on topics related to medical school, residency, nursing school, law school, grad school, and other professions to create professionally written content. Thus, you are a great fit if you have expertise in writing long-form content. Moreover, you can explore your creative side while also taking full responsibility for your task and working independently with minimal supervision. 

In turn, you get the freedom to work from anywhere and choose your working hours. Are you a night owl who functions best when everything is calm? Or are you the early riser who likes to head start before others rise? Either way, you are welcome to join us because we focus on results rather than the working hours. You will be working to impact the lives of students who aspire to succeed in different professional backgrounds while receiving comprehensive health, dental, and disability insurance benefits once you transition to a full-time position. If you have read until this point, we are assuming that you are still intrigued, so go ahead and check out blog writer job opportunities to apply today!


1. Are content writing jobs in demand in Canada?

Yes, content writing jobs are popular in Canada because all the businesses have an online presence, and they require good content for their websites and marketing campaigns. You can build your career in social media writing, web content writing, SEO writing, blog writing, article writing, advertising copyright, and other forms of writing.

2. How do I get a content writing job in Canada?

You should first put together your portfolio of sample articles to show your writing potential to recruiters. Then, you can start searching for opportunities on job listing websites and adjust your resume based on the requirements of the jobs you find interesting.

3. What educational qualifications do I need to get a content writing job in Canada?

You can work as a content writer in Canada after completing a Bachelor's degree in humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, communications, marketing, journalism, or a related field.

4. How much do you earn in content writing jobs in Canada?

Content writing jobs in Canada pay around CAD 50,000 on an average, with entry-level positions starting at CAD 40,000 per year and can go up to CAD 70,000 as you gather more experience.

5. What experience do you need to be a content writer in Canada?

You should have proven content writing or copywriting experience to become a content writer in Canada. A diverse experience in different writing forms such as articles, technical manuals or documentation, ad copies, and more can help you to secure content writing jobs in Canada. 

6. Can I become a content writer with no experience in Canada?

Yes, you can apply for entry-level content writing positions in Canada, but you need to demonstrate your flair for writing through sample articles. These can be from your personal projects if you haven’t written professionally yet.

7. What is an entry-level content writer?

Entry-level content writers are beginners who research and develop original content such as blogs, social media posts, and website content.

8. How do I become a good content writer?

You can become better at writing content by polishing your writing and editing skills as you write every article. Your content pieces should be created after extensive research, written with a logical flow, an easy-to-read vocabulary, and flawless grammar. 

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