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Frequently asked questions about this offer

1. Is this practice CASPer test really free? Absolutely!

2. What's the difference between the free CASPer SIM™ practice test vs. your paid versions?

There are multiple differences. Here are just a few: 

A) More video-based scenarios (8 in the paid program vs. 1 in this test), 

B) CASPer prep training video course. 

C) Access to your typed responses, 

D) Expert one-on-one feedback, 

E) Scoring of your test just like the real test. 

F) 100% satisfaction guarantee , get in or your money back™ and much more. If you want to skip the sample test and go straight to our paid programs, click here

3. How do I gain access? Simple. Enter your email address in the field provided above and press the orange button for instant access. We will send you an email with your login details to the same email address you provide above.

4. I submitted my email address but didn't receive any emails. Please check your spam folder and make sure you whitelist emails from info @ - Please note that this offer does not include support and since our phone and email support is restricted to our students in our paid programs, regrettably, inquiries about this offer will not be returned.Note however that if you have already taken this test, or if you are already on our newsletter list, you will not be able to take this test and you will see an error message instead.

5. How many times can I write the test? Only once. Just like the real CASPer.

6. What's the catch? Absolutely no catch. We're providing this sample CASPer test free of charge because we believe once you give us a try, you're going to love the practice test and you'll choose us to be your official mentor for CASPer preparation, interview preparation and your long term mentor. 

Good luck on your test!

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